"Chrysler Grand Voyager" 5th generation - what's new?

American car "Chrysler Grand Voyager"really can be called legendary. Almost for 30 years of its existence this model has never been withdrawn from production. She confidently occupied a niche of reliable and comfortable minivans. At the moment, this car sold around the world in the number of 11 million copies. But the American company is not going to stop there. Recently, a new, fifth generation of legendary minivans, the Chrysler Grand Voyager, was born. By the way, the novelty is loved not only at home, in the US, but also in Russia, where it is slowly gaining popularity. Today we will try to find out what updates the new minivan has received and what it hides under the hood.

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Finally, the car got rid of the forms of the 90'syears. Now the body of the minivan has found chopped lines and has become more modern. A relief hood is visible from the front, and on the sides there are new chrome moldings. Also among the updates is worth noting the presence of a new headlamp block and a proprietary radiator grille with a distinctly emblematic Chrysler. In addition, the windshield, which together with large rear-view mirrors, allows the driver to control the situation in front and behind the minivan as clearly as possible. And finally I want to note the availability of functional rails, which allow you to transport much more luggage.

Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel 28


"Chrysler Grand Voyager" has several seriesSeats, which in total are able to accommodate up to 7 passengers in the cabin. In addition, our car owners note the convenience and functionality of the machine. Inside, thanks to high ceilings, you can not bend down, and along the entire perimeter of the cabin there are all kinds of boxes, cup holders and boxes for storing various trifles. At night there is bright light in the car. As for the driver's seat, here, too, everything is fine. A high landing has a positive effect on the survey. A comfortable chair with adjustable support rollers can be adjusted as precisely as possible to the individual anatomical features of the driver. The scale of the instruments is very easy to read, all devices and buttons (including the LCD display of the multimedia system) are simple and understandable in use.

chrysler grand voyager diesel reviews


To the front-wheel drive minivan is attached a powerful193-strong 6-cylinder gasoline engine volume of 3.8 liters. But its fuel consumption (20 liters per "hundred") does not please domestic and European buyers. Therefore, another engine is delivered to the European market for the Chrysler Grand Voyager minivan - diesel. The owners' comments say that, unlike the petrol, this 2.8-liter unit "eats" only 9 liters of diesel fuel per "hundred" in a mixed mode. At the same time, the crammed mass of the Chrysler Grand Voyager for both versions is the same - 2 tons.


On the domestic market will be sold 2 versionsminivans - gasoline and diesel. The first costs about 1 million 920 thousand rubles. "Chrysler Grand Voyager" diesel 28 will cost only 20 thousand rubles more.

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