Kia Spectra: technical specifications at altitude!

There are cars in the modern car market,which for a long time remain popular with buyers. One of them - Kia Spectra, whose technical characteristics are worthy of respect. This car is a unique combination of excellent performance, comfort and convenience inside the interior, refinement of style and at the same time affordability. What else is the car happy about?

kia spectra technical specifications

External parts

Probably, many non-professionals whoare going to buy a car, pay attention to the appearance. Modern decisions taken to decorate the exterior - that's what distinguishes Kia Spectra cars. A photo fully discloses all the features of the designthis budgetary, but modern vehicle. There is a feeling that "Kia Spectra" always moves forward - this is the impression produced by a horizontally stretched body.

External elegance is reflected in the designinterior, namely in the lines of the cabin. The characteristics of Kia Spectra confirm that the manufacturer pays much attention to the safety and convenience of the driver and passengers. Comfort seats have a design that takes into account the anatomical features of the back. Comfort is also provided by convenient side support. The front and rear rows are located at a good distance from each other, so passengers sitting in the second row will be quite comfortable. The desire to provide maximum convenience can be traced in a number of details: double holders of glasses that are securely fixed, convenient storage pockets, sun visors and much more.

kia spectra photo

Kia Spectra: technical specifications

As for the internal "filling" of the car, thenhere everything is on top. This is achieved through the use of modern automotive technologies that are oriented not only to the needs of the driver, but also to overall safety of movement. Thus, the engines of Kia Spectra refer to the ecological standard Euro 3. The motor has a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 101.5 hp. It is supplemented by a five-step INC. Therefore, Kia Spectra specifications Demonstrates let not sky-high, but quite worthy for a city car.

The presence of a valve that automatically converts

characteristics of kia spectra
trolls the compression of the front suspension,significantly reduces the level of vibration when traveling on an uneven track. Equipped with rear and front stabilizers of stability serves as a guarantee of driving safety. The brake system is modern, equipped with brake pads of extended area, so braking on the road has become more efficient. The safety system of both the driver and passengers at altitude, which was proved by the test drives.

Thus, the Kia Spectra car, specifications which are well-thought out andmodification, is able to show excellent results in terms of management and safety. In addition, the combination of stylish exterior and interior design also plays a role in the popularity of this car brand. By the way, fuel consumption is 6 liters per 100 km when driving on the highway and 10.5 liters - when traveling in the city.

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