"Aquagel" - divorce or the truth? Customer Reviews

"Aquagel" is a protector thatcan be used not only for glass, but also for the body of a vehicle. Many marketing companies claim that such a composition can protect the car from dirt, snow, rain and water. But is it? Someone is satisfied with such a product, but some do not. It is worth noting that the "Aquagel", reviews of which are not only positive, is sold in many countries. However, when buying such a tool, it is better to contact the official representative. This will protect yourself from buying a substandard product.

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What is included

Most often, official representatives can purchase a kit that includes:

  • Capsule with the substance "Aquagel".
  • Sponge.
  • Special applicator.

All this is necessary for the correct application of the composition on the surface of the vehicle.

How Aquagel works: reviews

Is this divorce or not? Judging is difficult. Especially if you do not know how these substances work. After application, the agent forms a sufficiently dense bond with the surface molecules. As a result, a kind of protective layer is formed. This is exactly what the information printed on the package says.

In addition, the totalarea of ​​contact throughout the surface. When a drop of water hits, for example, the treated glass, it gradually rolls down. At the moment, many substances are known that can not dissolve in water and come into contact with it, as well as with various mechanical mixtures and water-based solutions. It should be noted that the composition of the Aquagel is not completely disclosed by the manufacturers. Perhaps this is what caused the negative feedback about such products.

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What does Aquagel contain for cars?

Reviews show that this tool in somecases are still effective. Although the exact composition is unknown, many motorists suggest that fatty acids serve as the basis for Aquagel. After all, these substances are not able to come into contact with water. They also do not mix with various solutions and mixtures on its basis. Such substances create a kind of moisture repellent layer on the surface.

In addition, many believe that the "Aquagel"for auto contains also free radicals, which ensure the adhesion of the components of the agent to various hard surfaces. The applied layer of car care product "Aquagel", the composition of which is not known exactly, has an insignificant thickness, and also does not undergo abrasive wear. According to the manufacturer, the product has excellent water-repellent properties.

What affects efficiency?

How long does Aquagel last? Negative feedback, as well as some positive comments from car owners, show that sometimes the effectiveness of the facility is significantly reduced. This indicator is influenced by several factors:

  • Temperature gradient.
  • Chemical effects.
  • The time of free radical action.
  • Intensity of wear.

There are certain rules, compliancewhich will extend the life of the composition. As the reviews of car owners show, if after applying the surface was not subjected to mechanical wear and the effects of temperature fluctuations, then the coating will serve for a long time.

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How long does the coating last?

As the reviews show, usually Aquagel servesnot less than 6 months. However, if the coating is constantly exposed to wear, the surface of the windshield will be more often contaminated. In the end, this will require frequent inclusion of janitors. Which, in turn, leads to a reduction in the duration of the protection.

In the winter, many road services toReduce costs, sprinkle roads with a mixture of salt and sand. These components are quite powerful active metals and abrasives. This is done to remove snow and ice from the roadway. However, such substances adversely affect the protective coating. As a result, the duration of any free radical is significantly reduced. This also reduces the life of the tread. In the winter period, there are also temperature differences. Which also has a negative effect on the protective layer. Many car owners have noticed: "Aquagel" without proper car care will not last long.

Is it possible to buy a fake

Alas, today there is a risk of buying a counterfeit fromChinese manufacturers. At a price such a protector differs significantly from the original. Naturally, low cost attracts car owners. However, there are not many components in such products that are present in the original Aquagel product. As a result, according to the manufacturer, there is no proper effect.

If desired, forgery can be easily distinguished from the original. The main thing is to carefully examine the packaging, pay attention to the cost and components.

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How to distinguish the original from forgery

Many car owners in their reviews indicate the presence of certain factors that make it possible to distinguish fake "Aquagel" from the original. On what it is necessary to pay attention?

  • Capsule. When choosing "Aquagel" carefully consider the packaging in which the protective composition is located. If this is a fake, then the capsule will look less presentable, and in some cases - hang out.
  • Sponge. If the packaging has not raised any doubts, the next thing you should pay attention to is the sponge. Using a quality product allows you to significantly wash the surface. Therefore, the sponge should be thick and strong enough. If the "Aquagel" is counterfeit, it will be very thin, and if desired, it can be easily torn off.
  • Film. This is another indicator of quality. As evidenced by the reviews, if the remedy is not original, then after its application, a whitish film forms on the surface of the glass. Not only that this unpleasant phenomenon spoils the appearance of the vehicle, so it still has to be disposed of. To remove the coating, you must thoroughly wash the car. But even this can not help. Drivers say that often after water procedures the surface of the vehicle is covered with divorces. In this situation, you can contact the seller to recover damages. So "Aquagel" should be chosen correctly.

