What is a temperature sensor, and what is it for?

temperature sensor
The temperature sensor is aa relatively simple device that measures and compares with the reference the degree of heating of the coolant in the engine. The data received from this device is fed to the electronic control unit (ECU), where it is processed and reported to the on-board computer about the state of the motor of the car. In this regard, such a device is considered important and indispensable, since it depends on it depends on the mode and quality of the engine.

The oil temperature sensor affects thea control system for a car and a motor in particular. For example, the value of the opening pulse of injectors. By changing this parameter, you can change the quality of the engine at idle, fuel consumption, the composition of the fuel mixture and much more. In addition, the temperature sensor will act on the ignition timing, which in turn will lead to a change in the amount of exhaust gas, fuel consumption, as well as fluctuations in the performance of the car. The purging of the filter in the fuel vapor recovery system, the composition of the fuel mixture, the exhaust gas recirculation, idling speed - all this depends on a similar device installed in the cooling system.

The gauge of temperature of oil

The temperature sensor is aa thermistor that changes its resistance when the amount of heating of the coolant in the engine system changes. Such a device is traditionally located either on the body of the thermostat of the intake manifold, or on the cylinder head. The last case of deployment involves the installation of two sensors, one of which is located on the electronic control unit, and the other - on the fan. Alternatively, it is possible to arrange the pairing devices on each of the cylinder blocks.

A faulty temperature sensor can causea significant deterioration in the performance of the car, increased fuel consumption, deterioration of the exhaust gas composition, as well as a general deterioration in driving.

Digital temperature sensor

However, not everyone can immediately recognize the characteristicfeatures that indicate a breakdown. Therefore further in the article the main signs of the malfunction will be considered. A digital temperature sensor in the broadest sense is an electronic device. That is, there are several devices connected by a network of wires. Consequently, the main problem is poor wiring, a broken connection or a rusty connection. In addition, a special place in the device is occupied by a thermostat. If it is open, the warming up of the engine will be slow, and the sensor will give a signal about the low temperature of the motor. In the event that a particular device does not fit the model of your car, or it does not exist at all, there will also be signals that the engine has not yet reached operating temperature values.

To identify the existing faults of the temperature sensor can be done with a thorough visual inspection (rust, wire breakage) or during computer diagnostics.

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