BelAZ-75710 is the world's largest car

In September 2013, there was enoughan interesting event: the Guinness record was broken in the category "the world's largest car". And the record car became known to all our compatriots Belorussian BelAZ. There is hardly anyone who would not have heard of this truck. Most of the boys at least once in their lives, but dreamed of a ride on this monster. And now BelAZ got the title of the largest truck. In the near future BelAZ-75710 will be inscribed in the column "the world's largest machine" of the Guinness Book of Records. JSC Belarusian Automobile Plant is the only manufacturer in the CIS and one of the world's largest producers of quarry and mining equipment. The enterprise produces quarry dump trucks with a payload capacity of 30-450 tons, equipment for providing production cycles in quarries, bulldozers, machines intended for underground work, airfield tractors, as well as forklifts. Let us consider in more detail what kind of car it is.

the world's largest machine

The presentation of a new mining dump truck was held on 25September 2013. At the test site, guests were shown a new model BelAZ-75710. The carrying capacity of this car was 450 tons, which exceeds the capabilities of the nearest competitors - the Swiss Liebherr T282B and BelAZ-75601- by 90 tons. These trucks until recently divided the championship - they were the biggest cars in the world (the photo below will help the reader to form his opinion about such monsters of the automobile industry).

the biggest cars of the world photo

The car has a total mass of 810 tons. The energy source is two power units (diesel engines) with a total capacity of 8500 liters. from. This truck has implemented quite an interesting engineering solution - the torque from the diesels is not directly transmitted to the wheels of the car, but is transferred to the rotating wheels of the electric motors. So the new BelAZ is a consecutive hybrid car. It is equipped with a combined hydraulic system: for steering, braking system and tipping body mechanism. The largest machine in the world has eight wheels, which are "shod" in Michelin's radial tubeless pneumatic tires. The maximum speed of a mining dump truck is 64 km / h, which, given the mass of the car, is quite acceptable.

It is noteworthy that the world's largest machinehas a list of equipment that drivers of cars will envy. The truck-record holder is equipped with air conditioning, adjustable driver's seat, monitoring systems of dead zones, fire fighting, signaling about the approach of a dump truck to high-voltage power lines and so on. The car meets the requirements of the standard for the level of vibration, noise, air dust, as well as the concentration of harmful substances.

the biggest machine in the world

To summarize, we note that the largest in the worldthe machine is designed for transportation of mountain masses in very difficult mining and mining conditions of open minerals development, on dirt roads, in different climatic conditions at air temperature from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

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