Where is the best strawberry grown? Lenin State Farm (Leninsky district, Moscow region): addresses of points of sale

Garden strawberries are the most popular anduseful from berries, it is used not only in fresh form, but also in processed: in the form of juices, jams, jam. The season of mass gathering and sale of strawberries is not long and is only a few weeks. The berry, grown not in greenhouse conditions, but in the open ground is especially appreciated: the berry, caressed by the sun and grown in natural conditions, accumulates the maximum quantity of useful microelements, therefore it is most useful.

In the open field of domestic strawberriesare grown in many private farms, mainly in the south of our country. The largest domestic strawberry producer is ZAO "Sovkhoz named after Lenin" (address: Leninsky district, Moscow region).

Strawberry, Lenin State Farm

Modern agricultural complex

The combination of the words "Moscow, Lenin's State Farm, Strawberry" became a living advertisement of the modern agricultural complex. The system of its activities includes several areas:

  • Growing and sale of ecologically clean berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberry rind, gooseberries), potatoes and other high quality vegetables.
  • Sale of seedlings of strawberries.
  • Breeding and sale of seedlings of zoned trees and shrubs for ornamental and fruit and berry gardening.
  • Manufacturing from own cropcertified juices and juice-containing products (nectars and nectars). Their production is carried out on modern equipment using ancient technologies, without the addition of preservatives. The products produced in the state farm were repeatedly recognized as the best at various competitions and exhibitions.

Moscow, Lenin State Farm, strawberry

Where is the Lenin State Farm

In various regions and regions of our countrya lot of agricultural and agro-industrial complexes, named in this way. Closed joint-stock company "Lenin State Farm" is located on the lands of a rural settlement with the same name and is located in the forest protective park of Moscow.

ZAO, which is in some waymonopolist for the cultivation of strawberries ("Lenin State Farm"), the address is as follows: Moscow, metro station "Domodedovo", then by buses No. 364 or 367 - to the Lenin State Farm.

How Strawberries Are Bred

Among all types of fruit products, CJSC firsta place is occupied by a strawberry (strawberry). The Lenin State Farm gives over 110 hectares of land under the berry plantation, and this allows harvesting up to 60 tons of berries daily during the ripening season.

Berry is grown in natural conditions without the use of fertilizers, so it has a rich and rich taste, it has a pronounced flavor, has a special sweetness.

An important point: the Lenin collective farm collects strawberries in a special way: each berry is collected manually, carefully and carefully.

The shelf life of berries grown in naturalconditions, rather short - not more than a day. To accelerate the implementation period (without loss of presentation), freshly harvested berry enters the outlets of Moscow and Moscow not later than one hour after its collection.

State Farm named after Lenin, collection of strawberries

Collecting strawberries: 10% - picker

Every year, as soon as the strawberry ripens on the fields,Lenin State Farm offers residents of the capital, its guests and everyone who lives in the suburbs, to take part in the collection of berries. The payment for work on the field is carried out in the form of 10% of the harvested crop.

Terms of participation in the collection of strawberries are very simple:

  • Those who want to work on strawberry plantationscan come on a special free bus, which is sent early morning in the morning from the station "Domodedovskaya". The bus carries the logo of the agricultural enterprise.
  • In hot weather it is necessary to come necessarily in a headdress, in rainy weather - in rubber boots.
  • During the day lovers of delicious berries can notonly to harvest, striving to increase their 10% of earnings, but also to eat ecologically clean garden strawberries - during harvesting on the field you can eat berries in unlimited quantities directly from the bush without fear for your health, as when growing strawberries chemicals are not used.
  • In the evening, you can also go back to Moscow on a free corporate bus.

Lenin State Farm, address

Harvest time

Every year the Lenin collective farm collects strawberriesbegins at different times. This is because the maturation of the crop depends on both the weather conditions and the type of berry. Early strawberry varieties are subject to collection in June, late - in July.

The management of the enterprise announces the beginning of the season in advance, first indicating approximate dates, and then - specific.

The harvest season usually lasts two orthree weeks. On weekdays, up to 800 people come to the fields, over a thousand on weekends. At the same time, the work is for everyone, since every year the production increases the volume of finished products.

All arrivals are met by the brigadier, along with his assistants, he divides those who came to the groups, conducts safety training, tells how to collect strawberries.

Berry pickers are placed on the field, allocating 1-2 beds, and give an empty container.

At the end of the work, 10% of the harvested crop is given to everyone.

Lenin State Farm, sale of strawberries

Where to sell organic strawberries

On trade fairs of the day off necessarilyexhibits its products and state farm named after Lenin. The sale of strawberries grown on the fields of the state farm is carried out in special kiosks, the form of which is unusual and does not remain unnoticed. From a distance you can see a huge strawberry: the Lenin state farm stays faithful to this glorious berry, which is the basis for the logo of the famous complex.

addresses of points of sale of strawberries of the sovkhoz named after Lenin

Stationary stalls in the form of strawberries are indifferent places in Moscow and the Moscow region. They can be located near metro stations, on the central streets of Moscow and in the districts of the capital. However, every year the sales places change - it depends on the decision of the metropolitan administration. Permanent places for trade in fragrant goods are: the Moscow region, Leninsky district, the village of the state farm named after Lenin; Kashirskoye highway, the 23rd kilometer, the entrance to the Lenin State Farm.

Specific addresses of points of sale of strawberries of the Lenin state farm before the start of the trading season are placed on the official site of the largest producer of ecologically clean, selected and fresh berries.

addresses of points of sale of strawberries of the state farm named after Lenin

Strawberry seedlings for sale

The ZAO has its own Garden Center, where it is possible tobuy fruit and berry, as well as ornamental plants, zoned for the Moscow region. Agronomist consultants are ready to help in the selection, provide the necessary recommendations and answers to all questions concerning garden crops, from planting and watering to harvesting.

As well as in the fields, in the Garden Center, again comes the beautiful strawberry: the Lenin state farm grows 15 varieties of garden strawberries and, accordingly, sells seedlings.

The main domestic varieties:

  • Tsarskoselskaya.
  • Sudarushka.

The most common foreign varieties are:

  • Honey.
  • Zeng Zenghan.
  • Red Gauntlet.

All of them differ in terms of maturation, berry form and taste qualities.

In the Garden Center, seedlings and seedlings are bought not only by the residents of the capital, but also from different cities and towns of the Moscow region.

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