Belarusian cars. New Belarusian car Geely

In 2013, automobile production in Belarushas reached a new level. CJSC "Belji" produced the first batch of "people's" cars. Belarusian Geely cars are a joint development of Belarusian and Chinese enterprises. The new project has a lobby on the state level. This year, the company plans to produce 18,000 cars, 11,000 of which are to be sold in Russia.

Attempts to release a national car

In 1997, near Minsk in the village of Obchak beganassembly with the subsequent release of cars Ford Escort and Ford Transit (minibuses). This was the first attempt by Ford Motors and Lada OMS to create a new car model. However, the long-term plans were not to be realized. The state authorities have deprived Ford Motors of some privileges, and the firm has stopped work of the joint venture. The second attempt to assemble Belarusian cars was made in 2004. In the same village Obchak decided to release a truck brand Lublin-3. To this end, the joint Belarusian-Polish enterprise Unison (ZAO) was registered. The car was released, but did not meet the expectations of manufacturers. The cost of the truck Lublin-3 was 3 times higher than that of the Russian "Gazelles". In the same year, an attempt was made to create a Belarusian-Iranian car Samand. It was a modernized sedan Peugeot (France). However, the new car did not gain confidence. The company also produces Samand cars, but they are not in demand.

Belarusian cars
Later, several more failedattempts to create Belarusian cars, and only in 2013 the idea was crowned with success. CJSC "Belji" began assembling the Geely SC-7 machine at the site of the Borisov plant "Avtogydrousilitel" (OJSC). The joint stock of the Belarusian-Chinese enterprise included BelAZ, SoyuzAutoTechnologies, Geely.

The new Belarusian car stands as a supported "European"

Today "Belji" CJSC is producing 3 models of a new car brand:

  • Geely SC 7;
  • Geely LC Cross;
  • Geely EX.

The average price of cars is $ 15,000. The same number are used second-hand European cars. The difference is only that the Geely Belarusian cars are covered by a three-year official guarantee. The President of the Republic of Belarus stresses that the government will support the sale of car brands. The state promises to create conditions so that the population can buy a new car. Alexander Lukashenko also emphasizes that Geely machines should be sold in Russia.

Belarusian car geely

Test drive of the Belarusian "Chinese": virtues

Each car has its pros and cons. Correspondents of the Belarusian portal conducted a test drive Geely and found out all its features.

Pros of the new car SC 7:

  • high ground clearance;
  • energy-intensive suspension;
  • balanced management;
  • excellent brakes;
  • powerful, flexible, economical engine;
  • large capacious trunk;
  • Back seatbacks fold;
  • key ignition, as in the auto premium segment.
    Belarusian cars production

Experts say that it is not worthwhile to criticize the Belarusian car Geely: the car is not so bad, as most motorists think, after hearing the word "Chinese".

... and disadvantages

Now about the minuses.

  • Inconvenient landing, seat; steering wheel low. This disadvantage is well felt by high, dense drivers.
  • Deaf sound of the audio system.
  • The USB connector is mounted deep, so it's better to use a special adapter cord.
  • The trunking is only opened from the salon.
  • Armrests are covered with a thin material. They can wipe out taxi drivers for a year.
  • Not very powerful rear window heating.
    new Belarusian car

Test drivers note that BelarusianGeely cars drive like the Mercedes-Benz W124. "Bottom" they have good, and the transfer switches softly. If the manufacturers refine the structure of seat adjustment in height, the car can be deservedly given the title of "good car".

The President of Belarus personally tested Geely

May 4, 2014 in the territory of the testa test site in Borisov, Alexander Lukashenko tested "for strength" a new Belarusian car. At first, the head of state sat behind the wheel of Geely SC 7, after - Geely LC Cross, and finally swept the crossover Geely EX. According to the president, he was satisfied with the design and technical characteristics of the cars. A. Lukashenko also noted that SC 7 is an excellent option for novice drivers. The head of state admitted that the government plans to develop an incentive system that will increase the purchasing power of the Belarusian assembly cars. "While such a program will work against the Belarusian buyer, it is planned to think about the" neighbors "later," A. Lukashenko stressed.

Belarusian cars

Plans and prospects of the Belarusian automobile production

Automobile industry in Belarus constantlydevelops. In the near future, the president plans to build a powerful plant near Borisov. A year Lukashenko plans to sell about 50,000 domestic cars, some of which should go to the Russian market. Geely Auto also officially goes to the Brazilian car market. In addition, soon new Belarusian cars will be produced. The production of Opel and Chevrolet was started in mid-2013. This year, the automotive brands must get off the assembly line. This condition is stipulated by the framework agreement signed by the president with the director of General Motors. The new vice-premier of the Belarusian state Petr Prokopovich is monitoring the new project. In the future, the company plans to assemble another brand - Cadillac. According to experts, the qualification level of the Belarusian staff will make it possible to implement this forward-looking plan.

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