Mercedes CLA 45 AMG: the most interesting about the most budgetary sedan from AMG

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is a car, a premierewhich was held in New York three years ago, in 2013. The usual version, by the way, was presented to the public at the same time, just a little earlier, in January, in Detroit. But the vast majority of critics and connoisseurs assure: the "charged" version and looks more attractive, and the power of the larger can boast. However, all the advantages and features of the model should be told in more detail.

mercedes cla 45 amg


The usual, standard version of CLA looks veryelegant and beautiful. Each line traces the brand Mercedes-style. And the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG version looks more aerodynamic. Immediately in the eye rushes branded body kit, which are famous models of AMG. He very successfully emphasizes the sporty, even somewhat aggressive character of this car.

Also you can not fail to note the attention of the 18-inch"Rollers", made in black. If the buyer wishes, then they can make them an inch more. Still attract attention brake calipers red and a small, neat spoiler, located on the luggage cover. Two pairs of branch pipes of the exhaust system of a rectangular shape harmoniously decorate such an elegant image. In general, the exterior of the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG was, as always, magnificent.


Now - a few words about the interior of Mercedes CLA 45AMG. The salon of the "charged" version is decorated almost in the same way as in the usual model. However, there are differences, and they are noticeable. Firstly, in the design of the salon from AMG is clearly a sporting character. This is successfully highlighted by a slightly cut off steering wheel in the lower part, decorated with aluminum gauges. Even in the eye rush chairs with a pronounced lateral support, as well as its own combination of instruments. It can not help attracting attention and the upholstery of the central panel and door sidewalls with high-quality leather. However, the most striking element is the lever of the robotic gearbox. It was decided to base it on the central tunnel. For comparison: in the normal version the transmission selector is located on the steering column.

mercedes cla 45 amg photo

Heart of the car

The main component of any car (and Mercedes AMGCLA 45 4MATIC is not an exception) is its engine. Under the hood of this sport sedan is a petrol 2-liter 4-row unit, equipped with a turbocharged system and direct fuel injection. The motor fully meets all the environmental requirements of EURO-6. The unit is powerful - it generates 360 horsepower. Running engine in tandem with a 7-band sports gearbox with the company name SPEEDSHIFT DCT. The transmission is distinguished by a pair of clutches and the notorious all-wheel-drive system.

Arrow speedometer reaches a mark of 100 km / hin just 4.6 seconds. And the maximum limit is 250 km / h, and this is limited by electronics. Interestingly, the powerful Mercedes CLA 45 AMG, whose photo is presented in the article, is a very economical car. It consumes only seven liters per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle.

mercedes cla 45 amg specifications

Other Features

Now about other, not less important moments. The front suspension of the car is an independent design with a MacPherson strut. At the rear is a multi-link layout called Multilink. Each wheel is equipped with disc vented brakes, which have an anti-lock system.

What about the steering? Its specialists tuning studio equipped with an electric booster, and the effort can be changed.

At car Mercedes CLA 45 AMG technicalthe characteristics are very impressive. And the list of basic equipment pleases. As standard, the car is equipped with air conditioning, airbags (both front and sides), an accident prevention system, a motorist fatigue sensor, parktronics (both at the rear and front), an automatic parking system, bi-xenon optics (front), a full electronic package, multi-function steering wheel, excellent audio system and leather-trimmed interior. And there are such systems as ABS, ASR, EBA, EBD, ESP and HHC. In general, everything that is needed.

mercedes amg cla 45 4matic


And at last - about the price. This car is worth more than 56 000 euros in Germany. And such a low price makes it the most affordable car from AMG tuning studio in the entire line.

And what about the cost in Russia? So, the absolutely new model of 2015 CLA 45 AMG 4MATIC can be bought for about 3 230 000 rubles. The complete set has everything you need: starting with the central lock with infrared remote control, ending with cruise control, ECO Start / Stop function and AMG Exclusive package. A full list of equipment is counted in several dozen names - there really is everything that only you can need. Although there are even more "charged" versions - with heat-absorbing glazing, armchairs with memory function and many others. Such versions cost about 3 500 000 rubles. In general, potential buyers already decide which model they need.

What can you say at the end? This car is really the most budgetary version of the sedan from AMG. But nevertheless it looks rich, it differs with the most comfortable interior and excellent technical characteristics.

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