Motoblock MTZ: description, specification, price

Each summer resident dreams of havinga technician doing all the hard work on the site. By the way, recently such a dream becomes quite real with the availability of certain funds. Every year, the demand for a motoblock is gradually increasing, and the price, on the contrary, is declining. So the purchase of a cultivator for agricultural needs is not a luxury, but a necessity. At the moment, garden equipment stores offer a wide range of similar devices from different manufacturers. There are products from China, Germany, Russia, etc. But today we want to pay attention to the Belarusian unit called Motoblock MTZ.

motoblock MTZ

Design Features

This device has proven itselfdomestic and world market. It is actively purchased in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and even in Poland. It is also worth noting that the mentioned instance has many modifications. In recent years, the motoblock MTZ 09 has been very popular. As a powerplant there is a Japanese Honda engine of the GX270 model. Also, the MTZ motoblock is equipped with a mechanical transmission and special steel rods.

motoblock MTZ 09
There are many metal fixtures forinstallation of additional equipment and attachments, which makes the instrument in question more universal in application. With such a device, you will definitely be sure that the MTZ's motoblock will not stand for several seasons in vain. Why such confidence? It's pretty simple. The fact is that the Belarusian manufacturer offers many attachments for this device. For example, in the summer it can be used as a cultivator, and in winter - as a full-fledged snow-picker. With rotary devices, the MTZ 05 motoblock will quickly and qualitatively clean the area of ​​snowdrifts. And most importantly - when you work, you make minimum efforts. To dig a garden or clear the yard of snow, you just have to start a petrol motor-block and guide it to the right side. In addition, the trailer can be attached to the mechanism, and then you can use it as a small truck to transport any cargo - humus, firewood, sand, building materials and many other things.


motoblock MTZ 05
Motoblock MTZ is equipped with a powerful four-strokepetrol engine. Its maximum speed is 17 kilometers per hour. The working volume of the unit is 270 cubic centimeters, capacity - 9 horsepower. As for the gearbox, the "Belorussian" is equipped with a mechanical transmission for 4 stages. The ground clearance of the device is equal to 30 centimeters, which allows it to move through the most relief terrain without slippage. The power plant's life reaches 1000 hours.


At the moment, the average cost of the motoblockof the Belarusian production is about 65-66 thousand rubles. Considering its performance, reliability and versatility, it can be said that the MTZ motoblock is one of the few devices that have an optimal price-quality ratio.

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