Why slips the clutch on the VAZ-2107?

The problem with clutch slip on cars,which are usually attributed to the domestic classics, is well known. This defect causes not only serious inconvenience in driving a car, but also entails unplanned financial losses. Slippage of the clutch leads to a fairly quick failure of the release bearings, wear of the discs and the combustion of the entire basket as a whole. This article is designed to answer the questions: why slips the grip and what should be done in this or that particular case?

How to determine this defect?

Slippage of the clutch can be easily identified independently, without the use of special equipment.

slips off the clutch
To do this, perform the following series of simple actions:

  • Start the engine;
  • enable neutral transmission;
  • tighten the hand brake;
  • press the accelerator pedal;
  • squeeze out the clutch;
  • go to the first speed;
  • release the clutch pedal.

By all rules as a result of these manipulationsthe engine must eventually decay. If this does not happen, the motor continues to work, and there are strange sounds or the smell of burning, which means that the clutch slips and repair measures should be taken immediately. This is caused not only by financial reasons, but also by considerations of our own security.

Reasons for clutch slippage

Causes that cause this effect, can beseveral. As a rule, they arise because of the characteristic style of driving, which is usually called sporty. Sharp acceleration and braking, frequent gear changes significantly reduce the service life of the clutch, although AvtoVAZ determines it in 75-85 thousand kilometers. In addition, experts argue that the performance of the clutch car can significantly affect the use of trailers. It is believed that they are able to significantly reduce the life cycle of the nodes and mechanisms of the automotive element. Consider the most common actual causes of slipping clutch.

Oil Contact

Often, if the clutch slips, the reasons for thisare covered in the ingress of oil or other technical fluid into the basket. Oil falls on the surface of the release disc, flywheel or on the lining of the driven disc due to the leak of the rear seal of the knee shaft. Often the cause of leaks is the excess oil level in the gearbox housing. In these cases, if the clutch slips, the VAZ-2107 is repaired very simply. It will be enough to eliminate the cause of leaks and clean up those parts of the system that have been contaminated with oil. This can be done with the help of white spirit or gasoline. In the case of liquid on the friction pads, they also have to be cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper.

Depreciation of the disc linings

Friction linings discs have the property to wear off over time.

slips the clutch of the VAZ 2107
As a rule, while not only stallingclutch, but also significantly reduces the pedal free play. Exit from the current situation in this case, there can be only one - the replacement of linings or clutch discs entirely. It must be remembered that if only the overlays are replaced, then you need to pay careful attention to the condition of the gaskets. If they have damage or burnt areas, they must also be replaced.

Damaged spring

Another reason for slipping clutch can be a failure of the pressure spring.

the clutch stalls
In this case, the spring is simply not able to create the necessary pressure on the disk. A damaged or worn out spring must be replaced with a new one.

No clearances in the shutdown drive

Another fairly frequent reason whyslips clutch (VAZ-2107 is or 2105, it does not matter), is the incorrect operation of its drive. Most often this is due to the fact that the necessary clearance of the clutch release actuator is simply missing. This problem can easily be eliminated by adjusting to the required values.

Insufficient free play of the pedal

Often slips clutch (VAZ-2107 often this sins) and because the pedal has too little free play.

slips the clutch of the vases
The manufacturer has a range of values ​​of 25 ... 35 mm. This indicator is easy enough to measure with a simple ruler and, if necessary, adjust.

There are other reasons, because of which skips the coupling of VAZs of any model, and the "seven" in particular.

the clutch stalls
They are not so common, in comparison with those listed above. But you still need to know about them. In particular, we can name the following faults:

  • Separation of the friction lining. The lining itself may not have visible damage or burnt areas. But as a result of detachment, it ceases to perceive the load with its entire surface, which leads to slippage.
  • Overheating of the squeeze disk. As a result of exceeding the temperature values ​​of the maximum possible heat-absorbing characteristics of the clutch disk, its permanent expansion occurs, which causes the effect of slippage. Of course, this defect can not be established on the fly. But it is quite easy to determine it easily by the characteristic deposit of burning and scale on the disk itself.

This article lists the main reasonsof why slips grip on the domestic classics and on many other models of cars and trucks. It is important to remember that, whatever the reason for the slippage of the clutch, it is necessary to eliminate it at the first appearance of symptoms of the defect. It is most expedient to entrust such work to highly qualified specialists.

why slips the clutch
Disassembly, repair and replacement of the clutch parts - the work is quite labor-intensive and requires quite a lot of knowledge, extensive experience, and the availability of special tools and equipment.

In addition, in the repair work carried outalone, there is a high risk of disturbing the correct settings and adjustments, which will turn the replacement of parts into Sisyphean labor. Very soon the clutch will start to stall again, make a rattle and crackle, and the smell of superheated discs and linings will be clearly felt in the car's interior.

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