What is tuning? Car tuning - external and internal

In our country, real connoisseurs of alterationsThere are not so many cars yet. What is tuning? This word is understood as the finalization of a machine for a particular person, in which its needs and wishes are realized, and the car becomes the only one of its kind.

Perfection of the vehicle limit, probably not. Repairs can touch all the constituent parts of the car. Let's talk about this in more detail.

What is tuning?

By this concept is meant givinga car of a unique individual kind. Naturally, when they buy a car, they choose a model that will suit the future owner. Therefore, in principle, the general view is usually liked by him. However, later I want the vehicle to be different from many similar ones.

what is tuning

Thus, car owners with their car stand out from the general mass, sadly standing, for example, in a traffic jam.

In modern tuning are three areas:

  • external;
  • interior;
  • Mechanics.

External revisions

In another way, external tuning is called styling,that in translation from English means "stylization". This species is immediately noticeable to everyone around and is considered the most spectacular. There are no mechanical alterations here. Mainly airbrushing, various highlights, air intakes, toning, spoilers and much more are added. Thanks to this car gets its own unique look.

In addition to bright appearance, such improvements canto benefit from the operation of the vehicle. For example, xenon headlights significantly improve visibility on the road when driving in the dark, and light alloy wheels reduce the load on the engine and transmission, thus saving fuel. Aerodynamic body kit can increase the handling of the car.

Internal improvements

This type of alteration refers to the decoration insidecar. The tuning of the salon includes the replacement of the front panel, the installation of a sports steering wheel and seats, the fitting of armchairs and the salon with leatherette or natural leather, the addition of a variety of shelves and even a retractable table that is perfect for fans of long trips.

The tuning of the cabin also includes installationaudio systems, monitors, noise isolation, alarm systems and various systems, including anti-theft. To achieve one hundred percent uniqueness, some car owners install here even neon and LED strips. All this primarily serves for the convenience of being in the car.

However, for sports style loverstuning will be radically different. To enhance the practicality behind the wheel with comfort in this case are ready to part. Improvements will be aimed at achieving similarity with a sports car. And they can sometimes not even have the plating on the passenger seats. But the numerous sensors and buttons on the front panel, as well as safety belts, demonstrate the desire of the driver to achieve maximum power of the car, as well as the ability to perfectly control his iron friend.

In addition, the lack of seats or just the platingon them does not mean at all about neglect of passengers. No. Such modifications are aimed at reducing the weight of the machine, thereby improving the mechanical performance. And the pipes, sometimes located right in the cabin, which at the average inhabitant cause at least perplexity, in fact are a safety framework designed to strengthen the body and protect the life of the pilot, if there is an accident on the road.

car tuning


In fact, improving the mechanical characteristics of a vehicle, that's what tuning really is. Here distinguish two separate directions of improvements:

  • power unit;
  • running.


In the motor, all efforts are mainly directed toachieving the maximum increase in the number of horsepower, thereby creating even greater power at high speed. The acceleration time decreases, and the engine itself becomes more dynamic.

Tuning the car involves the use of one of several ways to improve the performance of the engine or all at once.

When you select the increase in torque on the crankshaft, a cylinder boring is made for a larger piston.

tuning salon

On the turbocharged unit acceleration increasesby feeding more boost. Thus, the speed increases, and with them the pressure. But here it is necessary to take into account the limits that are set by the BU, since with an overabundance the control unit will seize it. However, this limit can also be increased, but it is reasonable, because otherwise there is a risk of completely ruining the motor.

Subtle manipulations on the motor

If the torque is moved to highturns and mount a large-format camshaft in the motor, it is very easy to lose them at the bottom. It may turn out to be a bad purge. However, with a set of turns, when the cylinders fill well, the torque will increase, and this will increase the engine power. To adjust the uneven operation of the unit, you will need to set gear ratios in the transmission. All these are complex manipulations. But at the finish, if for work is taken, for example, "Lada", tuning will turn it into a car, which will have a pronounced sporting character.


