Vibration in the cabin at idle. Computer diagnostics of a car

Number of motorists from year to year allincreases. The problems that arise do not change, just the scales become a bit different. Indeed, if, for example, in one case per thousand there is a vibration in the cabin at idle, then in general this does not cause any special fear. But when do the drivers already have tens of millions? Horrifying scales, however. In general, nothing particularly terrible in such current problems there.

What is idling?

Of course, before you understand whythere is a vibration in the cabin at idle, you need to understand what is happening in the car. So, this is a special mode of operation of the motor, in which the car does not move from its place.

interior vibration at idle
Used during short-term stops, so as not to muffle the engine near each traffic light.

During this operating mode, the engine speedare maintained at a speed that allows the entire mechanism to be kept warm. If an imbalance occurs, this leads to malfunctions and interruptions, and eventually to the shutdown of the unit.

An interesting point is also thatfor injector cars, the lambda probe is warmed up to the operating temperature already at idle. This allows you to carry out computer diagnostics of the car, since the on-board computer is working in the normal mode.

Some modern models, for example "ToyotaPrius ", do not have this mode of operation at all. This creates certain difficulties during the technical inspection, but the problem is solved by the inspection regime. However, this is a feature of only the same "Prius".

Vibration of the motor

From time to time, such a nuisance happens. Especially often this happens when the machine has been in operation for quite some time.

In general, this need not necessarily causechanges in the cabin. But from time to time it happens that the impulse continues to be transmitted, even if not in the entire salon. In such cases, vibration begins on the handlebar at idle speed.

It can not appear for no reason - it's just a signal about a certain malfunction.

computer diagnostics of a car
If we talk about changes in idle operation, then this is already a rather dangerous sign.

What kind of vibration can there be?

If we are not talking about permanent problems,which are manifested during the whole cycle of work, then in this case it is necessary to speak about something definite. Mechanics, as well as motorists, call this inconstant vibration.

In addition to the topic that has already been touched, another machine can tremble and twitch at high speeds, with a warm engine or, conversely, at high temperatures.

All of them have similar features and differences, but the main thinghere is something that can not be ignored. In the end, everything may not end very well for you, because all the expenses for repairs fall on your shoulders.

Why does the vibration begin?

Sometimes determine what triggered the whole process,hard enough. The fact is that you first need to find out when exactly the machine starts to yank. Sometimes it is not easy to do, but it is absolutely necessary.

The reasons themselves can sometimes be mysterious andmysterious. Indeed, in car repair shops it is often possible to hear explanations like: "It was normal, and then shake the beginning." Naturally, it is necessary to collect the "anamnesis" in more detail - what kind of repairs were carried out, the quality of the roads, which were recently visited, etc.

Replacement crankshaft

Strangely enough, but it is very commonoccasion. People at the plant can overlook - and this will lead to problems you already know. Indeed, if the balancing of the crankshaft with the flywheel has not been made or was, but incorrectly or in a hurry, this will just cause the vibration to arise at idle. VAZ (cars of any model), by the way, often suffer from such a problem.

idling vases
It is solved by all by contacting the service center, since it is not worthwhile to perform independent repairs. This can be dangerous for the car, and as a consequence, for you.

There is another option with a broken crankshaft. But there the shaking will be such that it's unrealistic to miss the ears. This happens rarely, so there should not be much concern about this.

Trouble engine

This is the second reason for the shaking. Actually, the problem is that one of the cylinders refuses to work. Vibration in the passenger compartment at idle speed may appear in other modes of operation.

In fact, it's just the shaking itselfa little of your problem if the motor starts to trip. The bottom line is that the power drops proportionally to the number of cylinders. For example, for a four-cylinder motor, the failure of one will be equal to a loss of a quarter of the power. Naturally, this will be felt right away.

The solution to the problem is as follows. You need to contact a specialist or try to figure it out yourself. Even a strong vibration at idle will be lost if it appears due to a problem with the cylinder.

If you do not pay attention to such a problem, it will lead to very rapid wear of the parts. So do not delay the repair, especially if you are already sure of the reasons.


If we consider the causes of engine vibration at idle, we can conclude that improper fixing is almost the most common of all of them.

In general, this is not always associated with the fasteners themselves - often the problem is wear and tear.

causes vibration on idle
For example, pillows or similarelements. To check if your theory is right, you need a second person to sit behind the wheel and turn on the neutral, reverse and first gear alternately. Thus, you can determine whether there are any deviations from the norm in any position - in fact, ideally they should deviate to the same angle. Regarding the latter: if the motor is tumbling in some direction, then this is the signal to make a replacement.

