Viper (motorcycle): technical characteristics, reviews, features

Viper - a motorcycle that has become popular amongfans of economical and maneuverable two-wheeled vehicles in the post-Soviet republics. Bright design of the bike, technical characteristics and ease of maintenance determined its relevance among similar units.

viper motorcycle

general review

Motorcycle Viper V250 is a light vehiclea product that has an ergonomic design exterior, fuel economy, reliability, unpretentiousness in operation and maintenance. In its class it is an ideal combination of price index and quality.

Mototechnics is equipped with a four-strokesingle-cylinder gasoline power plant with a capacity of 11.0 horsepower (8.0 kW) at a speed of 8.5 thousand per minute. The unit has active air cooling and a cylinder capacity of 150 centimeters cubic. A five-speed gearbox (mechanics) allows you to accelerate the machine to hundreds of kilometers per hour. The power unit can be started either with a mechanical device or with an electric starter.

Suspension bracket front telescopic and backpendulum type, with a pair of shock absorbers, allows you to sink 150 kilograms, without creating discomfort when riding. The curb weight is one hundred and fifteen kilograms, and the equipment of a reliable and well-developed brake system increases safety.

Characteristics of the technical plan

The overall dimensions, which the Viper-motorcycle has in modern design, are as follows:

  • Length - 1, 94 m, height - 1.12 m, width - 0.71 m.
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 11 liters;
  • The fuel consumption is 2.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

The running and traction characteristics of thetwo-wheeled vehicles are not as ideal as possible. At the same time, the exterior and economy make it demandable and practical on city roads and country landscapes.

motorcycle viper v250

Power unit

Viper (motorcycle), which is very popular in the domestic market, has the following technical data:

  • Power plant - 150 centimeters cubic, four-stroke engine with air cooling.
  • The power index is 12 horsepower.
  • Five-step mechanical transmission.
  • Brake system with front disc and rear drum equipment.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 11 liters.
  • The working weight is 115 kg.
  • Carrying capacity - 150 kg.
  • The fuel production is 2.5 l / 100 km.
  • The maximum speed is about 100 km / h.

The vehicle in question is excellentsuitable for movement around the city and main routes. The unit is designed for road coverage, however, showed itself well on a slippery and polluted surface.

motorcycle viper r1


The VIPER-R1 is one of the most popularand the expected two-wheelers. The exterior of the model looks impressive and modern. The vehicle is ideally designed in terms of dynamics. The propulsion unit for 250 cubes, with a capacity of 12 horses, is equipped with an air-oil compressor. Arrangement of a mechanical check point - standard with five steps.

The first speed is turned down, the others are inupper position. The design is perfectly worked out, the seams and joints are neat, the plastic base of the case is covered with an anti-corrosion agent. Due to the plasticity, the body kit will remain unscathed even after a long period of use or falls. In the rear part there is a separate shock absorber, which functions according to the principle of the Proli system.

The rear 130th tire perfectly keeps road. In the same part disc brakes and a support of a piston group are located. In front there is a fork-telescope, a disc type brake and two-piston support. The Racer Viper Motorcycle is considered to be soft, perfectly suited for city trails and sports tracks. The fuel tank holds about 14 liters of gasoline.

Passenger and driver are not uncomfortable withlanding. It is possible to hold on to special handles and fix the legs on the sliding footrests, which increases comfort and safety. The steering column of the V250-R1 is on non-adjustable clips, that is, the control is constantly tuned to the sporty style. A modern instrument panel will suit even sophisticated bikers. The speed indicators are visible to the left, the tachometer found its place in the middle. On the right is a window with information about the gear, the fuel level, the indicator of the charging indicator.

motorcycle racer viper


Motorcycle Viper R1 by right is an integratedtechnique, combining the aggressiveness of cross models, urban temperament and other options inherent in the bikes of the category in question. Given the fact that this model has an affordable price, the vehicle quickly began to gain popularity among various segments of the population.

Viper - a motorcycle that will not leave you indifferentprofessional motorcycle racer, not to mention the amateurs of two-wheeled iron horses. Its purpose is very multifunctional: city trips, sports races, competitive races. The combination of quality characteristics and price policy is the best argument for purchasing this motorcycle.

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