SUV "Hyundai": specifications, photos and reviews

In recent years, the automotive market hasactively replenished with new models. And manufacturers like to surprise their fans with unusual solutions. So, for example, about 15 years ago no one could have thought that the SUV "Hyundai" would appear. But to date, there are many crossovers produced by this company. And it's worth talking about each model separately.

SUV Hyundai

The most famous model

Which SUV "Hyundai" is rightfully consideredthe most popular? That's right, it's Tuscon. And last year (February 17, 2015) the third generation SUV "Hyundai-Tussan" appeared. This is an original ultra-modern crossover, which boasts an excellent build quality. The third generation even at first glance seems much more modern, technological and effective, unlike its predecessors.

The main decoration of this machine is a falshradiatorlattice. Three chrome stripes pass along its entire width. Very successfully in the sidewalls of the grating integrated optics. It looks really modern and beautiful. And the image is supplemented with graceful running lights.

But I do not want to focus much onappearance. The interior of the crossover is also interesting. A multifunctional steering wheel is especially attractive. The central console developers have compiled very successfully - it fits perfectly with the ultra-modern instrument panel. All readings are read as conveniently as possible. It is worth noting that due to the presence of a multimedia center it turns out to manage the owner's phone due to Bluetooth. A little below the touch screen is the climate control unit.

And finally about quality. A new SUV "Hyundai" can boast of them. Despite the fact that the interior uses plastic, everything looks very neat. And the fabric was used good. By the way, a salon is offered, in which the original leather is dominated by the finishing material. But this is for a fee.

hendai SUV


The "Tuscany" is quite good technicalindicators. It should be noted that the car is offered with five different engines - 135 and 176 liters. from. (these are gasoline units), as well as 115, 136 and 184 liters. from. (diesel). The last motor of the above is equipped with a turbocharged dynamic boost.

And the chassis of the car is completely independent. The front posts are "McPherson", and the rear - a multi-link construction.


This SUV "Hyundai" is a successorthe above-mentioned Tussan model. To create the IX-35, the developers took three years and the amount of 225 million dollars. Manufacturers initially wanted to create not just a crossover, but a worthy competitor for the legendary SUVs. And the result was a car that not only replaced the notorious "Tussan", but even became better than him.

Appearance was very elegant, and everythingbecause the developers followed the concept of flowing lines. But at the same time the machine looks very powerful and sporty. First of all, a person, looking at this crossover, notices a hexagonal, chrome-covered radiator grille. It, in turn, is complemented by spectacular air intakes. Finish the image of the relief bends of the hood. But the main highlight is head optics. The headlights go a little to the outstanding wings of the car.

new SUV henday


Well, what else can this Hendaye boast of? The off-roader IX-35, produced after 2013, can boast of quite good engines. In Russia, a 2-liter 150 liter engine is available. from. and diesel engines for 136 and 184 liters. from. It is interesting that the engines working on the DT are equipped with a system that recirculates the exhaust gases during the reduced pressure. This makes the SUV not only economical, but also environmentally friendly. By the way, crossovers are offered both with "automatic" and with "mechanics" (everywhere - 6 speeds).

And this off-road car is quite goodequipment. The basic configuration offers AUX and USB connectors, music control (located on the steering wheel), heated all seats, steering wheel adjustment, electric mirrors (also equipped with heating), electric windows and air conditioning. If a person wants more options, then he will have to pay extra. But it will receive climate control, cruise, light and rain sensors, heated steering wheel, panoramic roof (there will be even a hatch), bi-xenon optics and much more.

hendai SUVs lineup


This is another Hyundai SUV that deservesattention. Otherwise it is still known as Veracruz. This model is produced since 2007. The car is created on a platform, taken from Hyundai Santa Fe (about this machine will be told a little later).

The IX-55 is a spacious off-road vehicle, calculatedon seven. A great car for lovers of long trips. It is interesting that this is a new, independent model, and not an updated modification of any predecessor. Because the design was so unusual. Some elements of the exterior of the developers took from SUVs produced by the company "Lexus" and "Infiniti."

