Best towing cable for an SUV: a review of models, specifications and reviews

Along with the candle key, a set of tools andIn the trunk, there must always be a cable for towing. For off-road cars, this is absolutely necessary thing. But the problem is that the traditional slings that lie every day in the trunks of cars, for heavy off-road cars are not suitable. The average jeep will easily break the store cables, designed for two tons. Let's find out what a tow rope for an off-road car should be and how to choose it.

Towing sling for jeeps: what you need to know?

These cables are different from the lines for carscars. When choosing it is not necessary to follow the classical scheme and purchase a device that by characteristics exceeds the mass of the car by 1.5 or 2 times. Even products that are sold in stores and are designed for 2-3 tons will easily break from one awkward movement.

tow rope for off-road vehicle
When towing uphill or in a smalloff-road, where the wheels of the car have to overcome even minor obstacles, such a cable will not be effective. It will break somewhere in the middle between the cars. And this is the best thing that can happen. In the worst case, due to a poorly sewn loop, the hook attached to the end of the line will fly into the front or rear window of the machine. Perhaps this will not cause an accident, but no longer tied the detached hook to the line. We have to make knots, install various metal devices, which, if unreliable, increases the risk many times over.

Literally, each cable from the store, calculatedfor 3-4 tons, for towing heavy SUVs is not good. Yes, sometimes on sale you can find a really reliable option. But this is a very rare case. Therefore, a tow rope for an SUV must be purchased so that the safety margin is greater by about 2.5-3 times. For a vehicle weighing between 1.5 and 2.5 tons, it is best to purchase solutions that are at least 5 tons. However, in this case, the unknown origin of the sling, which is sold in the car dealer, very often corny does not correspond to the characteristics indicated on the package.

So, for example, a standard product for 5 tonsbreaks, if you apply an effort of up to 3 tons. Rarely, such a line is able to withstand a load of 4 tons. Only single products from well-known brands are actually able to withstand the load that the manufacturer specified in the technical specifications. A suitable tow rope for an SUV is a product designed for 8 tons or more. As for the prices, the cable, manufactured under a reliable and high-quality domestic brand, can be purchased at a price of one thousand rubles.

how to choose a tow rope for an SUV

Such slings can not only pull heavycars, but even try to pull jams stuck in the swamp. Do this as carefully as possible or in tightness. So you keep the structure of the slings. With a good proven rope of such a plan, you can pull out a five-tonne car from the mud. On the properties of the slings should not be worried. If you do not run into it, it can withstand even the impact of sloppy driving, accompanied by jerks and all other problems.

About a choice of a cable for off-road cars

As can be seen, for off-road driving needsspecial equipment. Below we will consider how to choose a tow rope for an SUV. After all, there are a lot of points to which you should pay attention.

Length matters

The longer the length of the slings, the better the effect. Such a cable makes it possible to perform maneuvers. There are options for access to a stuck machine. However, for a simple tow, a long tow line for an SUV is useless. If the line is longer than 6-7 meters, this will create certain difficulties when driving in the city. And in conditions of impassability on such a length it will be difficult to enter corners.

the choice of a tow line for off-road cars

The optimal length is 4-6 m. This is completely enough to solve most of the problems that can happen with a jeep on a trip or on a trophy-raid. Slings of 6 meters is enough, even to pull the car out of the swamp. This is ideal for towing on forest plots and on roads for cars.

Method of attachment

Different products have different ways of fastening. The choice of a tow line for off-road cars is not only length, but also fixation. Today several types of fastening solutions are offered. We will consider each of them separately.


Here everything is more than simple. At each of the two ends of the slings, there is a loop that is attached to the eyelet or fixed with a staple. It is also possible to hook through hooks. In daily operation, this line is not very comfortable and convenient, but in the absence of roads this is the optimal solution.

rope towing for off-road cars types

If there are reliable high-strengthstaples, then the process of fastening the cable and towing will not cause difficulties. To install such towing ropes, tools are not needed. Everything is done by hand.

Hook loop

This is not a very popular option, but, despiteon a low prevalence - very convenient. If the car is equipped with a wide eyelet (and the fasteners are best carried through the bracket), then as a tow, you can use a vehicle with a small eye with a small diameter. In such eyes, the bracket is not installed, and the classic hook will go into full play. Here it is necessary to note one nuance - it is better to purchase only expensive and high-quality products. Often the hooks are no less qualitative than the sling itself. If you purchase a cable with hooks on the market or in the store, the product will not withstand loads and will unroll. And how it will be depends on the material of the hook. In any case, it will be very difficult to continue towing.


Here, too, everything is simple. Reviews say that this is the most universal solution. It must be understood that the hook will not go into all the eyes. So, on off-road cars the eyelet is wide. A hook with a small stroke of the "language" may not enter. It easily fits into the bracket.

jerky and towing cables

However, do not complicate the situation - this is a loss of reliability. It is easier to purchase a more expensive, but a suitable cable. For vehicles with standard eyelets, this product is an ideal option.


There is a loop at one end, and on the other there is the same loop, but equipped with a quality bracket. This option can also be purchased. However, there is not much point in this, as the reviews say.

Staple Bracket

This is probably the best option of all. It is completed with two reliable hinges, in which the same worthy staples are installed. Often such products are not found in stores. These jerky and towing cables are produced by specialized firms or rigging factories.

what tow rope is better

This method of fastening is especially good foroff-road cars, because with its help you can not only pull out the jammed machine and at the same time not have problems with the connection / detachment, but also reliably tow the car.

Sling material

Consider the materials from which thetowing cable for off-road vehicles. Their types are very different - from metal to synthetic materials. Reviews say that metal slings are not too convenient as tow. As a jerky cable made of metal is also not used. Metal does not stretch, which means that all energy is transferred to the machine that is pulled out. The energy is transmitted large, its application is instantaneous. Often, eyes are pulled out, bumpers and other body parts break out and break apart in different directions of the bracket. Towing is possible, but the jerk will be more serious.

towing tools

If the cable breaks, it can cause damage not toonly cars, between which it is fixed, but also to cars on neighboring bands and people nearby. It is better not to expose yourself to unnecessary risks and acquire a fabric or synthetic option.

Which tow rope is better?

Let's sum up. Now we see that the most optimal choice is a sling of synthetic materials, designed for a load of 5 tons or more. The reviews say that the most successful option is a bracket.

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