AZLK 2140: description of design and modifications

"Moskvich" AZLK 2140 became the last car of the plant AZLK, which had a drive to the rear wheels. In fact, the car was a deeply modernized version of "Moskvich 412".

Creating 2140

At the beginning of the seventies AZLK facedthe problem of the obsolete base model of those years - "Moskvich 412". In many respects it was connected with the beginning of the release of more modern cars of the VAZ plant. Especially noticeable for the company was the fall in exports of products. Important is the fact that AZLK for a long time sent a significant part of its products abroad (in the late 60's almost 70% of the output went for export), having for this stable revenue.

azalka 2140

The prospective models developed at the timedid not have a chance to stand on the conveyor both because of the unfinished construction, and because of the lack of funds for the re-equipment of the production line with new equipment.

Under these conditions, the only way to refresh the car was a large-scale modernization. But at its carrying out it was not possible to change the basic knots of a body of 412th model: the panels of the bottom, a roof and doors.

Engines AZLK 2140

There were two engines for a newthe Moskvich model, with a capacity of 50 and 75 forces, respectively. Machines with a motor model MZMA 408 with a volume of 1.36 liters were designated as 2138. Outwardly, this motor can easily be distinguished by the elongated shape of the air filter housing. On the wings and back panel there were plates with the number 1360. Machines with motor UZAM 412 with a volume of 1.5 liters received the index of 2140. The case of the air filter of the engine of the round form, on the plates stood the figure 1500.

Machines with a 50-horsepower motor were not usedpopularity with buyers. As the volume of output of 1.5 liters of motor was increased, the release of version 2138 ceased. With the exception of the engine with the gearbox and the clutch, all other units of the 2138 and 2140 vehicles are identical.

The production of the first modernized machines began inend of 1975, and for the first time there were transitional machines that combined the features of "Moskvich 412" and AZLK 2140. Completely modernized 2140 and 2138 went into production only in the spring of 1976.

Modifications AZLK 2140

Simultaneously with the base sedan were produced and variations with the body of the van and the wagon (for them, two versions of the engines were also envisaged):

  • 2137 - wagon with the engine 1,5 l;
  • 2734 - van with a 1.5 l engine;
  • 2136 - station wagon with the engine 1,36 l;
  • 2733 - van with a motor of 1.36 liters.

"Moskvich" 2734 and 2733 held out on the conveyorextremely short - only 5 years. The reason was the production in larger volumes in Izhevsk of a more capacious machine IZH-2715. The AZLK machine simply could not compete with it.

 азлк 2140 москвич

"Muscovite 2137" was luckier - he could successfullyto share the market together with the VAZ 2102, benefiting from a more powerful engine, more interior space and a simpler design. The car was produced until 1985. Universal 2136 existed at the dawn of production in single copies.

azlk 2140 repairs

In late 1978, the light saw the so-called"Rural" version of AZLK 2140 under the index of 21406. The machine was designed to work on gasoline A76, in connection with which its engine was deformed to a compression ratio of 68 forces. The machines had front drum brakes (as less demanding for brake fluid), reinforced suspension elements, a towing eye behind, factory crankcase protection and tires with a different tread pattern.

For the disabled with injuries of the lower limbsthere was a version 21403 with manual controls. The clutch and brake levers were pulled out to the sides of the steering wheel. The engine was used from the "rural" version. The car did not become popular among disabled people, because, unlike the free Zaporozhets, they paid for it in the amount of about 4 thousand rubles. Caused a censure and control system levers, for which the driver had to release from the steering wheel.

Another common version was the optionfor a taxi - "Moskvich 2140-121". A car with a 68-horsepower engine had a salon of leatherette and a taximeter. These cars went into a large series in 1986-87, when the situation with the sale of AZLK products became critical. But because of the low reliability and lack of a repair base in taxis, the taxi refused to use these cars.

The version of "Moskvich 1500SL"

Another version of AZLK 2140 was the so-called "Moskvich 1500SL", or luxury. The 1.5-liter engine and other transmission units remained unchanged.

From notable differences in the cabin, a newdash and trim. Outside, the car was equipped with plastic bumpers, moldings and tail lights of a different design. The seats were new and were more comfortable than standard ones. They were also equipped with a licensed mechanism for steplessly changing the angle of the backrest.

engine azlk 2140

It should be noted that many original elements of the luxury version in the form of spare parts were not produced. For this reason AZLK 2140 repair was often performed with the help of usual parts.

In the 80 years, AZLK, when exporting cars, focused mainly on "Moskvich 1500SL". Exports were carried out mainly to the CMEA countries, outside of these states the car was almost not sold.


The technical characteristics include the following:

  • Number of places 5.
  • The maximum speed is 142 km / h.
  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h 19 sec.
  • The fuel consumption is 8.8 l / 100 km.
  • The curb weight is 1080 kg.

The total mass of the vehicle is 1480 kg.

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