Tuning Ford Fusion. Features of improvements

Which driver does not dream about a comfortable, fast anda reliable car? Domestic brands of cars in recent years are not very attractive to the consumer. But imported cars are another matter! The best option, which combines the price and quality, is the "Ford Fusion". Attractive appearance and good assembly for a long time will please the driver. And although there are a lot of such cars on the roads of Russia, to stand out from the crowd and give individuality will help tuning the "Ford Fusion".

For Russian roads, "Ford Fusion" - just for future use!

tuning Ford fusion

Indeed, Russian autobahns leavewish for the best. Not all foreign cars are capable of withstanding such tests. "Ford Fusion" is a combination of an SUV and a hatchback, which will suit a wide range of people for different purposes, whether it's a family trip or a trip alone.

The car copes without problems with the vastexpanses of nature thanks to a powerful bumper and moldings. And given the properly chosen mud rubber on it, you can safely go to any expedition. Ford Fusion also feels great on flat city roads. Improve the car and make it truly universal will help tuning the "Ford Fusion".

The prices for such pleasure are pleasantly pleasing. On average, the basic equipment of the car can be bought for 510 thousand rubles.

Individuality in small details

tuning Ford fusion photos

It's no wonder that all the roads of Russia are literally"Teeming" cars of this brand. A successful combination of price and quality and attracts consumers. Drivers who are accustomed to stand out, when buying a car, it is worth thinking about a little improvement. For example, the external tuning "Ford Fusion" will help emphasize the features of the brand.

To such tuning carry:

  • Styling (tuning special films: vinyl, armored film).
  • Tuning by light-emitting diodes.
  • Replacement or modification of the bumper, grille.
  • Installation of patches on thresholds.

Tuning "Ford Fusion"

If we are talking about finalizing the car as a whole, due attention should be paid to the salon as well. Especially when the driver is behind the wheel for a long time.

So, the first thing you need to take care of the seats andpick up special massage pads. They will decorate the salon and support your back in tone. For the winter, you can buy heated covers that will save not only heat, but also health. But in the summer time will be appropriate bamboo capes, allowing the skin to breathe.

It is also important to purchase climate control for the salon. Such a system is indispensable at any time of the year. It is capable of recreating several temperature regimes at once, which is ideal for families with children. Having established the climate control, you can forget about drafts, and together with them and about illnesses.

Drivers who prefer to ride mud mud should consider the noise isolation of the cabin.

By the way, about rubber. Better still buy two sets: highway and mud. The first one is designed for a quiet city ride, but the second one is for off-road travel, and it also does a great job with snow in the winter. In addition, two sets of rubber will be less wearable.

external tuning Ford fusion

Fans of speed can make tuningengines. Effective in this area is chip tuning - a complete flashing of the electric engine control unit. To do this, you need special equipment, and such refinement is handled only in the salons.

By your own forces or in the salon?

In our time, tuning salons are foundalmost at every step. There for acceptable money will do impossible things even with the simplest car! Tuning "Ford Fusion", a photo of which is presented in catalogs, will please every driver.

But on the other hand, most of the improvementsreally produce and at home. This will require a special tool, material and free time. Tuning in the home is less expensive. In addition, as the saying goes: "If you want to do something good - do it yourself!" And most importantly, to make tuning "Ford Fusion" with your own hands is a great way to prove yourself.

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