How to determine tire wear? What to do about it?

With some mileage, the condition of the tireschanges that affect the safe movement. The most important thing is that the tires wear out evenly, and not in some places, as this can lead to tragic consequences. It is necessary to monitor the tires and, if they are worn out, immediately replace them with new tires.

How to determine tire wear.

Why do tires wear out? How to fix it? How to make tires wear evenly? How to determine tire wear? Here we will try to tell you about this. Uneven wear is possible for some reason.

1. If the air pressure in the tire does not match.

2. The central part will wear out in the pumped tire.

3. The side parts will wear out in an over-inflated tire.

How to determine tire wear? The angles of convergence and camber are very important. For each angle there is a discrepancy angle, because some force acts on the tire from the side, and control becomes more difficult. It is necessary to make such an angle of collapse that this force should be equal to zero. Angles should always be viewed both after the repair of the suspension, and after repair of the steering part. Because changing the transverse and longitudinal angles will lead to increased tire wear. These are the main reasons why tires can wear out.

For cars with rear suspension, the cause of tire wear can be angular and linear displacement of the bridge after improper adjustment.

Tires on the car.

The problem of tire wear can also beoperational. How to determine tire wear? For example, when the car is overloaded, it sags and wear increases. Also, the service life of the tires depends on the driver himself, on how he drives the car. With rapid acceleration or emergency braking, the rubber is also subject to wear. Rapid driving on uneven roads, hitting a curb or traveling by rail at high speed can not only lead to rapid wear of the tread, but also damage the entire tire.

Even if you have a uniform tire wear, it is not worth itforget that there are permissible norms that you must follow. The height of the tread determines the permissible wear, therefore, the dimensions of the tires should also be taken into account. If the height reached about 1.6 mm, then the tire should be replaced. To find out the height, use the TWI indicator. What is this device? It consists of a tape, which is located between the protector height of 1.6 mm. Usually they are put different designations in order to automatically discern the tire wear. The tire manufacturer has developed a special indicator DSI. It allows you to determine the depth of the tread, its accuracy is very high and is up to 1 mm. When choosing tires on the car, you should pay attention to these elements.

Dimensions of tires.

The faster you find the problem and solve it, thethe likelihood that an iron friend will not let you down in a difficult moment is higher. These are the main points that you need to pay special attention to ensure that your tires last longer. Now you know how to determine tire wear. Perhaps you will understand this only after you replace a couple of them. But this experience will help in the future to save time and money.

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