Also you need to know that the vibration in the cabin onidling is not necessarily caused by the engine. The fact is that it can be certain adjoining details. In combination with a destroyed pillow, which should hold the whole mechanism as a whole, this leads to the fact that any part is adjacent to the body from the inside, which causes vibration in the cabin.

Improper repairs

Another reason for shivering in the cabin may be poor-quality home repairs. Strictly speaking, that's why usually the councils initially refer to applying to the service.

The essence of the whole problem is not even in the manufactured houserepair, but in the fact that it was not. It happens that the engine starts to knock right on the road. You are repairing it on the roadside, but only so that you can reach your destination. Of course, in your plans there is an option that you will need to check everything in your garage. But often such things are simply forgotten.

Balancing shafts

Consider this as the cause of vibration onsingle - step is rather doubtful. The fact is that this is actually a solution to the problem, not its source. But sometimes the cause and effect change places.

Such shafts are put on machines with engines that are prone to shaking and shaking.

diesel vibration at idle
In some cases, this step is justified, but not always.

The meaning here is - if the installation is madewrong, then their beds will eventually split the trees, which will only lead to an increase in vibration, and not to its absence. However, this is also not so common and should be described in the specification of the car.

Vibration of the diesel engine at idle speed

Here you need to know just a few things. Most of the causes of any trembling or shaking in a similar engine are exactly the same as those described above. But there are some features.

For example, any severe pollution of the systemFuel supply will cause vibrations. This happens more often than you might think, since any of the nodes of the mechanism can be the cause. The engine, as you know, is a rather complicated piece, and therefore there are a lot of problem areas too.

Pollution, in turn, can also beare caused by several reasons. For example, if the gasoline or air that enters the combustion engine contains a high percentage of foreign impurities. In addition, there is a second option - a mixture of liquid and gas can be burdened with water. This, too, will lead to far from the best consequences for the motor.

Diagnosis of vibrations on idle

Naturally, drivers are interested in the question,what they can do to diagnose, and after and fix the situation. Actually, this is the only thing that should worry the responsible car enthusiast.

To regulate the operation of the engine at idle, there are several key nodes.

causes vibration of the engine at idle speed
First, of course, we need to say about the injector or carburetor - this is due to the fact that they enter the fuel system, and from here the contamination, which was mentioned just above, can go.

Next you need to check the mechanical sensors of the fuel pressure regulator, as well as other engine components, which can generally lead to shaking.

Idling of VAZ

For owners of domestic cars thismark the issue of engine operation in this mode is a sore point. Problems happen quite often, and the repair that follows the detection of a malfunction is usually quite expensive, and even labor-intensive.

Below, the reasons why the VAZ idling speed can float:

  1. Pay attention to the mass air flow sensor.
  2. Also it is necessary to check carefully the regulator of idling - the second most common cause of problems.
  3. The speed sensor, or rather the adjacent wiring, can become a source of trouble.
  4. The next step is to check the crankshaft position sensor. He himself hardly broke, but again, the wiring or the chip suffered.
  5. In addition, you need to check and throttle, which regulates it. In any case, it will be useful to clear the dirt. Also you should check the sensor of its position.
  6. As you have already understood, the wiring often becomescause all ills - so do not be too lazy to check everything you can, if no other faults are found. At the same stage, it will be a good idea to test the candles.
  7. There is another option - a solenoid valveidle move. Its verification can be a bit laborious, but it's worth it. In the case when everything is fine here, pay attention to the jet.


Most of the reasons that canto cause vibration and shaking of different perspectives in the cabin or on the steering wheel of the car, has been described above. Actually, almost all such cases are connected with the engine or with the equipment attached to it.

If you have a modern unit withon-board computer, then computer diagnostics of the car to help you. The electronic assistant will quickly determine the true cause of the malfunction in your machine.

heavy vibration at idling speed
Thus, to identify the source of problems is easiest, because computer diagnostics of the car tracks the operation of all systems of the machine.

Let's repeat once again the advice on contacting a car service center. Vibration is a serious enough problem that should not be ignored. It is fraught with such consequences, you will have to pay for it. And the price is quite high, especially given that the solution could be found in the early days.

So, we found out why the car has a vibration in the cabin at idle and how to eliminate this problem with your own hands.

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