KAMAZ "Typhoon": brief review of the model

KAMAZ "Typhoon" debuted in 2011. What is this technique with such a strange name? The history of these cars began back in Soviet times - in the early eighties of the last century, when the Ministry of Defense ordered the military-industrial complex to develop armored vehicles capable of carrying large loads for special forces. In this program came the monsters of the Soviet automotive industry, such as KAMAZ, MAZ, the Urals. According to the requirements of customers, the armored cars had to have unified interchangeable nodes, but the collapse of the country destroyed the project. However, the developments acquired at that time were useful in 2010, when it was decided to create an armored car for landing units. The first serious attempt to take a step in this direction was KAMAZ Typhoon.

kamaz typhoon

This model attracts special attentiona non-standard body, the shape of which resembles a hexagonal nut. The bottom of the car is made in the form of the letter V. KAMAZ "Typhoon" is equipped with composite ceramic granite, which, in combination with the original bottom form, can withstand explosions up to 8 kg of TNT equivalent.

Currently, severalPlatforms, which will serve as the basis for creating a whole line of models. These will be military vehicles for various purposes, with a variety of equipment and equipment.

kamaz 63968 typhoon

Armored car KAMAZ "Typhoon" is planningproduce with a body and modular body, as well as with the central location of the power unit. The seven-liter engine in combination with a turbo-supercharging differs capacity in 450 l. with. The fuel consumption is 35 liters of diesel fuel per hundred kilometers. The engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox and, in combination with an independent suspension of each of the six driving wheels, gives the KAMAZ-63968 "Typhoon" to the terrain, which has no analogues in the world. The possibility of adjusting the tire self-pouring system directly from the driver's cab helps not only with wheel damage, but also during the overcoming of difficult-to-reach areas.

The main criterion for estimating the KAMAZ vehicle"Typhoon" has become the protection of this unique vehicle. The developers clothed it in ceramic armor (ceramics much lighter than similar armored steel), which is able to withstand bullets fired from a large machine gun from a distance of 200 meters. The driver's cabin is equipped with armored glass (the weight of such glass is 300 kg / m2), which are also capable of protecting against shots from the mentioned weapons.

armored car kamaz typhoon

Typhoons are planned to be produced inauxiliary versions, namely as fire trucks, minesweepers, field engineer search engines, pontoons, evacuators. Combat variants serve for the operational transfer of special forces. In addition, modifications are envisaged for the armored car in question, intended for the transport of anti-aircraft missile systems and artillery systems.

According to the designers, in the car KAMAZ"Typhoon" is almost no serial nodes and elements, everything was developed "from scratch." I would like to hope that the most successful solutions will be applied in civilian equipment.

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