Generator VAZ-2107: removal, installation and repair

In order for the battery to be charged while the engine is running,A car is provided with a generator. Motorists often meet with the fact that this mechanism does not ensure proper battery charge while driving. If you leave everything as is, the battery can sit down, and you have to call the tow truck and go to the service station. But this can be avoided if you perform a check in time and, if necessary, replace the elements of this device.

Generator VAZ-2107

Removing the generator belt and checking the tension

Sometimes the cause of a weak charge while ridingmay be insufficient tension of the generator belt. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. To do this, you just need to tighten the belt or if there are visible defects (cracks, surface wear), simply change it to a new one. To install a new one, it is necessary to loosen the nut of the generator mounting and try to move it by mounting or something else closer to the engine.

If we are dealing with a carburetor engine, thenon this manipulation ours are finished - and we can remove the strap. If we are talking about how to change the VAZ-2107 generator (injector), then you need to remove the crankshaft position sensor.

After that, we set the prepared in advancebelt. He dresses without tension. And after the belt has sat on all pulleys, produce its tension. For this it is necessary to loosen the nut to the mounting plate and mount the generator to move, thereby adjusting the degree of tension. At the end of the work, tighten the nut and perform a check.

Generator VAZ-2107: repair

Before repairing this device, you shouldto understand, in what all the same the reason of malfunction. But I would like to note at once that very few people know how much the generator costs for the VAZ-2107, and its cost is neither much nor little 2200-2500 rubles. Therefore, if it failed, do not immediately run to the store and buy a new one, because in most cases the old device can be repaired. It's easier to turn to specialists, but it's quite feasible to do it yourself.

how much is the generator for VAZ-2107

To remove the device, you need to put the caron the pit, remove the protective shield of the engine, and then unscrew the nuts, brackets, remove the belt and the generator itself. For verification, we need an ohmmeter. Plus ohmmeter connect to the "30" output of the generator, and minus - directly to the generator housing. If the display shows a value of "0", then the diodes are out of order or the winding is closed.

To find out which diode failed,first we check the ohmmeter positive, then negative. After that you can replace them. In the absence of faults, the resistance should be in the range 4.3-4.8 Ohm. Often the fault of the brush holder, whose brushes in the neutral position do not protrude by 5 mm.

A few tips for motorists

If during the ride the VAZ-2107 generatorwhistles, then the belt tension is lower than the prescribed one. This is fraught with its slippage and insufficient charge. But excessive interference can cause the belt to break, which is also not good.

generator VAZ-2107 injector
If you foundfailure of one of the diodes, then in this case it is necessary to replace the rectifier unit. A defective stator or rotor is also subject to immediate replacement.

In the case if both positive andNegative diodes are OK, but the generator does not work, it is recommended to perform a winding closure test. To do this, connect the ohmmeter to the body and the rotor ring. If the value on the dial of the device is close to zero, then a short circuit occurred.

Also, during the execution of work, it is desirableclean generator VAZ-2107 from dust and dirt. You can do it with compressed air. Metal parts must be periodically lubricated, can be kerosene. It is desirable not to lubricate the bearings.

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