Roll-up jack for off-road vehicle: instruction and device

Which device can be considered the most necessaryon-board instrument since the invention of the car? Of course, a rolling jack! For an SUV, a car or a minivan, different designs will be needed, but one way or another it is impossible to do without it on an unoccupied road, if a tire has suddenly punctured and you need to replace it. A trip even on a slightly deflated wheel to the SRT can cost you very much: a breakdown in the steering system and a beaten suspension. Therefore, the jack must be in every trunk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. And you do not need to save on this device. Choosing a jack for an SUV, you should always look for the optimal device, which would be a reliable assistant, even in the most difficult situation. The road is a dangerous place, and one must be fully armed.

device of a hydraulic jack

Jack for an SUV: types

There are the following types:

  • Mechanical jacks. The simplest and, perhaps, the most reliable andcompact devices. There are almost all small cars in the trunk. They are characterized by good mobility, but relatively low carrying capacity. Depending on its design are of different types.
  • Hydraulic jacks. The main purpose of this species is lifting and / ortransportation of vehicles in the implementation of repair work and maintenance. Most actively they are used in car repair shops and manufacturing, but are becoming more popular in the everyday life of motorists. The design of this jack provides a smooth ride, reliable pick-up and easy handling, high payload and high efficiency (about 80%). It is important to remember that this device is intended solely for lifting, and not for long-term cargo retention. To avoid leakage of hydraulic fluid, always store and move it only in an upright position.

Lifting jack with lock

  • Pneumatic jacks. They are used for work of variousorientation and complexity. This rolling jack for an SUV is indispensable for moving and lifting cargo, installation, repair work and much more. First of all, they are good because they can be used on absolutely any surface, whether it's loose ground or uneven ground.

Now it is worth considering the subtypes of jacks in more detail. This will allow you to make the right choice when buying such an indispensable device.

Mechanical rack jack

It has a simple design: consists of a vertical rack with denticles-hooks along which the pickup moves (lifting rack). The lifting process is carried out using a gear or lever transmission. To hold the weight on the weight there is a dog-latch. This type of jacks are used not only for repair work in the car, but also for lifting goods in warehouses, construction sites, etc. That is why they come in different sizes and differ in different load capacities.

pneumatic jacking jack

The main feature of this device isin the possibility of lifting cargo, located quite low. But he and his cons. For example, due to the small footprint of such a jack, such jacks can not provide good stability to a raised car on one side, which requires the use of assistive devices to help fix the position. Also for the use of such a jack, there must be special notches in the bottom of the machine, which provide a place for the installation of the foot of the lifting rail or the pick-up tip. Some models differ inconvenient, too cumbersome dimensions and impressive weight.

Mechanical screw jack

This mechanism works by transformingrotational movements of the screw rod in the translational movement of the lifting platform. The most common one can be called a rhombic screw jack, which consists of 4 shoulders, joined together by hinges in such a way that, as a result, a diamond is obtained from them. The rod is a horizontal diagonal, with the twisting of which the opposite angles unfold and approach each other. At the same time, they are removed from each other along a vertical diagonal, at the ends of which the lifting tab and support foot are placed.

Car hydraulic jack

In order to create a working fluid pressure, an electric compressor or a pump handle (manual method) is used in this design. Such mechanisms have the following advantages:

- good stability,

- compact design,

- Rapid recovery without any physical difficulties.

They are also of different types, each of which has its own specific features.

Bottle hydraulic jack

Bearing elements of this design are the body and the extendable piston, and the working fluid is filled with a special liquid. The body is both
a piston guide cylinder, and a working fluid reservoir.

jack-up instruction

When choosing such a jack, one should not take into accountonly its carrying capacity, but also the height of the pickup / lift, because even if it can withstand the weight of your car, it may simply not have enough travel to raise it to the desired height.

Rolling jack

This design is undeniableadvantages among all similar mechanisms. First of all, the lifting jack (the instruction contains this information) has higher lifting capacities than its counterparts, while it is much smaller in size. Also, high efficiency and a greater power transmission ratio make this jack more advantageous in comparison with others. The smooth movement of the main hoist also deserves attention. The device of the hydraulic jack, unfortunately, can not boast of a great lifting height and needs almost constant service. The service life of such structures, as a rule, is much less, and in the event of a breakdown, repairs will cost a round sum. Although, for example, a jack with a lock with a lock is much more convenient and reliable in the process of repairing a car than an ordinary rhombus. Thanks to the latching dog, this mechanism becomes more stable and allows less effort. A jack-pivot, the instruction to which is always attached, is the most popular among all others, especially among owners of large cars and minibuses.

Pneumatic car jack

Such an adaptation looks like an inflatablea pillow filled with compressed air. It can also be filled with exhaust gases. Hydraulic mechanism in this case is highly stable, since it has the largest footprint. A pneumatic jack under pressure requires air to be pressurized to inflate the main structure. To do this, special cylinders or gases from the exhaust pipe of the machine are used, which provides a minimum of effort and time. At the same time, the lifting speed of any cargo is quite high.

Most often these jacks are used onservice stations or in garages, but recently they have become increasingly used in the evacuation of cars that are stuck in the swamp or mud, which has ensured their wider popularity among the drivers of large-sized cars.

jack for an SUV

The indisputable advantages of such mechanisms areConsider the possibility of using on absolutely any surface. Whether it's soil, land, uneven roadway - such a jack is all on the shoulder. It is easy to use, has a high lifting height, does not require any special effort, but can boast an impressive load rating. Also, such a jack can be placed under any car, regardless of the design, damages and other features.

At the same time, he has his ownminor cons. For example, when pumping exhaust gases in the chamber, a sediment accumulates gradually, and during installation it is necessary first to inspect the surface to ensure that there are no piercing-cutting objects, glass fragments, sharp metal parts that can accidentally pierce the chamber. And, of course, when using compressed air you will need a separate compressor, which also costs money.

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