Steering trapezoid: device, purpose. Steering the car

The steering trapezoid on the "seven" consists oftips and central traction. With this mechanism, a smooth and synchronous rotation of both front wheels is ensured. Efforts that the driver applies to the steering wheel are transmitted via a column to the gearbox. The latter allows you to convert the movement with a worm gear and rotates through the steering rods rotary fists.

With breakage of the tips and rods of the steering trapezoidthere is a decrease in safety, which can lead to an accident. Therefore, the driver needs to replace these elements in a timely manner, carry out inspection and condition monitoring. All work can be done independently or contact a service station.

Where is the steering trapezoid

steering trapezoid

The tips and links are in the lowest partengine compartment. They are located almost at the septum, which is located between the engine compartment and the car's interior. To carefully consider these elements, it is necessary to turn the steering wheel to the extreme position.

In this situation, you can assess the state oftips, and also anthers that are on them. Anthers are the most vulnerable links, which fail under mechanical influences. If there is a seizure of the steering column, there may be a malfunction in the swivel joints. Even if the power steering is installed on the car, jamming will be felt.

How to determine the breakdown of a trapezoid

steering trapezoid VAZ-2107

To detect a malfunction of the tips of the steering rods, you need to carefully look at whether there are the following symptoms:

  1. Excessive or uneven wear of rubber.
  2. Occurrence of extraneous sounds when the steering wheel rotates.
  3. Increase the free rotation of the steering wheel.

If the steering rods bend, the tires will bewear unevenly. At the same time, driving will become very uncomfortable, as it will constantly move away, even when driving on a perfectly flat road.

Please note that thisThe malfunction will be shown even at normal installation of a convergence of wheels. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the condition of all the elements of the VAZ-2107 steering trapezoid before starting the repair, for this, install the car on the inspection pit.

Rubber anthers should not have cracks. The free travel of all joints must not exceed 1.5 mm. In the event that when an impact on the steering rod there is a knock, this node must be replaced with a new one.

power steering

Most often, replacement of the tips is needed. Average draft usually does not come into disrepair, it breaks only in two cases:

  • when the car gets into an accident;
  • with a very strong impact on the suspension.

It is strictly forbidden to straighten and install old, failed traction. This will lead to the impossibility of adjusting the convergence and collapse of the wheels, as well as increase the risk of falling into an accident.

Tools for repair

To replace one steering rod or the entire trapezium assembly, you need to acquire the following tools:

  • a set of locks and spanners, heads;
  • pliers with narrow spouts;
  • the puller of the tips of the steering rods.

The last point you need to pay special attention. Without this device to remove the tips is almost impossible.

car management

The fact is that the hinges of the tipsare installed in tapered holes. Because of this connection it is very difficult to break. There are many types of pullers with which you can disassemble the tips of the steering rods. It is best to buy a universal, with which you can remove not only the steering tips, but also ball bearings.

Removal of steering rods and tips

If you need to completely replace alltips of traction, it will be much easier to buy a steering trapeze VAZ-2107. The whole assembly is much easier to install, and most importantly - it's much cheaper than buying each part separately. All works are necessarily carried out with the car installed on the inspection pit or overpass. Left and right traction changes almost identically.

traction of the steering trapezoid

The replacement procedure is as follows:

  1. Straighten and pull out the cotter pins, by means of which it is prevented to unscrew the nuts on the steering tips.
  2. Handle all threaded connections with a penetrating grease.
  3. With the help of the head on the "22" it is necessary to unscrew the nuts that fix the fingers of the steering rod.
  4. The puller must be installed on the thrust tip.
  5. At the end, rotate the bolt or nut on the puller to fully squeeze the tip of the steering rod from the hole.

How the trapezoid assembly is changing

If there is no special puller, then you can extractfinger using a hammer. For this, it is necessary to strike along the axis along the lever. It is desirable to pre-treat all elements with penetrating grease. This will ease the work.

Similarly, the second nut is unscrewed and the finger is squeezed out. Only after this can be completely removed the steering tip or center rod.

When replacing the steering trapeze, you must disconnect:

  1. Drafts from the rotary knuckles, which are located on the wheel hubs.
  2. Hinges from the lever on the steering gear.

By the time it will be much less than replacing all the tips in turn. The power steering, if installed on the car, does not need to be dismantled.

Adjustment of the convergence of wheels

replacing steering trapezoid

The steering tips have metalbushings, by means of which their length is regulated. Consequently, it is with their help that you can determine the convergence of the wheels. If you change the trapezoid or thrust, the convergence is sure to be broken. Therefore, when installing new elements, you need to make sure that their length is exactly the same as that of the removed ones. To do this, using a tape measure, you need to take measurements before removing.

Due to this you minimize the violationsconvergence, which allows you to easily reach the service station. Independently to adjust the camber and convergence of the front wheels is not recommended. The cost of this service is not very high, but with computer stands you can provide the most accurate convergence, which will improve the management of the car.

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