Winter tires "Cordiant Snow Cross": owner feedback

As many motorists note, in serviceThere are two tense moments in the car - a change of tires from summer to winter, and vice versa. And at this point it is necessary to make a difficult choice, which is to decide on the manufacturer of the future tires of your car, as well as their type. This moment is really important, because it is from the tires, especially in the winter, when the weather conditions become much more complicated, the safety of movement on not the best roads depends.

When choosing tires, it is worth paying attention to the largethe number of parts, choosing exactly the option that will suit not only the climate, but also your style of riding. There are also universal options that have proved to be a good product, allowing you to adapt to any conditions. One such option is the winter tire "Cordiant Snow Cross". Reviews of real users, which will be discussed in this article, will help you to understand how well these tires cope with those or other situations on the roads.

A bit about the brand "Cordiant"

Start talking about the tire manufacturer iscountry of origin. The brand "Cordiant" appeared in Russia in 2005. Its creator was a large holding company, which put on the market the production of automotive rubber, corresponding to European standards, under the name "SIBUR-Russian Tires". The start was quite successful due to the use of modern equipment, thanks to which the first quality products appeared. Years went by, and the brand became familiar to almost all motorists, who every year faced the issue of regular tire replacement.

How did you manage to achieve popularity? In just 10 years, in 2015, the management of the holding reported on the total output for the year of more than 6.5 million copies of tires for different types of vehicles, including winter tires "Cordiant Snow Cross," which may suggest whether it should be done choice in their favor. Already this indicator makes us think about the scale with which production and development of new models with annually improving characteristics are established. Tires "Cordiant" are sold not only in Russia, but also exported to thirty other countries and territories.

Cordyant Snow Cross Reviews

Main types of winter tires "Cordiant"

As you know, each driver has his owninimitable style of riding. That's why you need such a variety of tires, so that everyone can choose the option that best suits him, or he has settled on a universal model, such as the "Cordyant Snow Cross", the owner's feedback about which will be at the end of the article.

Like all other manufacturers, mostwinter tires of this brand can be divided into two categories - studded and studless. However, that's not all. Tires are also different in shape tread. If to be brief, then there are the following main types of tread pattern:

  • Protector for tires with increased terrain.
  • Protector used in high-speed winter tires.
  • Universal protector, which has all the positive properties a little.
  • Asymmetric protector, as another attempt to combine the pros of all types of tires.

Let's look at the various series of tires from the "Cordiant" and choose among them one that can suit almost every driver.

tire cordiant snow cross reviews

"Cordiant Polar" and "Polar 2" - noiseless high-speed rubber

These models were one of the first developments of winter rubber, produced under this brand. They received a number of special advantages that enabled them to firmly occupy their niche in the market.

The first "Polar" is a classicspeed tire, which has everything you need to confidently move on dry or wet asphalt in the winter. This is a directional protector, and the presence of longitudinal grooves, which allow to reduce the effect of aquaplaning, and zigzag-shaped slats that increase stability during movement. This rubber can be additionally studded, however from the factory it comes without studs.

"Polar 2" got a bit more versatilitythanks to an asymmetric tread pattern, although it did not become as universal as the Cordyant Snow Cross, drivers' reviews of which are more positive. In addition, the spikes on it are already present in the factory version, and they are fixed by their own technology, so fixing them is more confident, and they rarely fly out.

However, these models, as well as the entire high-speedrubber, there are a number of disadvantages. It allows you to confidently stay on a cleared road, well tolerates snow mush in the presence of thorns, but shows fairly mediocre results on rolled snow or clear ice. Therefore, if in your area roads are rarely cleaned, then this option may not be a very good choice. In this case, you can read reviews about the winter tires "Cordiant Snow Cross", which is better suited for such situations.

reviews about the Cordyant of the Snow Cross

"Cordiant Polar SL" - high traffic in all conditions

These tires are made in the best traditionsmodels with high traffic. There is a high tread, separated by wide parallel lamellae. It allows you to easily rake the snow porridge, taking it to the edges. Such tires are coped with water on the road surface, allowing you to confidently pass puddles, not being afraid that the car will float, which can not be said about the tire "Cordiant Snow Cross", the reviews say that they are coping worse with such situations.

For the production of this model rubber is used withHigh durability, which has properties that increase the adhesion to the road surface. The spikes are installed from the plant and allow even more patency of the tire. Among the negative sides, you can notice increased noise and movement resistance due to a high tread, as well as an increase in braking distance on dry asphalt as a consequence of the spike. If the driver is unskillful, then at the start there is a chance to be buried in loose snow. This problem is less common if the car is equipped with a winter tire "Cordiant Snow Cross". Reviews of real users, at least, say so.

rubber cordiant snow cross reviews

"Sno-Max Cordiant" - ideal for deep snow

Like the previous model, this rubber is designedto overcome in the literal sense of snow debris and snowdrifts. Its protector is even higher than the one presented above, and the presence of a central stiffener makes the rubber more elastic, which has a positive effect on stability. The studded version received a 6-row spacing, so ice is also not a big problem. According to the manufacturer, even with intensive use of these tires are called to serve faith and truth for several years, as well as the "Cordyant Snow Cross", reviews of which are also noted for high wear resistance.

