Technical characteristics of the 53366-MAZ truck

Cargo transportation is a matter, extremely responsible andrequiring the use of vehicles with special technical data that allow you to transport any goods for both small and long distances without threatening the integrity of any package and its contents. One of these trucks, which is actively used to work with a variety of items, is a car MAZ-53366.


At first glance, this machine is quite typical forrepresentative of the cargo class. 53366-MAZ has a cabin equipped with two entrance doors. The hood is missing, because the engine is located under the cabin of the wagon. The design of the car is presented in the form of a fairly strict rectangle, which only emphasizes the working direction of the truck.

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The radiator grille is painted in a light orDark color and vividly contrasts with the main color of the car. There is also a company logo of the manufacturer. As the main element of passive safety is a bumper, dropped from the metal. Directly above the windshield is a plastic sun visor. Similar overlays are placed on the side edges of the front of the cabin.

Particular attention chills the clearance of the car, equal to 26 centimeters. It is in many respects contributes to the overcoming of the most diverse obstacles on the road.

Cabin interior

53366-MAZ is quite simple, but togetherwith that fairly ergonomic design of the driver's territory. The cabin is equipped with two seats, as well as a pair of sleeping, which are presented in the form of a hinged shelf and couch. If you want, you can do with your own hands and a special partition, which fully allows you to separate the work area from the recreation zone and allow the person to fully relax during a long trip.

53366 specifications

Degree of driver's seat comfort

Despite the fact that seat seating is sufficienthard, the driver's workplace still has pneumatic shock absorbers, which in turn makes it possible for him to feel very confident and comfortable driving at absolutely any situation. A good overview is guaranteed by the high seating position and the presence of large side mirrors.

Between the driver's and passenger seatsA fairly wide torpedo is installed, which goes into a panel equipped with a space for storing cards, documents, stationery and other items. The panel can also be installed radio tape recorder. Each of the seats has reliable safety belts, fixing the person at three points.


MAZ-53366, the photo of which is given below,It is produced in several variants that have differences in the performance of the cargo board, namely this nuance is decisive in determining the scope of the machine.

It is worth saying that all the MAZs of the described series have the YaMZ-238M2 engine without exception. The motor is equipped with eight cylinders, which have a favorite V-shaped layout by modern engineers.

маз 53366 photo

The main power unit 53366-MAZ asfuel uses diesel, corresponding to the basic ecological standard "Euro-1". The magnitude of the torque is 883 Nm. Engine power is within 240 horsepower, or 176 kW. Such parameters allow the car to accelerate to 90 kilometers per hour.


The truck is controlled using a five-speed gearbox YaMZ-236P. The weight of this knot is 240 kilograms. At the second and fifth speeds there are synchronizers.

Due to the harmonious gear ratios, the carvery quickly and effectively reacts to the driver's teams. The car is quite capable of moving to impressive distances without unnecessary refueling in transit due to the presence of a fuel tank with a capacity of 350 liters. The fuel consumption indicator is within the limits of 32 liters per 100 kilometers of the track to be crossed.

In general, MAZ-53366, the technical characteristics of which are indicated below, is optimal in many respects. Its main data are:

  • The maximum load on the front axle is 6500 kg.
  • The maximum permissible load on the rear axle is 10 000 kg.
  • Suspension type - spring.
  • The nominal volume of the platform is 34.5 cubic meters. meter.
  • Number of gears - five.

maz 53366 specifications

Model 020

53366-MAZ in this version has a spacious tilt board, which meets the stringent requirements of the TIR. Features of this machine are as follows:

  • Load-carrying capacity - 8300 kg.
  • The height of the side is 2.33 m, the length is 6.1 meters, the width is 2.42 meters.
  • Own weight in empty condition - 8200 kg.

The truck is operated for the purpose of transportvarious oversized cargoes - often food and tared products. The sideboard reclines on the sides and behind. It is permissible to use the machine without an awning when it is equipped with a manipulator, which in turn is an oversized crane.

Model 021

This MAZ-53366, the characteristics of which givethe ability to safely store cargo inside the body, often used to solve industrial problems. The model has a trailer, which is presented in the form of a fairly spacious metal bead or a frame covered with awning. Unloading the car is carried out through the tailgate.

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Convenience of the car is also in the fact that the body has rear doors, lockable. The all-metal body unambiguously guarantees the safety of food products.

If necessary, the truck is quite possibleuse and as a road train with the use of an auxiliary trailer, which increases the total load capacity by half. In general, the load capacity of the machine is 9800 kg.

Model 026

This MAZ is inherently a sortiment truck. The weight of the car is 8200 kg and it serves for transportation to the destination of a large assortment, the length of which is within 2-6 meters.

To securely hold the load in the car, steel arched arches are provided. The truck excellently proved itself in the construction and woodworking industry.

car mat 53366


Practicality, availability, economy is all MAZ-53366. Feedback from users about it tells us that the machine has the following positive qualities:

  • Its operation is simple and does not require the driver any special skills.
  • Repair and maintenance do not have a high cost, but all because the design of the truck is quite simple, and a person is quite capable of diagnosing and repairing many faults himself.
  • Durability and reliability of components and parts.
  • High permeability and excellent resistance to most external factors on the road.

In addition, it is also important that the machine has been manufactured for almost four decades, which indicates the availability of a large number of spare parts in the market and the ease of their acquisition.

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