Pros and cons of the engine's chip-tuning. Chip-tuning: what is it, features, reviews

Earlier in order to somehow improvecharacteristics of the car, the car enthusiast should sell it or hand over to scrap metal, and in exchange to buy what interests. Today, in terms of improvements, the situation is more interesting. Thanks to technology on any cars equipped with ECU, you can change any characteristics. Also, many people try to improve the car's performance, without investing in this process. For this, chip tuning is used. What is it and what are its pros and cons? These issues are of interest to many car owners today.

the advantages and disadvantages of the engine tuning chip

Chip-tuning - what is it?

The newest kind of change of characteristics of engines,which is now called chip-tuning, is not as new as it is customary to say. The technology appeared around the middle of the 90s. At that time, the main advantage of this modification was the possibility of improving the characteristics of the engine without the need for interventions in its mechanics.

These manipulations with technical parameterspower units became possible due to the appearance of electronic components that control the operation of the car and its engine. ECU, to speak in general, is nothing more than a special computer that controls the operation of all systems of the car. If it's a computer, then it's based on a chip, or a chip. It is the microcircuit that is the carrier of the programs that were written and installed at the plant where the vehicle was assembled.

This way of tuning is actually a changevarious program settings and the ECU block. To do this, there are many different software tools. As a result, after the introduction of changes, the characteristics of power units improve, and some car owners claim that they can fully open up the full potential of the engine.

Who performs the engine chip-tuning

This is not done by auto mechanics, but programmers,who know how to understand the essence of the work and in the algorithms of the ECU of different brands and models of cars and are able to make in them the necessary changes aimed at improving the characteristics.

Pros and cons of the engine's chip-tuning in many respectsdepend on who performs it. The result of the procedure depends not on the capabilities of the technology, but on the person who is engaged in editing the firmware. If he does not understand the nuances of the work of a specific engine, then there will be no pluses for such a procedure, and the car owner will get solid minuses.

chip tuning engine pluses and minuses

How to make a software modification of the computer

The first step is to prepare specialsoftware products that can make changes in the operation of the hardware / software system or the computer. After the necessary tools are selected, you can see the data tables on the computer monitor. For the convenience and comfort of working with them, they are reduced to a familiar graphic appearance.

Then the parameters are changed andflashing the chip. Pros and cons of the engine's chip-tuning and other systems can be seen after real tests. It is possible to make changes to the system of monitoring toxic emissions during the movement, to the ignition, and also to change the fuel delivery algorithms. It is allowed to limit the engine speed.

Chip-tuning engine: the pros and cons

Specialists who deal with similarmodifications, argue that among the pluses of the procedure for interference in the firmware is the possibility of increasing the power, ridding drivers of the need to frequently switch gears, the possibility of making safe overtaking. For cars with automatic transmission, you can make the switching more smooth. Of course, this is a plus.

However, attentive readers will notice that ifthe motor will operate at a high power, then the fuel consumption will increase and there will be no savings. Experts say that the increase in fuel consumption should not be feared. The increase in power does not increase the "appetites" of the engine.

chip tuning diesel engine pros and cons

The thing is that, according to experts,thanks to the introduction of changes the engine will be able to accelerate the car from any speed without the need to dial them. That's what the chip engine tuning is capable of. Pros and cons (VAZ-2170 is no exception) - increase in productivity at the usual fuel consumption.

According to reviews, the procedure of chip-tuning,performed correctly, reduces the amount of fuel that enters the engine, and the power of the power unit increases due to an increase in the efficiency from the combustion of fuel.

Types of chip tuning: software tuning

Interfere with the firmware of the computerdifferent ways. The first option is software intervention. It has been said enough about him - he is the most effective. Pros and cons of the engine's chip-tuning are already understandable. Its essence is that the calibrations that are made at the plant for the fuel delivery system change to the required parameters. I must say that there are three types of these calibrations. Standard chip tuning, the pros and cons of which are interesting to many motorists, allows you to keep a balance between the efficient operation of the engine and its appetites. This calibration is set at the factory.

chip tuning what it is and what are its pros and cons
Dynamic chip tuning enablessignificant limits to increase power and acceleration dynamics. But without increasing the EFFICIENCY, the unit's costs will also grow significantly. Here, car owners have to think through everything that the chip engine tuning gives, pluses and minuses of it. Here the choice is simple: either the machine will be fast, or economical. There are also calibrations aimed at economy. This method is completely opposite to the second one. Its essence is to reduce the "appetites" of the engine.

chip tuning engine pros and cons of vases

Mechanical interference

This species is older. It is used by amateurs. If you believe the reviews, it is suitable for old cars, where there is no fuel injection system. In this case, the work is done manually, without the use of electronics. During the process, individual parts and systems change, which can affect the efficiency (ignition timing).

Pros and cons of engine chip-tuning for atechnology - this is a real opportunity to increase capacity, reduce performance, but from the minuses, reviews mention the fact that you need a lot of experience in repairing cars and a serious amount of money.

Interference in the operation of diesel engines

For diesels on new cars suchmodifications are also very relevant. First of all, software intervention can improve the speed and traction characteristics of the car. In addition, there are new opportunities for overtaking. If the owner of a diesel car wants to turn on the air conditioner, then the power of the motor is almost not affected. One more thing: if the settings no longer suit you, you can always restore the computer to its original state.

That's what gives the modern driver a chip tuningdiesel engine. Pros and cons of this technology in general are the same as for gasoline atmospheric. As pluses - increase of efficiency, a minus - the increased expense at an aggressive manner of driving.

which gives the chip engine tuning the pros and cons

Chip-tuning and life of diesel engines

Qualitative chip-tuning is created on the basis of firmware. The process itself only recalibrates the program that controls the operation of the motor. Characteristics increase to 40% - this is a good chip-tuning. Plus - productivity growth, there are no minuses. All the nodes are used in the form regulated by the car manufacturer, nothing wears out before the due date.

The consequences of chip tuning

All this sounds more than attractive. To resist the temptation to make a chip-tuning engine, the pros and cons of which are described in our article, you can not. But increasing power is a serious risk. The increase in power for an example of a turbocharged diesel engine is obtained because of the greater amount of air that is supplied to the power system. The turbine should work with high pressure and high speed - the impeller simply can not stand it.

chip tuning pros and cons

But the power is not just the air. Additional fuel passes through those nozzles that the manufacturer installed. These are serial solutions that are not designed for such operation. The burning torch in this case will fall on the piston, which at this moment goes down. Auto mechanics see a lot of such melted pistons and soot filters, catalysts, compressor blades and cracked engine blocks. So, when deciding on such an operation, it is worth considering this.

So, we found out what chip-tuning is and what are its pros and cons.

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