From the minuses you can note all the same noise, andalso slightly increased fuel consumption and negative impact on the roll. However, these moments fade when considering the high stability, good traction and patency even in completely uncleared places.

"Cordiant Winter Drive" - ​​for fans to keep to the limit of speed

Another high-speed model from "Cordiant" withasymmetric tread pattern. Has received quite good dynamic characteristics, which allow confidently accelerate and not less confidently slow down on cleared roads and roads. Due to its asymmetric structure, the rubber copes well with a small layer of snow that can appear between several passes of snow-removing machinery, but no more. Do not forget that it was this rubber that was developed for a climate in which mostly mild winters pass without a lot of precipitation and their consequences. If you have different weather conditions, we advise you to pay attention to the winter tires "Cordyant Snow Cross". Reviews and descriptions of this model explain why it is more suitable for such conditions.

This model appeared in 2012 andis positioned since that time by the manufacturer as the most silent winter tire. The designers took care of the timely warning that the tires will have to be changed soon. On the tread there is a wear indicator, which allows you to always be aware of when to put some money to ensure its safety.

"Cordiant Business SW" - an exclusive for fans of loads

Although minibuses, both passenger andcargo, you can "shoe" and in the classic rubber for cars, if you like to properly load your iron horse, you should think about purchasing tires that can withstand such loads. This will extend their life span for quite some time. However, if you like universality, then you can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase tires "Cordiant Snow Cross". The reviews show their high endurance at the maximum permissible loads.

Considering that minibuses are basicallytrouble-free "laborers", on which improvised race from traffic lights to traffic lights are rarely arranged, the manufacturer produced this classic-style rubber with an improved terrain protector. Its difference from conventional passenger is in a two-layer metal cord and nylon protective layer, which together increase the elasticity and strength of the tire.

reviews about rubber cordyant snow cross

"Cordyant Snow Cross" - an ideal novelty, gathered all the virtues together

It's no secret that any manufacturerThe tire improves their models every year, releasing ever more successful options. One of these options was the rubber model "Snow Cross", developed and released to the market in late 2013. In an effort to collect the main advantages of all types of rubber designers have developed a unique tread pattern, which later merged with an equally unique composition of rubber.

Universal rubber "Cordiant Snow Cross",reviews about which will be analyzed a little later, primarily designed to travel on snow-covered routes with loose or rolled snow, but it shows excellent results for both the universal tire when driving on ice or clean road road. This was achieved partly thanks to the protector, performed in Scandinavian type. The sipes located at different angles increase the coupling to any surface, whatever it is, and the deep grooves on the sides allow for increased resistance to drift when making maneuvers or turns.

The ideal combination of the applicationa specially developed mixture of Cor-Fix, which is characterized by an increased content of silicium. This makes the tire more elastic and, as a result, more stable, and also increases the area of ​​the coupling with the surface. Resistance to ice is provided by the standard 16-row arrangement of the studs, and the elasticity of the rubber reduces their negative impact when moving over cleaned wet or dry asphalt. This rubber can be called a truly universal choice, which can suit most drivers, and reviews of the "Cordyant Snow Cross" only confirm this axiom.

cordyant snow cross reviews 215 65 16

Negative aspects of the Snow Cross model

Although this rubber is close to the ideal, it is notcan be completely absent minuses, although they are few. The manufacturer tried to glory to get the most universal model. But at the expense of this universality suffer the most outstanding qualities.

Therefore, when using such a rubber is not worth ithope only that it provides a good hitch under any conditions. In any case, for example, on asphalt, its coupling will be worse than in the non-studded version with high-speed protector. Also have to put up with a small, but still present noisiness, which is sometimes mentioned when writing about the "Cordyant Snow Cross" reviews. "Lada-Granta", for example, does not have such good noise insulation as foreign cars. And so a similar problem can be felt in domestic cars more acutely.

reviews about winter rubber cordier snow cross

User Reviews for Snow Cross

One of the main advantages over Europeanmany users call a good price / quality ratio. Rubber has proved itself as a reliable assistant, if it is correctly used. Given its versatility, buyers do not expect from it the star tops. But she does her job well.

Among other advantages, some usersnote quite good controllability in turns on a snowy shallow cover and on pure asphalt, and also not so high level of noise as it may seem at first glance at the protector. These are the pluses that users enter, making out about the "Cordyant Snow Cross" reviews. 215 * 65 * 16 is one of the most popular sizes of rubber at the moment, according to the same discussions of winter rubber on the forums.

In the case of a deep uncleaned snow rubberalready ceases to cope, and then there are only two choices - either to clean the road on its own (well, or wait until the snow-removing equipment passes), or, if this situation is quite frequent, to choose a different type of tire. It is not very good to behave rubber and when driving on a deep rut. If you hook its edge, the car can start to drop noticeably, which can be critical for inexperienced drivers who can not deal with such situations. Otherwise, reviews about the tire "Cordiant Snow Cross" leave a positive impression.


The rubber of this brand can ideally be approachedpractically for any conditions, except for areas with frequent severe snowfalls. It will be easy for a driver to get used to driving, and you can drive almost all types of winter road surfaces without much discomfort. A good ratio of the cost and quality of domestic production also indicates a choice in its favor. Maintain high quality "Cordiant Snow Cross" reviews of users who note the wear resistance and compliance of rubber specifications.

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