Mazda Capella, six generations in thirty years

Popular worldwide car Mazda Capellawas produced by the Japanese firm Mazda Motor Corporation for thirty-two years, from 1970 to 2002. The car is more known under the name of Mazda 626. The model withstood the change of six generations, each of which did not introduce revolutionary changes in the technical characteristics of the car, but each modernization, however, was of a rather deep nature. The production of the Mazda Capella consisted of two modifications, a compact sedan and a coupe. Both models were manufactured from 1970 to 1974 and were mainly exported to the US. Rear-wheel drive car of the Japanese assembly with a good rotary engine capacity of 105 hp. was in demand by the American consumer.

mazda capella
In 1977, Mazda Capella passed the firstmodernization, and at the same time began the production of an updated car. The assembly of second-generation machines continued until 1982. In all countries, the car was exported under the name of Mazda 626, except for Great Britain (it went to the English market under the name Mazda Montrose). For the Japanese manufacturer of cars, the banks of the foggy Albion were attractive in terms of selling the original products. In the English car market Mazda Capella was delivered with the right-hand drive. The lots of cars were sent from the number made for the Japanese consumer, without any alteration and refinement.

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The third generation Mazda Capella was formed in1983 year. The export cars were still sold under the name of Mazda 626 to all European countries, and the Japanese car was sent to the American continent under the name of Ford Telstar, although Ford did not have a relationship in the production of Mazda. The third generation Mazda Capella was produced for four years, until 1987. Then the serial release of the next, fourth generation was launched. The basic platform GD, on which all these years Mazda has gathered, has changed the possibility of radical improvements of the car. As a result of the transformation, a modification of the Mazda Cronos was created.

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Mazda Capella fifth generation was produced with1994 to 1997, the difference of the car from previous modifications was purely conventional, the boundaries of the fourth and fifth generation were determined by the calendar factor. And here is the last, the sixth generation of Mazda Capella, the reviews on which cars were the best, began to be produced in 1997. The release lasted until 2002, and all cars were produced in the format of a sedan, hatchback and station wagon. After 1999, most cars were assembled with a station wagon or Wagon.

Mazda Chapel Interior

Increased demand for the Mazda Capella Wagondue primarily to the combination of cargo characteristics with a high level of comfort. The salon of the versatile person differed with leather seats, velor upholstery of door panels and a soft carpet covering of a floor.

The Mazda Capella Wagon was equipped with a powerfulfour-cylinder engine. At 170 hp the motor spent only about 7 liters of gasoline in the city mode and slightly more than 4 liters on the highway. The speed was 220 km / h. Also on the Mazda Capella Wagon was installed turbodiesel engine with a fuel consumption of 3.5 liters per 100 km. The diesel engine was always paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, and a petrol engine - with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The front suspension of the Mazda Capella Wagon was an independent lever MacPherson, the rear - Strut Type with reinforced freight spiral springs.

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