The device and adjustment of carburetor К126Г

The era of carburetor technology has long been left inpast. Today, fuel enters the engine of a car under the control of electronics. However, cars that have carburetors in their fuel system still remain. In addition to retro cars, there are still quite working "horses" - UAZs, as well as classics from the Togliatti automobile plant. So, the ability to understand the device, carry out maintenance, make repairs to the carburetor remains in price.

The speech in this article will go on the carburetor K126G. Adjusting the carburetor K126G is a subtle exercise that requires certain skills and a good knowledge of its composition and operating principles. But first, let's remember a little about what a carburettor is.

About carburetor systems

So, what is a carburettor? In translation from the French carburation - "mixing". Hence the purpose of the device becomes clear - to create a mixture of air and fuel. After all, the fuel-air mixture ignites from the spark of a car candle. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, carburetors are now used on low-power lawnmower engines and chainsaws.

adjustment of the carburetor k126g

There are several varieties of carburettors, buteverywhere the main components are the float chamber and one or several mixing. The principle of the float chamber is similar to the valve mechanism of the toilet bowl. That is, the liquid enters a certain level, after which the locking device is triggered (this carburetor has a needle). The fuel enters the mixing chamber through the atomizer together with air.

The carburettor is quite thin in tuningdevice. Adjustment of the carburetor K126G should be carried out with every maintenance and any problem. Correctly set up feed unit fuel-air mixture ensures uniform operation of the engine.

Device carburetor K126G

Carburetor K126G is a typical representativetwo-chamber version. That is, in the K126G there are float and two mixing chambers. And if the first works constantly, then the second starts to be activated only in dynamic modes with sufficient load.

Carburetor K126G, device, adjustment andrepair of which are described in this article, is quite popular for UAZ cars. The device is very unpretentious in operation and is resistant to garbage.

carburetor k126g fuel consumption adjustment

In the float chamber K126G there is a viewing window, along which it is possible to determine the level of fuel. The carburetor has in its composition several subsystems:

  • idle move;
  • cold engine starting;
  • the accelerating pump;
  • economizer.

The first three work only in the primary chamber, andfor the economizer system a separate atomizer is provided, which is discharged into the air channel of the second chamber of the carburetor. General control of the device is carried out with the help of the "suction" system and the accelerator pedal.

Applicability of К126Г

The carburetor with the "K126G" marking was installed andtill now it is serviced on cars Gaz-24 "Volga" and UAZ, with engines mainly UMP-417. The car owners of "UAZ" especially like this model for their unpretentiousness and ability to work even with clogged fuel.

Carburettor k126g Mixing quality control

With minor modifications (drillingholes) K126G installed on the engines UMZ-421. And this can be either UAZ or Gazelle. The predecessor of K126G can be considered K151, and the next model K126GM.

Adjusting the carburetor K126G is the most popular question among carburettors. But first, let's look at the various problems that can happen with K126G.

Possible malfunctions

All faults of the described system are either visiblevisually, or easily verified. One of the main problems is the unstable operation of the engine at idle, or there are none at all. Carburetor K126G, fuel consumption regulation which is normal, without any problems, allows the engine to work in idle mode.

adjustment of the carburetor k126g per oise

The second point, which shows thatthe device is defective and requires adjustment, is an increase in fuel consumption. The reasons can be several, therefore adjustment and adjustment of the carburettor not always help.

The planned regular cleaning can solve the problemall constituent elements. Possible and incomplete cleaning when not removed from the car carburetor, but it is undesirable. K126G, like any mechanical device, prefers good care.

Adjustment of carburetor К126Г

Need to adjust the carburetor canarise for different reasons. This can be planned maintenance or troubleshooting. Moreover, simple adjustment according to the instructions is quite simple. The downside is that it does not always help in the solution. Experienced mechanics with extensive experience in repairing the carburetor do not take up work without adjusting the valves.

In order for the mixing devicefuel-air mixture functioned without interruptions and it was not required to be constantly regulated, timely maintenance is necessary. It is enough to perform an elementary inspection for leakage and tightness and wash the carburettor at least partially. Sometimes it is necessary to check the fuel level in the float chamber, as well as the throughput capacity of both fuel and air jets.

carburetor to126g device adjustment

If you approach the issue systematically, then you need to distinguish the following types of carburettor settings:

  • idle move;
  • level of fuel in the chamber with a float;
  • the economizer valve.

Adjustment of carburetor K126G on UAZ most often means adjustment of a particular idling. So, let's consider the sequence of actions to return auto stability at idle.

The instruction on adjustment of idling К126Г

Adjustment of stability of engine operationis carried out by two screws. One determines the amount of fuel-air mixture, and the second - the quality of its enrichment in K126G. Adjustment of the carburetor, the instruction of which is given below, is carried out in stages:

  1. At the muffled car, screw the enrichment mixture to the screw until it stops, and then turn it off by 2.5 turns.
  2. Start the engine and warm it up.
  3. The first screw to achieve a neat and stable operation of the engine at about 600 rpm.
  4. The second screw (enrichment mixture) is gradually impoverish its composition so that the engine continues to work steadily.
  5. The first screw increases the number of revolutions by 100, and the second one reduces them by the same amount.

k126g carburetor adjustment instructions

The correctness of the adjustment is checked by increasing the speed to 1500 and then closing the throttle. Turnovers should not fall below acceptable values.

Adjusting the fuel level in the float chamber

Over time, it may happen that the levelgasoline in the cell with a float will change. Normally, it should vary between 18-20 mm from the bottom surface of the connector, which is determined through the carburettor inspection window. If visually it is not so, then you need to make adjustments.

Change in fuel level in the K126G chamberare carried out by bending the tongue of the lever of the float. This is done very carefully, trying not to damage the seal washer from special gasoline-resistant rubber.

Variety of manufacturers

Among the manufacturers of carburetor K126G there were:

  • Solex;
  • Weber;
  • "Pekar".

Today, the most popularnamely "Pekar". Users note in the reviews more stable work, as well as high dynamic qualities with economical fuel consumption in the region of 10 liters per 100 km. It is worth noting that the adjustment of the carburettor "Pekar" K126G is carried out in the same manner as above.

Advantages and disadvantages of K126G

Carburetor K126G is quite popular with UAZ owners. It is appreciated for a number of advantages that are not available in more modern models:

  • stable work in the presence of blockage;
  • unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel;
  • sufficient economy.

carburettor adjustment bakar k126g

Carburettor K126G, quality control of the mixturewhich is produced regularly, will work without any problems. Simplicity of construction is a guarantee of reliability. In this case, it will correspond, but subject to scheduled maintenance.

K126G has one unpleasant drawback. In case of overheating, the case of the device may be deformed. This occurs when the carburettor threaded connections are over tight.


As experience shows, adjustment of the carburetorK126G is not such a difficult question. And timely maintenance of the device will significantly extend the period of its operation. All this together with the unpretentiousness of K126G attracts owners of carburetor cars.

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