Engine 417-th model: features, specifications

UMP 417 is the engine that was specially created for SUVs produced by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant: UAZ-469 and UAZ-452. This unit replaced the engine of the 414th model.

Engine 417

General information about the engine

The UMZ-417 engine (photo below) has a classicvertical, in-line arrangement of a group of cylinders. According to its type, the motor belongs to four-cycle units with a carburettor forced fuel delivery system. Cooling the motor is also organized traditionally for ICE and is a closed loop filled with liquid, the circulation of which is provided by a special pump. Motor oil to the units of the unit is supplied under pressure, with further spraying.

UMP 417 engine specifications

UMP-417 engine: specifications

  • Number of cylinders (pcs.) - 4.
  • The volume (see the cube) is 2445.
  • The diameter of one cylinder is 92.0 mm.
  • The height of the piston stroke is 92.0 mm.
  • The amount of compression is 7.0.
  • The total number of valves (pcs) - 8 (per pair for each cylinder).
  • The type of the timing is OHV.
  • Engine power (under the condition of a crankshaft rotation speed of 4 thousand rpm) is 92 liters. from.
  • The value of the torque is 172Nm, at 2200 rpm.
  • The recommended type of gasoline is A 76.
  • Fuel consumption (l / 100 km): urban mode - 14.5, country road - 8.4, mixed mode - 10.6.
  • The oil is 5.8 liters. (the first bay, the next - 5 liters).
  • The rate of oil consumption on fumes is 100 g per thousand km.
  • Engine weight (kg.) - 166.
  • Working resource - 150 thousand km.

Features of the engine in comparison with its predecessors

First of all, it should be noted thatthe engine of the 417th model, which UAZ began to produce in 1989, is practically analogous to the power unit from the Trans-Volga region - ZMZ-402, which began production in 1981. It is installed on cars of a series "Volga" and "Gazelle". And the differences from one another are not very significant.

Therefore, to say that UMP-417 receiveda completely new cylinder head, in comparison with UMP-414, can only be a stretch, as it is similar to the head of ZMZ-402, but in comparison with the "old" Oaz engine, the compression ratio increased from 6.7 to 7.

Actual changes have affected the mechanismgas distribution. First of all, a new camshaft and exhaust valve was installed (the diameter of the hood increased from 44 mm to 47 mm), while the inlet valves remained the same (36 mm). In addition, the shape of the exhaust manifold was changed, which was now a 4-1 circuit, that is, four pipes from the cylinders converged into one.

The block itself is cast from aluminum, the liners are madefrom cast iron. In the engine of the 417th model, they are planted through gaskets made of oil resistant rubber - this is one of the weak points of this motor, as the overall strength of the unit is reduced. By the way, at ZMZ-402 linings on copper sleeves. In addition, UMZ-417 earlier issues did not provide stiffeners, they appeared later.

Engine UMP 417 reviews

Another difference between the UMZ and ZMZ is that it has a special mount for the VAZ oil filter (VAZ-2101).

Crankshaft and camshafts, pistons withrings, pushers of valves and rods at the engine of 417-th model are the same, as well as on ZMZ-402. Cylinder liners they differ, because the landing due to the gaskets is different. The flywheel at the UMZ engine is larger in diameter and heavier in weight, the bell, respectively, also has larger dimensions.

Another weakness of the engine is the stuffing:if in ZMZ it is put in special grooves in the block of cylinders and a cover of a cranked shaft, on УМЗ it is wound on an axis and from above it is crimped by steel plates that reduces tightness of a joint.

Engine UMZ-417: reviews of the owners

If you analyze the feedback of UAZ owners,which is installed 417-th engine, in general, they note the unique reliability of the unit. The motor can remain operational even after a strong overheating. Its real working resource is much higher than the one declared by the plant, while the engine is unpretentious and can work quite well both on bad gasoline and on poor-quality oil.

Engine UMP 417 reviews

But there are also disadvantages:

  • If the ZMZ engine pumps a water pumpantifreeze in the cylinder block, and selects from the cylinder head, then in the UMP and feed, and the selection is from the head, as a result, the motor cools unevenly and often overheats.
  • Since the exhaust manifold is made according to the scheme 4-1, then at medium and high speed the engine, as they say, "does not pull".
  • For the claimed capacity, too much gasoline consumption.
  • Oil leakage through leakingand even through the unit itself (the low quality of the casting of the housing, leading to the creation of large pores, leads to the formation of microchannels through which oil can enter both outside and into the cooling liquid).
  • Lack of quality spare parts.
  • The need to adjust the thermal gaps in the valves.

Engine modifications

UMZ-417.10 - is installed on the UAZ-3151. Power - 92 liters. from. The engine is designed for gasoline A 76.

UMZ-4175.10 - has an increased compression - 8.2. Power - 98 liters. from. Gasoline - Ai 92. It was installed on cars from the "Gazelle" series.

UMP-4178.10 - as an improvement received a new intake manifold, for a carburetor with two chambers.

UMP-4178.10.10. - designed for the UAZ line. For modernization, the head of the block from UMZ-421 was used in it, and the asbestos packing of the crankshaft was replaced with an oil seal.

Engine Maintenance

It is known that timely maintenanceengine can significantly increase its working life. Therefore, the oil in the engine, in order to prolong his life, should be changed every 10 thousand km. In the crankcase and oil cooler is 5.8 liters, the unmovable residue in the subsequent change is 0.5-1 liter. Together with the oil, the filter also changes (suitable from VAZ-2101).

УМЗ engine 417 photos

Adjustment of thermal gaps on the valves should be carried out after every 15 thousand km.

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