Lada "Tarzan" - Russian beast

In the 97th year of the last century,a new miracle of the Russian car industry - Lada "Tarzan". The developers of the model managed to combine the cross-country "Niva" and the design of "Samara" in one unit. The original and comfortable SUV with a hatchback body was not equal.

Vehicle Features

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Lada "Tarzan" was a body from the VAZ 2108 andthe chassis from Viva Niva. And from the latter were borrowed elements of the suspension, the chassis and gearbox. It should be noted that almost all the details of the tuned "Tarzan" were serial and produced for several years. The exception was the frame with an extended cardan shaft.

Thanks to this design, the engineers achievedstrength and durability of Lada. At the same time, the cabin was completely soundproofed, thus, trips on this SUV have become much more comfortable. The extended frame, coupled with an independent suspension, contributed to a soft and smooth running. The driver can adjust the suspension individually according to the rigidity. Now the car perfectly keeps on the road even at maximum speeds. On all wheels of a novelty disc brakes are established (though at "Samara" and "Niva" they were drum-type).

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The first generation of the novelty was equipped with 3 typesbodies. But the company "AvtoVAZ" did not plan to launch the Lada "Tarzan" car into mass production. This jeep was made exclusively to order. Therefore, buyers could choose on which body to put the all-wheel drive.

SUV Design

External appearance of sports-off-road carspretty attractive. Huge wheels, a massive frame, a unique design of the details of protection have added a novelty to elegance and aggressiveness. Not surprisingly, when you see such a car there is a real delight with the public.

In 1999, off-road vehicles of the family "Tarzan-2" appeared, all the fundamental difference which consisted in using the bodies of the "tenth" family.

"Tarzan-2" - the continuation of the legend

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Two years later, in 1999, AvtoVAZ developedthe second generation of the legendary Lada car "Tarzan". Now the car is manned by a body from VAZ 2111 type "station wagon". It is also made to order by Lada-Consul. The production was closed in 2006. To date, on the roads of Russia about 100 Lada Tarzan cars are traveling. The price for them was several times more than the serial station wagon.

Technical characteristics of the renewed VAZ

The second series of Lada "Tarzan", in contrast topredecessor, was not hung with various plastic lotions. The machine was fitted with wide 15-inch wheels, and the engine and transmission were from VAZ 2130. The engine had modest parameters - with a volume of 1.8 liters developed 82 horsepower. But here's a family option, Lada Tarzan 2 did not fit. Designers added relief wheel arches, footrests in the form of pipes, as well as stylized grilles on the sides. The novelty was extremely high and had great patency. She perfectly crossed various fords, pits and bumps.

Not surprisingly, many car enthusiasts want to buy this car.

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