What is the difference between all off-road cars of all makes from other cars?

Automakers offer their customersmore and more interesting variants of jeeps. All off-road vehicles of all brands differ from other types of vehicles with increased cross-country ability. And this means that their productive machinery, design and design will differ from other models.

Features of SUVs

All off-road vehicles of all brands have a number of characteristics that distinguish this type of car. These properties are closely related to the operating conditions of this type of equipment.

This type of vehicles is used for off-road and cross-country traffic. Therefore, they need increased patency.

all SUVs of all makes

Many ignorant people believe that everythingSUVs of all brands differ only in their large body dimensions. But this is far from the truth. Modern manufacturers offer small SUVs. Such models have all the main indicators of SUVs. Compare the dimensions of crossovers and SUVs can be in the photo.

Off-road vehicles of all brands are large. But they all have four-wheel drive. This is an obligatory characteristic of this type of transport.

In addition, SUVs have a specialconstruction. The most reliable are the frame models. In such models, the frame and the body are connected in one design. Due to this, additional strength is achieved. But as a result, the level of comfort decreases.

There is another design option, more comfortable. The frame is attached to the body by means of collapsible joints.

All off-road vehicles of all brands in their design also have the following features that are mandatory:

  • Blocking of differentials (interaxle and inter-wheel).
  • Function of additional connection of axes.
  • Transfer case.
  • Dependent suspension (this rule has exceptions).

Off-road cars of small sizes

Some types of jeeps have dimensions significantlyless classical. Such mini SUVs of all brands are very popular today. And this is achieved due to their advantages:

  • practicality;
  • universality;
  • comfort;
  • efficiency.

photos of SUVs of all makes

Among this type of vehicles that appeared on the market in 2015-2016, the following can be distinguished:

  • "Fiat-500X";
  • "Honda-HR-V";
  • Jeep Renegade;
  • Opel-Mokka;
  • MINI Countryman;
  • Suzuki-Vitara;
  • "Hyundai-ix25";
  • Peugeot-208;
  • "Mazda-SX-3";
  • Reno-Duster;
  • "Niva-Chevrolet".

Frame SUVs

Frame SUVs are characterized by a special way of attaching the suspension to a special frame. This increases the strength, but increases the weight of the car and reduces comfort.

list of frame off-road vehicles of all makes

List of frame off-road vehicles of all brands is very large. Among the best models are:

  • Jeep Wrangler JK, who first entered thecar market back in 1987. Modern models have all the options necessary to ensure comfortable driving. In the near future, fans of the "Jeep" will be able to buy it in the back of a pickup truck.
  • "Land Rover-Defender" retains its external appearance since its inception in 1983. This model is known for the fact that in 1997 the team of fans on this car conquered Elbrus.
  • Mercedes-Benz G-class belongs to the group of cars, the quality of which is checked by time.
  • "Toyota Land Cruiser-200" is distinguished by a large number of electronic technological systems.
  • "UAZ-Partiot" - SUV domestic assembly, not inferior in its characteristics to foreign models.

The cost of SUVs

A serious technical base for all SUVsleads to an increase in the cost of cars. Therefore, manufacturers often save on other options. Often you can see that a jeep with serious technical data has only basic options for comfort.

mini SUVs of all makes

All off-road vehicles (crossovers) can be divided into three categories:

  • Up to a million rubles: Khaima-7, Lifan-X60, Nissan-Zhuk, Nissan-Kashkay, Suzuki SX4, TagAZ S-190, Reno-Sandero Steppe, Renault-Duster ".
  • From 1 to 2 million rubles: Suzuki Grand Vitara, Renault-Kaleos, Nissan-X-Trail, Honda CR-V, Mazda-SX-5, Mitsubishi-Outlandender, Skoda-Eti, Subaru- Forester "," Toyota-RAV4 "," Volkswagen-Tiguan ".
  • Over 2 million rubles: Ford Explorer, Audi Q7, Infiniti-EX, Lexus RX, BMW-X5, Porsche-Cayenne.

The automotive market offers manySUVs differing among themselves with technical data, design and price. Therefore, before buying it is necessary to determine the purpose of purchasing this type of transport. And only after that do your choice.

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