How to pull the chain on the VAZ-2107 own hands

From the article you will learn how to pull the chain onVAZ-2107 own hands. Although it seems that this is a terrible occupation, which is hardly under the power of an ordinary motorist, in practice everything is different. All the work on adjusting and adjusting the drive can be done fairly quickly. And now we try to understand the nuances of this procedure.

How to replace the sedener

In the gas distribution system onthe car VAZ-2107 is equipped with a device such as a chain stabilizer. It serves to quench the oscillations of the chain during its rotation. If there is a metal knock, heard from the drive side, then, most likely, this indicates that the tension is too weak or the soot has a very strong wear. In the second case, a complete replacement of the depressurizer is required. It is located in front of the engine of the car. When the replacement of the VAZ-2107 circuit is performed, it is advisable to put a new dummy.

how to pull a chain on a vase 2107

To replace it, you need to remove the cover from the cylinder head,then fix the restraint with a convenient tool, for example, a screwdriver or key. Then it is necessary to unscrew the two bolts that secure the restraint to the body of the unit. The case must be carefully removed. Installation of the new is carried out in the reverse order. Note that the top of the fastening bolt is somewhat larger. It is longer than the bottom one. The VAZ-2107 does not have any more features.

Chain tensioner

It is mounted on the right side of the engineinternal combustion, next to the cooling system pump. The work of the engine directly depends on how well its gas distribution mechanism functions. The chain tensioner is necessary to regulate the sagging of the drive mechanism. The more the run at the metal chain, the more it stretches. For this reason, you need to know how to pull the chain on the VAZ-2107 to get rid of the problems with it. Increases sagging, even possible slipping on the crankshaft pulleys and camshafts. The replacement is quite simple, you can install a new tensioner in a few minutes.

replacement of the chain of vases 2107

To do this, open the hood, with the help ofa key on 10 to turn away both bolts with which the натяжитель to the engine is fastened, then gently remove it. Please note that there is a gasket for sealing. If it has become unusable, then it is necessary to install a new one. After removing the timing chain tensioner housing, grip it in a vice, then use a 13-key to unscrew the nut in the center. With this action, you can check if the collet lock is defective. If there is a cracking of the biscuit, then it is necessary to replace the cap or tensioner assembly. And later for the work you need to know how to pull the chain on the VAZ-2107.

Installing a new tensioner

When the drive chain tensioner test was performedThe timing, in particular if it is necessary to replace it, you need to start installing a new one. But do not forget that before starting the installation it is necessary to charge this mechanism. To do this, you need to drown the plunger mechanism until it stops, then, holding it in this position, tighten the nut on the cap.

Vase chain cooler 2107

After this, it is necessary to install the housingtensioner and tighten the bolts. Do not forget about the fact that you need to put a new gasket, if the old one is out of order. Using a special key with a size of 38 for the ratchet, rotate the engine crankshaft on revs. In this case, the timing chain is tightened. Make one turn, then release the cap nut to deflate the tensioner. After that, it must be tightened again.

How to pull the chain

This procedure is not complicated; it is performed oncars of the classic series pretty quickly. It is necessary to conduct it in the event that the VAZ-2107 chain was replaced or removed. To tighten the timing chain, you need, using the key on the 13, to unscrew the nut that is on the tensioner. But it is not necessary to twist it to the end, it is enough to weaken it. Rotate the crankshaft slowly using a ratchet wrench.

how to tighten the chain of vases 2107

Watch how much effort is exerted on the lever.When you feel that you need to exert much effort, stop, and hold the key so that it does not turn. It is in this position that the chain is in tension, so it needs to be fixed. When the tensioner rod clamps the chain tight, tighten the nut. That's all, the work is over. Here's how to pull the chain on the VAZ-2107, the procedure is elementary.


Now you have an idea of ​​howto carry out work with the chain of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism. It should be noted that everyone should know how to tighten the chain VAZ-2107, because it is gradually stretching when the car is used, the metal wears out. It is necessary to monitor the state of the gas-distributing mechanism constantly. It does not hurt to also stretch just before the beginning of adjusting the gaps in the valves.

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