Making the suspension, the developers mosttry to achieve maximum comfort when traveling. However, far from all motorists like this ride. To obtain more dynamic characteristics, convenience is often willing to sacrifice. Tuning machines in this case can also be varied.

tuning cars

For example, the shock absorbers are more rigid. Usually they are gas-filled, and they can be adjusted. With some expensive shock absorbers they are set up sitting right in the cabin, armed with special equipment.

In addition, the suspension springs are replaced, and to reduce the inclination of the body at the corners - rigid stabilizers of lateral stability.

Choosing wheels, usually prefer low-profile sports tires. To them, forged wheels are installed. You can choose a cast, but at high speed they can split.

The most daring developments in the running

external tuning

Sometimes they decide to completely replace the suspension. However, this work is not easy and not cheap.

On the dynamics of auto primarily affects thetransmission. And the main role in this is given to the CP. Generally speaking, if you correctly configure the gear ratios in the box, the car will become fast and without the rest of the tuning.

The clutch is also extremelyresponsible choice. Its main function is to transfer power from the engine to the transmission, mitigate the jerks when switching gears and sudden acceleration.

Also to increase the power of cars are twodriving wheels and a self-locking inter-wheel differential. If the work of the wheels in rotation is very different, it will not give a strong slip, but will continue to rotate the driving two.

Auto tuning

Many people think that in order for a carthere was a spectacular figure, you must certainly go to a special salon. But this is not necessary, especially as tuning prices can be quite high. Drawing a drawing on only one detail in Moscow costs from twenty thousand. However, much can be done easily and independently.

internal tuning

For airbrushing use special stencils,which create proportions. More subtle moments, such as shadows, gradations of light, reflections are drew separately. If small mistakes are obtained when applying the pattern, then they are corrected by means of varnishing.

Often, performing external tuning, change the thresholds. It is very easy to realize this, since the body does not need to be drilled. The thresholds are simply fixed in place with the screws that are included in the kit. In order not to make a mistake in choosing thresholds, you need to pay attention to the company's reputation when buying, as well as the material from which they are made. Fiberglass is hardly suitable for our roads. But ABS-plastic and the more metal thresholds will be an excellent reliable option, although the latter needs care, since the metal is prone to rust.
A separate topic included in the tuning of cars,is an additional highlight. And the question here is not only about wheel disks. It is interesting to look at the light coming from under the car's bottom. But also they are sometimes supplied with a radiator, headlights and some body parts. Light makes the car really unique and extremely expressive. For such illumination, conductive light cables, various lamps or neon are used. The last option is easiest to install.

frets tuning

To decorate the wheels of wheels, it is convenient to buyready kits, which includes current stabilizers. It will also require corrugation, wire, ties for fasteners, sealant, and, of course, a jack with heads for loosening bolts. After disassembling the wheel, the diode tape is wound onto a previously degreased casing, cut off and fixed with a sealant. Then connect the wire to it, isolate this place and place all the wiring in the corrugated pipe. Wiring leads to the stabilizer.

For tuning headlights, except diode illumination,use the tint of the light emitter. In this case, you will need to purchase a colorless sealant, an RGB-type LED strip, gloves, napkins and a headlamp solution. First they are taken out of the body, dismantled, then attached with a sealant tape and connected to the wiring of the car.

At the end, the lantern is glued, left for a day, after which it can be inserted into the body of the car.

You can just cram the lights. For this, a special paint is used. A balloon is better to pre-heat a few minutes, attaching it to a battery or putting it in warm water. Spraying occurs quickly, at a distance of thirty centimeters. Apply one layer, and after it dries - the second, according to the instructions.

Very often such improvements can be found on domestic cars, such as the "Lada". Tuning turns inexpensive models into unique unique and sometimes funny cars.


From the article you found out what car tuning is, what it is like and its most common types, which are easy to carry out independently.

Redesigns can significantly improve the appearance of the car, its specifications and data. They say that there is no limit to perfection. Probably, doing their own car, many will agree with this.

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