"Autobiography" ("Range Rover"): features and characteristics

Many luxury SUVs for equipping andperformance qualities are close to representative sedans, in this regard, often used instead of them. However, some consumers are not even enough of this level, they need something more. For them, automakers are developing special versions. Modifications to Range Rover are discussed below: Autobiography, SVAutobiography Dynamic, and SVAutobiography.

General Features

Range Rover - full-size luxury SUV, which is the flagship model of Land Rover. From the majority of analogues it is distinguished by high cross-country ability and traditional frame construction.


This vehicle has been produced for more than 45 years. During this time, three generations have changed. The first Range Rover was released from 1970 to 1996 with a prefix to the name Classic. The second generation (P38A) appeared two years before the production ceased first, that is, in 1994. It was produced before 2002. The third generation (L322) replaced it immediately in 2002. The car was created by BMW. It was here that the first version of the Range Rover Autobiography appeared.

The fourth generation (L405) is produced in 2012. The machine also has a version of "Autobiography". In addition to it, the Range Rover developed a modification of SVAutobiography Dynamic in 2017.


L405, like the previous two generations, are presented exclusively in the body of the 5-door station wagon. Only the first Range Rover had a 3-door version.

The versions in question have minordifferences in the elements of the body and interior, but always remain recognizable on the road cars brand "Range Rover." The kit "Autobiography", for example, has only a special grille and a logo on the back door.

"Autobiography Range Rover"

SVAutobiography Dynamic features twin tailpipes, a contrasting roof, special ventilation grilles of the bumper and front wings, exterior mirrors, logo.

Range Rover Autobiography

SVAutobiography also has a special radiator grille and logos.

"Range Rover Autobiography": test drive

In addition, an extended body for versionsSVAutobiography and "Autobiography". "Range Rover" with the usual body has the dimensions: 4,999 X 2,073 X 1,853 m. The wheelbase is 2,922 m. The longer version is longer in length (5.2 m), the height (1.84 m), the wheelbase (3.12 m) ).

"Range Rover" equipment Autobiography "


L405 is equipped with four motors: petrol and diesel V6 and V8 on the same fuel. Of these, only eight-cylinder versions are available for the car in the version of "Autobiography." "Range Rover" SVAutobiography Dynamic and SVAutobiography equipped with forced petrol V8.

448DT is a diesel engine of 4.4 liters capacity, equipped with a turbine. Develops 339 hp. at 3500 rpm and 700 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Range Rover Autobiography

508PS - petrol eight-cylinder enginevolume 5 liters, equipped with a supercharger. Has a capacity of 510 hp. at 6500 rpm, the torque - 625 Nm at 5500 rpm. On SVAutobiography Dynamic and SVAutobiography, set it to 550 hp. and 680 Nm version.

Range Rover Autobiography


All L405 are equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Drive constant full.


Both car suspension independent multi-linkon pneumatic elements. The running gear of SVAutobiography Dynamic is reconfigured, due to which the ground clearance is reduced by 8 mm. Autobiography and SVAutobiography clearance can vary from 228 to 303 mm.

Each package includes 21-inch wheelsspecial design. This is Style 101 from the version of "Autobiography". "Range Rover" SVAutobiography Dynamic is equipped with disks "Style 505", and SVAutobiography - "Style 706".

Range Rover Autobiography

SVAutobiography Dynamic has Brembo brakes with red calipers.


Each of the versions under consideration is distinguished by the interior trim features. For upholstery, semi-aniline leather is used.

Autobiography has a panoramic roof withsun blind, special stitching, rugs, sill covers and upholstery. Also it is equipped with an entertainment system for the rear row with remote control and a touch screen monitor, 4-zone climate control. Finally, as an option for the front seats is available massage function and much more.

SVAutobiography Dynamic differs from a rhomboidstitching seats, inserts of black lacquered wood, a red line on the door inserts, pedals with grooved finish. Finishing of the ceiling from perforated leather. The standard equipment includes electronic assistants (systems in the band, character recognition, driver fatigue control, speed limiter).

Range Rover Autobiography

SVAutobiography in the standard has all the seats witha massage function, as well as a 1700W Meridian audio system with 28 speakers, a leather perforated ceiling finish, retractable tables, in addition to the same assistants as SVAutobiography Dynamic, you can note adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree view camera. The design of the interior uses a corporate logo and rippled finish. The car is fitted with a special rear row with a footrest and a center console, which can optionally be fitted with a cooling compartment.

Driving performance

Since Autobiography has the same technicalcharacteristics that the usual versions of the Range Rover with similar engines, its dynamic performance is identical: acceleration to 100 km / h takes 6.9 s for the diesel version and 5.5 s for the petrol, the maximum speed is 218 and 250 km / h, respectively.

Despite the fact that the other two consideredversions are equipped with a forced engine, the manufacturer indicates for them the same dynamic data as for Autobiography. Although other sources have information that they are faster in overclocking by about 0.5 s.

Differences inbehavior in the extended version of the "Range Rover Autobiography." Test drive indicates that the car was reconfigured for comfort, making the suspension softer, and the accelerator response is more smooth.

Range Rover Autobiography

SVAutobiography Dynamic, on the contrary, should be more sportive, thanks to the tuned chassis.


The cheapest among the considered versionsRange Rover is Autobiography, the price of which starts at 8.538 million rubles. The starting value of SVAutobiography Dynamic is more by 2.002 million. To purchase SVAutobiography, it will take an additional 1,111 million more.

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