Forward Safari 500: easy off-road

Now in the automotive market you can findthe widest range of tires: different types, prices, manufacturers, destinations. Among the foreign products most popular are Yokohama, Nokian, Michelin, among domestic Kama, Goodyear, Forward Safari 500. All of them are the most reliable, durable.

Forward Safari 500
Types of tires

According to their purpose, the tires are divided intowinter, summer, all-season, road and off-road. There are also tires for trucks and cars. The wheels differ in the composition of the rubber (the content of rubber in the mixture), the details of the internal structure, the presence of spikes, the pattern of the tread.

Summer tires are meant for driving in summerseason, winter - in winter. All-seasons are used all-the-year-round, they have a special composition of rubber compound, a tread pattern, allowing them to be effectively used both in hot and cold weather. However, it is still recommended to have two sets of wheels for each season.

Road used for driving on dryasphalt road, off-road, on the contrary, are operated in off-road conditions. They are used, as a rule, for cars that have increased patency.

forward safari 500 reviews
Forwarg Safari 500 - Tires for SUVs

Among Russian off-road tires, a largethe Forward Safari 500 is popular. They are intended for passenger-and-passenger and passenger cars with increased cross-country capacity, having a wheel formula 4x4. In particular, they are used for UAZ SUVs and other similar vehicles, including and foreign production.

The release of the Forward Safari started in 2010 onAltai Tire Plant. Due to high strength and patency even in the most difficult conditions, wear resistance wheels have become widespread among fans of off-road vehicles. In confirmation of what can be found about the Forward Safari 500 reviews almost everything from the most positive side.

Technical specifications Forward Safari 500: all-season tires, designed for SUV SUVs, 15 inches in diameter, 10.5 in width, and 31 in profile. Weight - 24 kg. Powerful lamination makes the wheels wear-resistant. Strength and reliability are provided and due to the reinforced frame.

forward safari 500
Forward Safari 500 features a special patternprotector, which has large checkers. A wide longitudinal groove runs along the center of the wheel, and grooves are located along the edges. This design of the tires provide high cross-country ability in off-road conditions. When driving on asphalt rubber almost does not burn. Tires are very noisy when driving, however, after the acceleration to a speed of over 40 km / h the drone noticeably decreases.

Forward Safari 500 features a number of advantages, among which are the following:

- excellent cross-country ability and handling on various road surfaces, both on asphalt and on the ground;

- ease of passage of the deep gauge;

- high strength, difficult to damage;

- Easy installation on the wheel, without any effort.

The disadvantages of the Forward Safari 500 tires include the difficulty of balancing.

It is possible to sum up and say that the tires of the Forward Safari 500 differ in the maximum of positive properties and characteristics in relation to the minimum number of negative sides.

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