Thermostat "Kalina". How to change the thermostat on "Kalina"

The most important link in the cooling system of anyThe car is a thermostat. Each mechanism is responsible for its functions. The thermostat in this case monitors the temperature regime of the entire system. In this article we will consider in more detail the specified device, and also we will describe how to change the thermostat on "Kalina".

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Product Features

The essence of the mechanism of this adaptation isThe fact that it opens and closes the valve, which moves the coolant. Thanks to this function, the engine is protected from overheating, and in the winter season it is possible to save in fuel consumption and time, which is spent to warm up the car. The "Kalina" thermostat starts to open at a temperature mode of 85 ° C, and is fully open when the needle rises to 100 ° C.

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Engine overheating

This concept is important to know in this case. What is engine overheating and how dangerous is it? The answer to this question is simple and understandable. Overheating is something that should be avoided, but occurs mainly due to a faulty thermostat. This should not be forgotten.

Determination of a broken thermostat

This can be done according to some criteria, everyone should know:

  • Significantly increased time spent on warming up the engine. It's hard not to notice.
  • Increased temperature and, as a result, engine overheating.
    how to change the thermostat on Kalina

Diagnostic Methods

It is best to monitor the situation and tryas often as possible to check the specified device. The question immediately arises as to how to check the "Kalina" thermostat. Experienced car owners and car dealers distinguish two main methods of diagnostics:

  • The essence of the first method is thatCheck the nozzle when the machine is running. It is not difficult to do this. After a couple of minutes of engine operation, the nozzle must remain cold. Hence it can be concluded that if the specified part becomes warmer, it means that it has not completely closed, as a result of which there is a malfunction, which must be eliminated as soon as possible. Also, you should know that at a temperature of 85-90 ° C, the nozzle must reach a hot state. If this does not happen, then it is in a faulty condition.
  • The second method is based on verificationthermostat work at home. This is also an uncomplicated method. Here it is necessary to disconnect and get the thermostat "Kalina". After this, put it in a container with water and put it to boil. If the thermostat has opened at a high boiling temperature, then it is in order. If something went wrong, then it can be safely replaced.

How to change the thermostat on "Kalina"? Required tools and process description

If a malfunction is detected and a decision is made to change the device itself, then this process will require the following:

- Thermostat "Kalina" itself;

- Allen keys on 12, 13;

- Sealant, it is desirable in this case to use silicone;

- screwdriver in the form of a cross;

- a container for a cooling liquid with a capacity of 5 liters.

If you replace it yourself, if you do this for the first time, try to do the work in the following sequence:

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1. Drain part of the coolant.

2. Remove the air filter. To do this, unscrew the two screws located in the upper part and the nut located on the side of the engine compartment. Find the recirculation valve on the filter housing. It also needs to be removed. All tubes inside the valve should be moved aside so that they do not interfere. After that, continue working with the air sensor, in which you need to loosen the clamp and get the air hose. To remove the air filter you need to apply a little effort.

3. Next, loosen the clamps using a 8-mm wrench and a cross-head screwdriver. After this, remove the four hoses. If the system was sufficiently pumped, then a lot of liquid will not come out.

4. Then unscrew the nut on the thermostat cover and disconnect the mains lead. In this paper, you should use the key to 12.

5. Remove the pin from the surface and remove the nut from the bottom. By loosening and applying force, try to get the thermostat. Here you need the key to 13.

6. After all done, be sure to clean the place of dirt accumulated there. On a clean and dry surface of the seat, it is necessary to apply a layer of sealant and apply a paper gasket.

7. The sealant should crystallize, wait 5-10 minutes.

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8. Then put a new thermostat, following the same path, only in the opposite direction. The main thing - do not forget to rearrange the temperature sensor, which was in the old mechanism.

9. Check that all hoses and nipples are properly connected and add the required amount of liquid.

10. Start the engine and inspect it for leaks. If they are not, then you have done the work correctly, but if there is, then carefully check the entire mechanism and tighten the clamps.

After the thermostat has been replaced with the Lada "Kalina", you should start the car again. When it moves, it is necessary to check the temperature level. It should be around 90 ° C.

How to determine the best thermostat for "Kalina"

Before changing this device,it is necessary to solve the problem of its correct choice. When buying this product, the first thing to look at is what it is made of. After all, a bad and poor-quality device can, after a while, simply become corrosion, which will cause a lot of trouble. It is best to use a thermostat made of brass or stainless steel. The basis of the hull is the most important factor of choice.

Also on the question of how much the thermostat costs onKalina, you can answer quite simply. The price for the specified device is acceptable and everyone can afford (from 300 to 430 rubles, depending on the brand of the manufacturer).

The result

Having become acquainted with all possible indicators and technology of replacement of the faulty thermostat, you can confidently take care of the safety of your car.

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