The interior boasts an excellentaudio system, leather interior, cruise control and expensive wooden panels. And this is the basic equipment! As additional options are proposed parktronic, a large number of cushions, sensors, etc. But most importantly - this is the behavior of this machine off-road. This car does not get bad roads, pits, potholes and potholes. And this is its main plus.

Technical indicators

The IX-55 exists in two different versions. The first one is 3.0 CRDI AT. The maximum speed of this car is 190 kilometers per hour, and acceleration to a hundred takes him 10.7 seconds. The working volume of the engine is 2959, and the capacity is 239 liters. from. The flow rate is 9.4 liters of fuel in a mixed cycle per 100 km.

The second modification is 3.8 AT. The maximum speed is the same. But the overclocking to a hundred takes much less time - only 8.3 seconds. The working volume is also larger - 3778. And the power is 260 liters. from. The consumption is slightly higher than in the previous case - 9.6 liters.

Another of the characteristics can be noted the presence of EBS, ABS, ESP, as well as a dual amplifier.

 SUV henday tussan

Hyundai Santa Fe

Now you should tell about this Hyundai car. Off-road vehicles, the model range of which is quite diverse, have their own peculiarities. And in the case of Santa Fe, the main feature is a rich package, smooth running, as well as luxury and convenience. Due to these qualities, the model is often compared with different American representatives.

Strongly attention is expressed by the headoptics. And in general, the design is very good. As well as the interior! It resembles the interior of a business-class car. The eye rushes about how well the instruments fit together, and the instrument panel looks very ergonomic in general. Only the high-quality materials were used in decoration. Inside there are even panels made "under the tree." In general, a spectacular car - not without reason it enjoys such popularity.

hendai SUVs with a run


Initially, only two gasoline unitscould boast of "Hyundai-Santa Fe". The off-road vehicle was equipped with only a 2-liter 136-horsepower engine and a V-shaped "six" of 179 liters. from. Its volume was 2.7 liters. The first motor from the listed worked only under the control of the manual gearbox - they were equipped with only front-wheel-drive modifications. And more powerful units were already equipped with "automatic". A little later the engine line was replenished with a 16-valve 2.4-liter 150-horsepower 4-cylinder engine.

But these are the characteristics of those models thatwere issued at first. Then there was a turbodiesel 2.2-liter engine, producing 197 liters. from. Due to this engine, the car accelerates to hundreds of kilometers in just 9.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the model with this motor is 190 km / h. And the consumption is only 6.6 liters in a mixed cycle.

Then came the 2.4-liter 174-horsepower gasoline unit. And in 2010, under the hoods of "Santa Fe" began to put a 3.5-liter 376-strong "six".

hendai santa fe suv


A couple of words should be said about this "Hyundai" model. The SUV, the photo of which was provided above, received rather contradictory reviews. But, despite this, he found his calling. Its highlight is excellent noise insulation. Even at high speeds (140 km / h and above) in the cabin will be quiet. The interior is not bad. Particularly well looks wood-trimmed steering wheel. And the driver's seat is equipped with servo drives, which is very practical, because the seat can be easily adjusted in all positions.

The most powerful engine that was installedunder the hood of this crossover, - 3.5-liter V-shaped engine for 200 "horses", and it is controlled by a 4-band "automatic". Still there is a variant with a 2.9-liter turbodiesel under the hood - it produces 150 liters. from. In general, this is also a good "Hyundai".

Off-road vehicles with mileage are the mostvarious reviews. Basically, of course, positive. If you combine them, this is what the owners of crossovers from Hyundai say: the machines are reliable, durable and economical. The fuel goes a little, and the parts are very cheap. If they still need it - because the crossovers are assembled very soundly. And of course, note the high traffic and excellent handling.

In general, if you need a spacious, comfortable, reliable SUV - then you can safely make a choice in favor of crossovers from Hyundai.

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