How to clean the carburetor 2107 VAZ?

Any vehicle should alwayswork smoothly and consistently. And in order to ensure this, the car enthusiast must understand what is happening with his iron friend and be able to eliminate even small breakages. And if your VAZ-2107 stops during the trip for no apparent reason or even starts, perhaps the cause of the breakdown is in the carburetor.

carburetor 2107
There are three ways out of the situation - cleaning, setting upcarburetor VAZ-2107 or its complete replacement. But in any case, you should know through what stages you need to go to dismantle it. In fact, everything is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance, and to make a replacement, and perhaps, tuning the carburetor VAZ-2107 can be independently.

What is the reason?

Not only the owners face this problem"Seven". All those who have a car running on a carburetor, have a problem with cleaning it. But why does this happen? And the whole point is that along with gasoline various mote and other dirt get into the engine, which really does not increase the resource of the entire fuel system and the engine as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to do periodic maintenance of the fuel system, namely, to clean the carburettor (the 2107 model is not an exception), at least once a year.

How to remove and repair this part? Step-by-step instruction

So before you start dismantling, you needDetermine exactly where the carburetor 2107 is located. This spare part is attached under the air filter and has four bolts to be unscrewed. It is better to do this with a spanner. Further disconnect a rope of gas and a hose of giving of gasoline. When the carburettor of the 2107th model already has practically no connecting mechanisms, unscrew the top five bolts so that it can be completely removed. Then remove the fuel jet and the solenoid valve from the carburettor.

tuning carburetor VAZ 2107

Now take a small screwdriver and disassemble it yourself.mechanism. First, take out of it the axis of the floats, and then all the floats. It is important to remember that this process requires maximum accuracy, otherwise all the parts that you extract are deformed and will no longer be usable.

The carburettor of the 2107th model, like all the others,has a lid, which at this stage needs to be removed. Estimate the condition of the gasket. If it has a lot of damage, better change it. Next, unscrew the 4 bolts that secure the cover of the starter and remove the fuel filter plug. Everything, now the carburettor of 2107th model of VAZ can be cleaned easily.

adjustment of the carburetor VAZ 2107

How do I clean myself?

To do this, you need to purchase on the market or inauto shop special liquid, which is called: "To clean the carburetor." Further, all this liquid is drained into a container (can be in a small saucepan), we lower our carburettor of the 2107 model there and ... no, we do not boil it, but leave it for 24 hours at room temperature. After a day, remove the cleaned part (the cleaning liquid, which we poured into the tank, should become a dark color at the same time) and soaked it with gasoline. You can use the usual piece of paper or cardboard. Then wipe everything with a cloth and proceed to assembly. It is done in the reverse order of the disassembly sequence.

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