"Aston Martin DB9": test drive of the car, photos and reviews

"Aston Martin DB9" is the first modela company that is produced at one of the newest and most modern factories in Haydon (Warwickshire, England). Perhaps this is the best company in the world. It's no wonder that this car gets the best reviews.

aston martin db9

Briefly about the model

Aston Martin DB9 is a unique car. This is the first model of the company, based on the so-called vertical-horizontal platform. Thanks to it the design has turned out rigid and at the same time easy.

Interestingly, the work on this carbegan in the middle of 2000. The project began to develop several weeks after the post of the head of the concern was taken by Ulrich Betz. This man completely revised the company's development strategy, and it was he who decided to create a new platform that would become universal.

It was decided to base the aluminumThe spatial frame, which can be shortened or lengthened with the help of refinements. Thanks to this feature, a new opportunity has opened - to build different models of the same size on the same platform. Plus, it was decided to use unified brakes, suspension, transmission, wiring and other components. The car "Aston Martin DB9", a photo of which is presented in the article, was the first model on which all of the above was tried.

астон мартин дб9 photo

Design and interior

The exterior of the Aston Martin DB9 is unique. First of all, attention is attracted by a huge hood, the sides of which are decorated with expressive headlights, made in the form of a drop. Separately it is necessary to say about the bumper, which is equipped with a carbon-fiber splitter. But the main highlight, of course, is the radiator grille.

If you look at the car in profile, you cannotice a wide threshold and large wheel arches. The rear part with an expressive spoiler also looks attractive. Alloy wheels, headlights with halogen and xenon, LED optics, elegant wings - all this creates a unique image of the car.

And what is inside? Salon "Aston Martin DB9" looks really luxurious. First, there are no brilliant elements inside. All surfaces are matte, and of materials there are only aluminum, carbon, high-quality leather and natural wood.

Everything in the cabin is thought out to the last detail. There is a powerful Beosound audio system, satellite navigation, 2-zone climate control, heated sports seats and other systems with options that are available on all other more budget cars.

aston martin db9 2016


The "Aston Martin DB9" of the year 2016 has a verya powerful power unit under the hood: 6-liter, V-shaped, 12-cylinder - thanks to this engine, the car demonstrates tremendous dynamics. Not surprisingly, because the power of the motor is equal to 510 horsepower.

The maximum speed of the car is 295km / h. Up to hundreds of models can be accelerated in 4.6 seconds. Still at this machine the excellent ventilated brake system with carbon-ceramic disks. By the way, the engine works in tandem with the 6-speed automatic transmission Touchtronic II. It is worth noting the availability of an emergency braking system, as well as ABS, DSC, TC and EBD.

But the main highlight, of course, isadaptive suspension, equipped with several modes. If the driver has a desire, then he can easily change the nature of driving. For trips around the city is suitable standard. If the driver went to the track, it is better to go to the sport mode to realize all the speedy inclinations of the car.

aston martin db9 tuning

Basic equipment

Each of its test-drive "Aston Martin DB9" passes confidently. And this is not surprising, because everything is perfect in it.

And what about the equipment? It is also at the highest level, even in the basic configuration. There are all security systems, as well as front and side cushions. The instrument panel is trimmed with walnut wood, and the sports steering wheel is made of genuine leather. The seats are equipped with electric adjustment, heating and memory settings. External mirrors are easy to fold, they are also equipped with heating and electric drive.

Inside there is support for connecting your smartphone toBluetooth, tire pressure monitoring system, immobilizer, alarm, CZ, remote control, glass key, built-in size for Apple, AUX and USB input, even an umbrella in the trunk is attached.

And a potential buyer has the opportunity to choose a leather salon of any color from the proposed.

Additional options

In addition to the basic equipment, there is alsoadditional. It includes 5-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels, the main feature of which is their diamond turning. By the way, they are painted in the original graphite color. More brake calipers of various shades and a package of external details from carbon are offered.

It should be noted that in the basic version of AstonMartin "is sold with the layout of the seats 2 + 2. But since it's still a sports car, the rear row turned out to be purely symbolic. But for an additional fee, we offer a coupe version, that is, with 2 seats.

Individuals can also be installedtablets on the side thresholds and a powerful audio system with the technology of Icepower. Additional alarm sensors, a first aid kit, a rear-view camera, a smoker's kit and a package of carbon parts for the salon are also offered. But, in truth, the "Aston Martin DB9" car is also very attractive in the base set. Tuning of this kind to him to anything. Although this already depends on the taste of the potential buyer.

test drive aston martin db9

Cost and reviews

This car in a new condition and maximum configuration costs about 240 000 euros. But now you can find it in ads for sale in the used version, it will be much cheaper.

The 2007 model year, for example, will cost 4.5 million rubles: with a 5.9-liter 450-horsepower engine, in the maximum configuration and with a modest mileage of 15,000 kilometers. This is a fairly modest price for such a car.

What do people who own such a car say? Feedback, of course, positive. The car is great to drive, gives only the pleasure of driving the process and due to the comfort, which is different salon, a car and did not want to leave. The disadvantages are the consumption: about 25 liters per 100 kilometers. However, this super sports car class with a 6-liter engine, so it can not consume less.

In general, DB9 is the perfect combination of exquisite style, top quality and powerful characteristics.

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