I bought a motoblock virgin soil is not terrible!

If you ask any summer resident about what he wantedto change in their lives, one of the first answers will certainly be: to facilitate work on the plot of land. This is how much he, the poor, has to "shovel" the soil? Especially when processing a new site. After all, in this case, without a motoblock, "there will be no work at all." Celina is a "treacherous" thing, requiring about a dozen treatments in one season to completely destroy the highly "weeded" weeds there.

Of course, you can use for such purposesa tractor, not a motoblock. Celina will process them faster and more efficiently, but this is not always possible. Bad access roads, the presence of bushes and trees - these are the factors that interfere with the work of a more powerful and productive machinery in the suburban area.

But do not get upset. After all, you can buy or take a motorbike for use. Celina imbrogates them, of course, slowly, but you can work at any time convenient for you. And in the future you can use a motor-block. Celina is not the only problem in the country. On any land allotment, it is necessary to cultivate the soil, level the soil, weed, cultivate row spacing, and so on.

One of the best solutions for small areasis considered a cultivator for the country. To date, the market is full of all kinds of models that have different weight, performance, power, depth of processing, and also differ in the type of engine (petrol or electric).

By weight and power cultivators differ in heavy, medium and light. For the duration of operation, the complexity of the device and the price - for professional, semi-professional and amateur.

Ultra-light cultivators

cultivator for summer residence
Such machines will be more to women's liking andpensioners. The cultivator understands handles, it can be put in the trunk of a car or even in a bag. There are designs with an electric motor, as well as a gasoline two- or four-stroke engine. It is noteworthy that even the user who is poorly versed in the technology can serve this engine.

Light cultivators

Such machines are treated twice as fast as super-light ones, but lose weight to them. They are often equipped with gasoline two- or four-cycle engines with a power not exceeding 4 hp.

Such a cultivator will be convenient to processsmall areas of light or plowed land. It is completed with a hiller, the purpose of which is to cut the furrows for planting. However, increased power at low weight creates the effect of "jumping" the motor cultivator when it hits the hard soil or rock.

Medium cultivators

These machines are similar in their characteristics to previous models, but they allow you to apply less effort when working. They, basically, are equipped already with a rear gear.

Heavy cultivators

motoblock virgin feedback
These machines are more likely to refer to motoblocks than tocultivators. They are equipped with engines with a power of more than 6 hp. and have multiple gears. They can perfectly handle even large areas, and they are well suited for small-scale farm enterprises. This is already a professional technique, which is equipped with additional units for use in a variety of jobs.

In general, when buying such a machine, three words are important:motoblock, virgin land, reviews. Motoblock, because it facilitates work on the ground. Celina - because of the difficulty of processing. Reviews, because you only need to choose well-proven models.

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