"4 Runner Toyota" - crossovers of the future!

Presentation of the new SUV "Toyota 4 Runner"was held this spring in the California town of Palm Springs. The novelty has considerably changed in comparison with its predecessors, and not only outwardly. In addition to design, Japanese developers have taken care of the interior. Now the car "Toyota" (the new crossover of the 2014 model line) has become more attractive, powerful and comfortable. In this article, we'll talk about all the features of the new, fifth generation of the legendary Japanese crossover.

Toyota crossovers


As you know, the "4 Runner" model was originallycharacterized by its "harsh" appearance. But now the manufacturer decided to make the novelty even more formidable and aggressive, adding to it new optics in front and behind, a new radiator grille, an air intake, as well as an updated design of the bumpers. In general, the restyling SUV has become more brutal, rather than the 2013 Toyota Ranner crossovers. But at the same time, the novelty does not cause disgust among buyers, which means that the Japanese have not lost their design.

And what's inside?

"4 Runner Toyota" - crossovers that will behave a completely new interior. So stated the manufacturer. This is really true, because now the machine has better materials of finishing, a new instrument panel on which flashes an information liquid crystal display, as well as a new design of the torpedo. It should also be noted that inside the novelty has become more spacious than its predecessors, which proves the possibility of a comfortable placement inside it of 7 people.

Toyota new crossover

«4 Runner Toyota» crossovers: technical specifications overview

If initially the legendary "Japanese"was completed by two motors, now the fifth generation of "Runner" can be supplied to the Russian market with only one engine assembly. To the question "Why did this happen?" The manufacturer responds that everything happened because of the low demand for this unit. Therefore, those who want to buy new "4 Runner Toyota" crossovers, can only enjoy one engine, which has a capacity of 273 horsepower and a displacement of 4 liters. The unit has a V-shaped cylinder placement system. The maximum torque of this motor is 377 Nm. Complete with a new engine only one transmission - five-speed "automatic".

«4 Runner Toyota» crossovers: on fuel consumption

It is worth noting that, despite such a largeliter, the engine consumes only 10 liters per 100 kilometers on the country road. In the city, this indicator increases to 14 liters per hundred.

crossovers 2013 Toyota

About the cost

As for the price of the new "4 Runner Toyota"crossovers of the 2014th model line, its manufacturer still keeps a secret. But according to the latest information, the first imports of new cars to Europe will be scheduled for the end of the autumn of this year. Then it becomes clear what will be the cost of the Japanese crossover. In Russia, however, the delivery of the new Toyota is not officially planned, so the only option is to purchase a car on order from abroad.

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