Motorcycle "Yamaha" for beginners and professionals

A complete line of motorcycles from Yamahais extensive and is represented by several species. If you decide to purchase a vehicle from this manufacturer, then it is worth familiarizing yourself with the entire range of products. But first of all you need to decide what you need a Yamaha motorcycle for. Are you going to just walk around the city at a moderate pace or go outside and enjoy the speed?

motorcycle Yamaha


Depending on the purpose of motorcycles are divided into several types:

  1. Road: first of all they are intended forSports or tourist trips on roads of various types. They will provide you with a comfortable landing both in the first and second place. The features of the vehicle include the presence of a roomy trunk, where you can add everything you need for a long trip. The Yamaha road bike is the guarantor of reliability on the road.
  2. Sports belong to the category of technology, which is not terrible off-road. They are specially created for athletes - beginners and professionals.
  3. Cross-country motorcycles among others, in endurance and resistance to high loads. They are used in competitions, they are popular with ordinary motorsport fans.
  4. motorcycle 125 Yamaha
    Choppers - These are powerful, but sedate motorcycles, they are suitableits owners, lovers of comfortable and leisurely driving. Motorcycle "Yamaha" of this type is distinguished by a special stylish and easily recognizable design of chrome parts. They are created in accordance with the latest technology, their repair and operation will not be a problem. Choppers "Yamaha" guarantee the convenience of landing, rapid acceleration from the place and an exceptional aesthetic pleasure from the trip. Their classic and at the same time unique style is the style of biker life, and hence freedom.
  5. Powerful motorcycles sportbikes Ideal controllability without dependenceof the speed. They accelerate to 100 km / h in 3 seconds, can develop high speeds both on a smooth track and within the city, and a perfect braking system will ensure a smooth and easy stop. Motorcycle "Yamaha" from this category is a choice of fans of speed and adrenaline.

As you can see, any person is able to find somethingfor yourself in the line of this manufacturer. A huge selection of models, as well as their wide range of colors can satisfy the needs of each buyer. The main thing - to pick up a motorcycle in accordance with your manner of riding and character, because it is not just a means of transportation, but, we can say, a way of life.

Motorcycle (125) "Yamaha" for the beginner

motorcycle Yamaha 250
If you dream of buying a bike, but never on itdid not sit, it is better to choose on a low-power and light motorcycle. The company Yamaha offers a similar model (YBR) with a 125 cc engine. The pluses can be attributed to a small weight, and therefore, and high manageability. Such a motorcycle not only allows you to hone your driving skills, but it will be very convenient for driving around the city, because you can easily get around any traffic jams. In addition, Yamaha-125 is economical and reliable, there will be no problems with repair, and you will have to refuel only once a week. This is practically a "non-extinct" model, it is capable of passing anywhere, and where it can not enter, you can easily drag your iron horse. When, after gaining experience, you want to change to something more serious, for example, a motorcycle Yamaha-250, then there is no problem in order to sell YBR, as there is always a demand for it.

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