Renovation of the car for a relative: three ways to change ownership

In order to re-register the car for a relative was successful, it is recommended to adhere to a certain algorithm for working with documents, which is the same in all Russian regions.

There are three ways to change ownership.

Method one. Renovation of the car for a relative by drawing up a contract of sale. Reforming the machine in this way, it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

This is beneficial to relatives living in oneregion. According to the new registration rules (from 03.04.2011), the car is taken off the register automatically at the moment when the new owner registers the purchased vehicle. Naturally, the rule is valid only within one region. It turns out that the simultaneous presence of two owners (old and new) is necessary only once: when signing and signing the contract.

If the car numbers matchstate requirements, they can move to a new owner. If they are repainted, deformed, damaged or simply do not like the new owner, they can be handed over to get new ones.

You can sign the contract yourself, and you can hire intermediaries. Usually in every city there are companies that even send their specialists home to customers. Naturally, for the money.

If the car was in use less than threeyears, the tax is not paid at the moment when the car is renewed to a relative. This applies to cases where the current year sold the first car. Otherwise, relatives can specify in the contract any amount that suits them (up to 125 thousand).

Method two. Rearranging a car for a relative whenaid donated. The gift can be made orally, but it is better to formalize it with the contract: it will be useful when the new owner will register the car for himself. In this contract it is recommended to register the characteristics of the car: type of vehicle, power, body number, model. It is absolutely necessary to specify the name of the document that certifies the right of the old owner to own the car. Someone will have a certificate of inheritance, someone has a certificate of purchase, etc.

After the formalization of such a contract,a rather piquant moment (some car owners are starting with it). Renovation of cars requires certain costs, so the old and new owner must decide who will pay the costs. It is recommended to specify the price of the gift: it is not very ethical, but later it can save many disagreements.

No notarial confirmation for such a contract is required, as well as registration. However, if you want, you can ask the notary to register the transaction.

The gift is subject to registration at the place of registration of its new owner.

Way the third. Registration of cars for other persons by issuing a general power of attorney.

Such a power of attorney can only be issued by a notary. The cost of its services depends on the region in which the power of attorney is issued. Only the old owner of the car should come to the notary to execute the document. It should be remembered that the maximum period of its validity is 3 years. In addition, while the new owner does not register the car for himself, all accounts will come to the old owner. In the case of an accident, the owner will have to prove that a power of attorney has been issued on the car and there was another behind the wheel.

The one who got the car by the generalpower of attorney, also risks: the power of attorney can be withdrawn at any time, and in the case of the death of the new owner, the rights to the car go to the old one or to his heirs.

To date, many car owners are confident that buying and selling - the best way to reissue the car.

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