How to replace the starter VAZ-2110

Probably, every driver of the domestic "ten"faced with such a problem, when you need to go somewhere urgently, and the machine does not want to start. Sometimes the reason is hidden in the low charge of the battery. But if you are convinced that this part is fully charged, look carefully at the VAZ-2110 starter. It is he who performs the function of starting the engine. But if the problem is hidden in it, do not despair, because you can eliminate this trouble very quickly, and with your own hands.

starter VAZ 2110
In this article we will tell you how the VAZ 2110 starter is designed and how it can be replaced.

Part construction

This part is the main part in theengine start system. Without a starter, it is impossible to build any modern car, so it is he that untwists the crankshaft to a certain frequency, thereby contributing to a quick start of the engine. Also in some models of spare parts there is a special launch device (as a rule, they are equipped only with starters that can not be switched on themselves).

How to choose a VAZ-2110 starter?

When choosing it is necessary to purchase only that spare part,which is specifically for your car, otherwise such a detail will not work. And even for domestic VAZ there are different types of starters for a certain model. When choosing, always take into account the fact that the starter on the VAZ-2110 may not always fit under the "six" or "nine".


So, after the purchase we face the challengeinstallation of a new part. But before doing this, you need to remove the broken part on the VAZ-2110. Starter - its installation first begins with the disconnection of the power supply by removing the negative terminal. Next, you need to disassemble the engine protection (if it is) and find the place where the spare part is fastened. On the VAZ of the tenth family, the starter is located on the right side of the injector. To learn it is very simple - the design looks like a large hairpin with a nut.

starter at the VAZ 2110

Then you need to raise the vehicle toany elevation. To do this, you can use a simple jack, but it's best to go to the overpass or to the pit of observation. There are many ways - the main thing is that you can climb under the car and unscrew a few bolts. Which ones, we'll tell you later.

VAZ 2110 starter

So, let's go directly to the nuts. Starter VAZ-2110 is fixed to 3 bolts: the first performs the function of fixing the positive wire on the retractor; the second holds the main negative wire; the third is at the bottom of the starter and holds all the other negative wires. So, all 3 nuts need to be unscrewed. Then we go to the hood and unscrew the upper bolt of the starter. Everything, at this stage, the dismantling of the part is complete. Now you can safely proceed to install a new spare part. It is done according to the same principle.

Life time

And at last - about the period of operationnewly installed parts. Often VAZ starters serve for 5-6 (and sometimes even for 7) years. But this does not mean that during this period you do not need to monitor its condition, otherwise your iron friend will not start.

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