Renault Trucks: a review, specifications, photos

Trucks Renault belong to the company,known to the whole world, Renault Trucks. It is authoritative and often creates commercial vehicles for the transport of goods. Together with Volvo and Mack Trucks, since the beginning of the XXI century, this company is part of the Volvo Group. It should be said that this step of combining these brands, one of which is a major producer in France, has become an important nuance. He allowed them to move on, beat all records on sales, and also raise the level of product quality.

General description of trucks

Renault trucks are assembled in factories thatlocated not only in Europe, but throughout the world. In total there are 16 concerns. For the year, about 90 thousand copies are produced, which is a fairly high index. The company employs 15 thousand people. Officially, cars are sold in more than 100 countries. About 1,200 centers operate on their territory.

Throughout 2006-2007. Renault trucks were modernized. Restyling and new modifications have even heavyweights, which are equipped with diesel engines. The factories began to produce instead of the previous models of units, called DCi11, new copies of DXi. They differ in that they have four valves, a turbocharger, a direct injection system, and these engines fully comply with the environmental standards Euro 4 and 5.

Renault trucks have a unique design of the cabins andoriginal design. Thanks to this, cars seem elegant, and also easily attract the attention of any experienced driver. As an example, we can name the model of 1990, which was produced in different modifications. The cabin has a flat floor. The model itself has a semi-tractor Radiance, a chassis with a hybrid-type power train.

Recently, there has been a strong increase in demand forRenault cars. The domestic markets of the Republic of China and the Russian Federation were especially interested in them. Therefore, the manufacturer produces models specifically adapted to the climatic and road conditions of these countries. Due to cooperation with Nissan, which took place in 2006, trucks began to collect in Spain. Soon these cars were brought to the European market.

Renault trucks

Renault Magnum

Renault Magnum trucks are a good examplethe right combination of price and quality. All manufacturers always, when they release a new modification of any model, change their appearance a little. The same copy always looks the same, so it became literally a legend. It is equipped with good technical characteristics, has a modern appearance and features functionality. Thanks to the chrome inserts that are on the visor, the car looks more stylish and modern. The exterior is impressive and serious, which attracts potential buyers.

Salon «Renault Magnum» also looks beautiful, it is quite convenient. The driver will not experience discomfort when driving. The seats and the interior itself have high-quality upholstery.

If we talk about technical characteristics, thenit is necessary to say about the engine. It has six cylinders, the volume is 12.8 liters, and the power that the unit can develop reaches 500 hp. Therefore, trucks of this model will not be difficult to drive even on roads of poor quality. Carrying capacity is slightly more than 17 tons. The gearbox, working together with the engine, is a mechanical automated.

Renault Premium Truck

"Renault Premium Lander"

The Renault Premium truck is most commonly used inconstruction and utilities. This car can easily ride on the broken asphalt. Often buyers pay attention to it, if they are scheduled regular inter-city flights, where most of the roads are ground type.

The appearance of the model is modern. Immediately visible French traditional style of performance.

All engines that are installed on thecars of this series, work only with mechanical gearboxes. An exception can be called only one model of the "Lander", where the transmission is automatic. Engine power - 450 hp

Renault spare parts

«Renault Premium Distribution»

The peculiarity of the Distribution series is thatin all service centers can be purchased for any model parts. Renault (trucks of this brand are in high demand) produces cars with engine power up to 450 hp. The basic version of all models has a spring suspension. If you need pneumatic elements, you will have to pay a little, since they are not included in the standard equipment and are offered as an option.

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