"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: specifications and reviews

In the fall of 2012, the premiere took place in Parisrestyling version of the sixth generation of the car "Ford Fiesta" (hatchback). The car retained all the positive features of the pre-reform model and gained several new "highlights" that helped it to maintain its position in the market and win more buyers. In the CIS the car got in 2015. It is noteworthy that she received a Russian residence permit and is now going to Naberezhnye Chelny.

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback


"Ford Fiesta" (hatchback) of the sixth generation is available in three- and five-door performance. Both options look sporty, aggressive and slightly futuristic.

"Ford Fiesta" (hatchback), a photo of which immediatelysurprise, got a very interesting front end. It is made in the company's new corporate style, resembling the appearance of the Aston Martin car. To all the fault is a huge grille, which has the shape of a trapezoid. It immediately catches your eye and causes interest in the car. Complement the dynamic front view of the chopped headlights and a multi-faceted bumper.

The side part of the hatchback is decorated with two facetedpunching. The first goes in parallel with the thresholds, and the second, along with the window line, rises towards the falling outline of the roof. All this looks fast and dynamic. The beautiful discs located in the "muscular" wheel arches complete the interesting image.

The rear is striking with unusual headlights and a compact tailgate door, with the same compact spoiler on top. A powerful bumper with a plastic overlay completes the image of the rear.

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: photo


Dimensions of the sixth generation "Ford Fiesta"(hatchback) provide him with a place in the B-class. The length of the machine is 3969 mm, width - 1495 mm, and height - 1722 mm for the 4-door version and 1709 mm - for the 3-door. The wheelbase of the car is 2489 mm, and the ground clearance is 140 mm.


New "Ford Fiesta" hatchback

Interior of the new "Fiesta" in style completelycorresponds to the exterior - it is just as unusual and to some extent festive. The interior is full of interesting, unusual solutions. Under the visor of the dashboard are two fairly deep "wells" with white numbers. They not only look good, but also are perfectly readable in any lighting. The first thing that catches your eye to the one who got behind the wheel of the new "Ford Fiesta" hatchback - is, of course, a three-spoke steering wheel on which a few buttons gently flash.

On the massive front panel is locatedtwo-level console. At the top level is a display of a multimedia system with a diagonal of 6.5 inches, and below it is an audio control unit. On the lower "floor" is located the climatic system in a very stylish design.

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: reviews

Salon of the sixth generation "Ford Fiesta" (hatchback)collected quite high quality. Good materials are applied in the finish, namely: soft textured plastic, decorative lacquered panels and metal inserts. Interior decoration can be performed in different colors, and the color changes not only the skin (as in the main part of the machines), but also the dashboard and plastic parts.

Inner space

The front seats of the car are very comfortableprofile and moderate lateral support. They are regulated in large ranges and adjusted to any driver. In the back row, sitting three passengers will be hard. Overhead and at the feet of space is enough, the more so that the tunnel comes out from under the floor minimally. However, the width of the rear row is still designed for two passengers.

The luggage compartment of the "sixth Fiesta", as well as in the pre-reformversion, very modest - only 276 liters. If you fold the rear seats, the volume of the luggage compartment increases to 980 liters, but between the cabin and the trunk there is an impressive step. In the niche under the raised floor is a compact spare wheel and a few tools.

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: specifications

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: specifications

In our market, the restyling version of the sixth generation is available with two motors. Both engines run on gasoline, have a volume of 1.6 liters, are equipped with 16 valves and direct fuel injection.

The first of these is considered basic. It reaches a power of 105 horsepower, and gives 150 Nm of torque for 4-4.5 thousand rpm. The second engine is available for top equipment, its output is 120 hp. and 152 Nm of torque at 5 thousand rpm. There is another 85-hp unit, but it is still available only for the basic equipment of the car in the sedan.

Coupled with power plants, two gearboxes are available: a 5-step mechanical and a 6-speed robotic PowerShift box.

The most productive hatchback is able to developspeed of 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed of the car is 193 km / h. Appetites of the car range from 7.3 to 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers, in a mixed mode.


The new "Ford Fiesta" (hatchback) is built onplatform B2E. It assumes the availability of an independent McPherson suspension in the front and a semi-independent suspension with a curled beam at the rear. An electric steering wheel enhancer is responsible for making the steering easier. The front of the machine has disc brakes with ventilation, and behind the disc or drum, depending on the configuration.

"Ford Fiesta" hatchback: owner feedback

On road

This machine without remorse can be calleddriver. Moreover, it pretends to be the first in its class on handling. And this despite the fact that for our semblance of roads the car is equipped with a different suspension than for Europe. Hatchback perfectly "steers", not worse, by the way, than a similar sedan. He clearly and quickly responds to steering wheel turns and keeps the line well. At the same time the steering wheel is quite "heavy", so that the driver can feel full control of the car.

Usually sharp controllability negatively affects the smoothness of the course, but not in the case of the Fiesta. It swallows well both small pits, and "lying policemen".

Packages and prices

The hatchback "Fiesta" of 2015 is offered in threeTrends, Trend Plus and Titanium. Trend version with a motor capacity of 105 horsepower and a manual gearbox costs from 599000 rubles. The top version of Titanium with 120-horsepower engine and PowerShift robot costs 773,000 rubles.

Ford Fiesta (hatchback): owner feedback

Owners of "Fiesta" note that her salon is muchmore qualitative, ergonomic and more beautiful than that of classmates. There are many niches in it that allow you to put small things. Noise insulation in the car is pretty good, as for the B-class. On the road, the Fiesta behaves very well: it clearly enters the turns and keeps the straight line even when it hits the small pits.

Among the shortcomings noted insufficient volumetrunk, small rear-view mirrors (but they have an electric drive), a small ground clearance, a "dock" in the back of the trunk instead of a full-size wheel.


"Ford Fiesta" (hatchback), reviews about which inmostly positive, quite consistent with their class and superior to many "classmates." In the ratio of price / quality the machine also excelled. It is well suited for those who need a small bright car for a moderate (relatively, of course) price.

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