History of Honda models: Shuttle, Civic Shuttle, Fit Shuttle

Minivan is a luxury carcapacity. They are usually equipped with three rows of seats. Their body is much higher and more than a car. The number of passengers who can carry a minivan is eight. Today such cars are equipped with attractive design and a decent set of options. They are chosen by large families and those who need large volumes of luggage compartment. A bright representative of cars of this class are minivans Honda Shuttle and other models of this manufacturer.

A short digression into the history

The first cars with similar capacity wereinvented at the beginning of the First World War. The father of minivans is the car Alfa 40/60 HP Aerodinamica, developed by the Italian company A.L.F.A. The first official minivan is the American Stout Scarab.

The most famous model with a similar bodybecame the Italian Fiat Multipla. It is believed he was ahead of his time. Mass buyers were not ready to acquire such machines in the 50-70s of the twentieth century.

The real flowering of minivans came in the 80-90syears. In pursuit of the buyer to manufacture minivans are starting large manufacturers. There are Renault Espace, Dodge Caravan, Chevrolet Astro, Volkswagen Caravelle (T3), Toyota Model F, Honda Shuttle.

Honda Shuttle

Honda Shuttle - a car class minivans withthree rows of passenger seats, designed for the American consumer based on the European model Honda Odyssey. A distinctive feature of the car is an unusual transformation of the cabin. At Honda Shuttle the second and third rows of seats are folded, which forms a huge luggage space behind the first row.

Honda Shuttle

The car is front-wheel drive. It was equipped with two types of engines. The first - a volume of 2.2 liters. The second - 2.3 liters. Gearbox - automatic. Equipped with air conditioning and an additional option in the form of cruise control.

Due to the elongated body and located at an angle of 45 degrees of the front pillars, the car has excellent aerodynamic properties.

No matter how good this model is,popular with buyers, she did not use. In 1997, the manufacturer decided to reduce the number of models produced in Europe. A little while later the production ceased altogether. It happened in 1999. The successor to it was the minivan Stream, which entered the European market.

Honda Civic Shuttle

In 1987, Honda engineers create a new minivan,taking as a basis the "Civic" model. In comparison with the previous versions, the Civic Shuttle became larger and received an all-wheel drive system. By the car there were fog lights, electric, cassette, audisystem, kenguryatnik.

Completed model different motors. There is a volume of 1.3 liters with a capacity of 83 liters per second and 1.5 liters, giving 100 liters per second. The main working unit was 1.6 liters, yielding 120 liters per second.

Honda Civic Shuttle

The main distinguishing feature of the Honda Civic Shuttlefrom other models were its off-road qualities. When designing the gearbox, another low gear was created, which is used as a replacement for the lowering range in the transmission.

Until now, the Honda-Civic Shuttle is being sold with frenzied popularity, because it combined dynamics, versatility, practicality and excellent technical characteristics.

Honda Fit Shuttle

Continuing the development of minivans, Honda inIn 2011, launched a line of Fit Shuttle, created on the basis of the most popular hatchback Honda-Fit. The machine is equipped with a working unit of 1.5 liters and a hybrid - 1.3 liters. The front-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles are produced.

Fit Shuttle is characterized by increased economy, large luggage space, ergonomics and excellent road behavior.

Honda Fit Shuttle

The car behaves well when driving on city streets. Meets the highest requirements in the field of security. It is equipped with airbag, ABS, ESP.

The company did not stop with the release of these models. Under the logo of Honda there are still many cars worthy of attention of buyers.

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