Promises of the manufacturer

The manufacturer refers "Aquagel" tomiracle-tools that have unique properties and have a tremendous effect. But in most cases, such statements are only a marketing move that can significantly increase demand and increase sales. "Aquagel" is no exception here. What does the producer promise:

  • The composition significantly improves visibility in bad weather conditions.
  • Does not leave on the surface of the windshield salt spots.
  • It has no paraffins, waxes and silicones.
  • Resistant to road reagents.
  • After application, "Aquagel" adheres to glass molecules.

And what do people who bought this product say? Read about it below.

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What does Aquagel provide?

Divorce or truth is the promise that givesmanufacturer? First of all, we dispel the myth that the agent does not adhere to glass molecules. According to experts in the field of physics and chemistry, this simply can not be. After all, glass itself is amorphous. In other words, it does not enter into various chemical reactions with other substances. In addition, the glass does not have a crystalline structure. The bonding occurs as a result of the filling of all microcracks on the surface with the tool.

As the reviews show, "Aquagel" does not possessresistance to various road reagents. Those substances that are used to fight ice and snow react with free radicals. As a result, the coating loses its properties, and its service life is greatly reduced.

What was true? The fact that the composition of the product does not contain silicones, paraffins or waxes. Also, the owners of vehicles confirm that Aquagel, the instruction to which is attached always, does not leave salt marks and stains on the glass after the application. However, to improve visibility, the facility, according to them, is not capable. However, due to the fact that moisture quickly disappears from the windshield, the review significantly improves.

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How to use

As manufacturers say, their product is simplyirreplaceable. The main thing is to apply "Aquagel" correctly. Is it divorce or is it true? As follows from all above-stated, only some items from the declared stand up to criticism. What do car owners say about the features of applying the composition? The reviews confirm that it's really easy to use. To begin with, clean the surface of the glass, removing not only dirt, but also resin stains and insect remains. For degreasing it is necessary to use special products without silicone. The glass needs to be wiped dry.

After this, you can apply "Aquagel". The capsule must be turned down with a brush, and its wings - bent before opening the ampoule. When the product appears on the brush, the composition must be quickly applied to the surface of the glass, making vertical or horizontal movements. At the edges of the area being treated, do not forget to leave a small distance of one centimeter. Similarly, you need to walk three times. When the product begins to dry, you can process the edges.


A few minutes after applicationthe surface must be polished. You need to do this with a paper napkin. Remains of the composition must be removed from the rubber and varnished parts of the vehicle.

Cost of the protective agent

How could you make sure, "Aquagel"the use of which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to protect the windshield from rain and improve visibility in bad weather conditions, has both negative and positive sides. But even if he had no minuses, not every car owner could use it. And all because not everyone can afford such a luxury. The cost of Aquagel is more than a thousand rubles. In this case, the capsule is designed only for a single application.

Of course, there are cheaper analogs. But, as a rule, these are counterfeits from Chinese manufacturers. Their cost is much lower, but after the application of such compounds on the windshield can form a film that not only spoils the appearance of the vehicle, but also worsens visibility.

Is it possible to replace "Aquagel": reviews

Divorce or the truth is that this tool canreplace? As practice shows, some compounds have the same properties as Aquagel. However, not everyone knows how to prepare such a tool. Because of the high cost, not every car owner can purchase Aquagel for his car. Divorce or the truth that the remedy is as effective as producers say about it is not so important now. The main thing is that the price of pleasure is great. But you can make a special composition with your own hands, which will serve as an excellent alternative to the untwisted novelty. As the reviews show, the preparation will require a minimum set:

  • Non-woven cloth, napkins or cotton wool.
  • A solution of white spirit.
  • Paraffin candles.

In the tank you need to pour the white spirit. Paraffin candles must be rubbed and then poured into the liquid. The components are thoroughly mixed. The composition is ready. It remains to put it on the windshield. Only you need to do this very quickly.

When the alcohol from the composition is completely evaporated,the glass needs to be polished. For this purpose, you can use napkins, paper or non-woven cloth. Polishing the glass is necessary until it becomes completely transparent.

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Wax shampoo

"Aquagel" for many car ownersis an expensive treat. Many people try to replace it and use wax shampoos. However, such formulations have properties that only impair visibility.

Often after using this shampoo onThe windshield appears with streaks, glare and distortion. At night, such defects can play a cruel joke. Therefore, when choosing a remedy, you should be careful.


Today there is a huge selection of differentmeans for cars that can protect it from moisture, dirt and the impact of road reagents. "Aquagel" for glasses in this respect is considered the best. Due to the unique composition of the product, it can significantly improve the visibility even in bad weather conditions. However, for the duration of the protective layer affects some factors. This must be taken into account before applying Aquagel. Is the divorce or truth all the statements of the manufacturer? This question can only be answered exactly by someone who has already tried this product on their own car. As the reviews show, some of the promises made by the manufacturer were in fact just advertising.

Of course, every car owner decides to buylike product or not. Someone is trying to replace it with improvised means. And someone mistakenly buys a fake "Aquagel", which is of poor quality. As a result, there are negative comments on this composition. In fact, those who tried the original "Aquagel", negative feedback is extremely rare. Basically people were satisfied with the result.

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