Painting the hood: stages of execution, prices

The hood is part of the body of the car, when paintingwhich completely requires paint in a larger volume. However, in the case of minor defects, you can use a different method of restoration. Painting the hood can be carried out locally, which is much more profitable in financial terms. Moreover, it saves you time.

Stepwise staining of the hood

 hood painting

Such repairs take place in several stages:

  1. First, it is necessary to fill in the unevenness andapply primer. The ground area should be minimal, but the area to be restored must be completely covered. Wiping the soil, you should try not to go beyond the defect.
  2. Matte the surface with the help of emery P-1500. If the matte is insufficient, the paint will not be able to bond well with the surface, and this is fraught with its further peeling.
  3. When the surface is ready, you can start painting the hood of the car. Apply the paint in several layers.
  4. After the paint coat has dried, sand the transition area with P-2000 emery and polish it. During polishing, dust and dirt are eliminated from the surface, shagreen is adjusted.

Paint choice

If you are planning a local painting of the hood,it is necessary to choose the right paint for the repair work. To achieve the perfect color match is possible with the help of computer selection. To entrust this to an experienced autocolorist.

The price for painting the hood can be about5-10 thousand rubles. If there is no possibility to use the services of motor vehicles, this process can be carried out independently. In the case of using metallic, the primer layer should be painted smoothly, spraying the paint on the sides. Otherwise, sharp abrupt changes in paint can not be avoided. After each applied layer, it is necessary to dry the surface and wipe it with a napkin with antistatic effect.

The borders of the spot on the varnish can be removed ifUse a thinner for the transition, but to prevent varnish sloughing, the hood needs to be covered completely. This applies to acrylic enamel. If the defect is small, then the local painting of the hood is an ideal variant of the restoration of the car.

Elimination of chips before painting

car hood painting

The hood is the place that is most vulnerablethe appearance of chips. To leave without attention defects of such plan does not follow, as it will lead to occurrence of corrosion. If the paintwork is not completely removed, you can update the paint layer, but this will have to eliminate all the chips.

For this work it is necessary to prepare:

  • materials for polishing;
  • Painting tape;
  • match and a brush.

Sites with chips should be thoroughly washed,then apply a degreaser to them. To eliminate rust, you will need a zero skin. The edges of the chips are sealed with paint tape, after which it is possible to start cleaning the exfoliated paint particles. For this you need to take a coarser skin. The final stage is cleaning the area and re-degreasing.

Application of putty

local painting of the hood

For the painting of the hood, the putty, whichcan be used for steel elements. The composition is applied in a dense layer of 2-3 mm. Dry the surface with an industrial hair dryer. It is important not to allow the temperature to be exceeded. If it is above 70-75 ° C, cracks will form on the applied layer. Once the filler layer has dried, you can start grinding. Application of the last layer of filler is carried out after the end of grinding. He must completely hide all the defects on the part.

Application of soil

The best primer isepoxy, reactive or bicomponent mixture. If an independent painting of the hood is carried out, then it is necessary to dilute the primer according to the instructions. Mix the ingredients with a wooden stick. Apply primer with a spray gun from the edge to the center of the treated area.

In order to accelerate the drying process,use an infrared lamp, in natural conditions it will take at least 24 hours. After the primer layer has dried, you can start grinding with a wet or dry method.

Hood painting process

hood painting price

Before painting, it is necessary to preparepaint and varnish material. For this, the pigment must be diluted with a solvent according to the instructions. Typically, the pigment is applied in at least three layers. In the first layer it is necessary to add not more than half of the portion of the solvent that appears on the package. The drying of the base layer takes about 20 minutes. If the room is cool, the time can be doubled. The second layer should be applied as soon as possible. The third layer will be final.

Application of varnish

After the painting of the hood is over, you need to apply a layer of varnish to the surface. Painting is carried out in two layers:

  1. The first layer must again be made "dry" (dilute half a portion of the solvent).
  2. The second layer is applied as soon as the first one dries. It takes 5-25 minutes to dry the varnish.


It is recommended to carry out local painting onlywith certain skills, because this process is quite laborious. In order for the colors to match perfectly, the autocolorist service will be required. The price for painting the hood in the workshop is about 5-10 thousand rubles.

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