Motoblock "Neva" MB 1: what you need to know?

With the advent of spring, all summer residents beginthink about their allotments of the earth. We need to do so much before planting a new crop: dig through the earth, remove all the weeds that have already grown, remove all the litter accumulated over the winter and much more. If the land plot is large, one will find it very difficult to cope with the entire amount of work that needs to be done. To help the owner will come the motoblock "Neva" MB 1 - a modern unit, capable of much.

Motoblock - what is this ...

Motoblock - this is a very good thing for the farm. Need a device that can help perform almost all operations on the ground? Motoblock "Neva" MB 1 will help in this. What then is this miracle machine? Motoblock by its nature is similar to an ordinary mini-tractor, only the design is slightly different. Both the tractor and the motoblock are designed for different amounts of work, but the principle remained the same.

motoblock nba mb 1

What can a motoblock do?

To somehow make life easier, peoplebegan to slowly replace manual labor mechanized. Motoblock "Neva" MB 1 will come to the rescue of those who need it. Need to work on the ground? No problem. The technical characteristics of the Neva motor block 1 MB allow it to dig through the earth, weed, hoe, rake, remove the weeds and do many other things. Also, this device is capable of carrying heavy loads, for example water, working tools, fertilizers and other. It can remove snow and debris from the site, in general, do everything necessary to maintain cleanliness and order at your dacha. Having bought a motoblock, a person saves money that could be spent on other similar but inefficient devices. Motoblock "Neva" MB 1 is a versatility and reliability that helps in the management of the economy.

The history of the motoblock "Neva" MB 1

Motorbikes and agricultural machinery alwayswere in demand. At the factory "Krasny Oktyabr" they produce the unit MB 1. By the way, this enterprise is the all-Russian leader in the production of motor blocks and agricultural machinery. "Neva" MB is a whole series of motor blocks. MB 1 is the progenitor of all subsequent models and modifications ("Neva" MB 2, "Neva" MB 3 and so on).

motoblock nba mb 1 user manual

Surprisingly, almost all the unitsdomestic production, present at the moment in the market, this is the development of the eighties. Since then, no new models have been produced, only the old ones will be improved.

In general, the Neva MB-1 and Neva MB-2 motor blocks are very similar. They look almost like an external view. They change only the filling. The newer the model, the more effective and powerful it is.

What is MB?

The motoblocks "Neva" have the marking "MB". What is "MB"? This is the very combination of letters - it's an abbreviation, which stands for the word motoblock. Why put it? In order not to confuse similar devices that are marked with MC, that is, motor cultivators. 1,2,3 is the number that determines the model itself.

For whom the motoblock is in demand?

Mechanized labor is always more effective than manual, so it is better for your country site to buy a motoblock MB 1. You can not dig up a field on such an aggregate, but a big garden for it is not a problem.

motoblock neva mb 1 instruction
It is difficult to dig alone twenty to thirty acres of land, but with such an aggregate it is still easier. Six-strong motoblock "Neva" MB 1 is enough to dig all this garden.

Motoblock "Neva" MB 1: safety instructions

After buying for fun, do not forget about the simple rules of safety. Care must be taken to switch on the unit to avoid causing injury or serious damage.

Motoblock "Neva" MB 1: user's manual

When working with a motor-block is best alwaysfollow the instructions and try not to bring it to a faulty condition. Due to the lack of an engine as such, the Neva MB 1 is often overheated. The operating manual says that on too hot summer days it is best to just turn off the motor for a while. This will help him to somehow avoid harmful overheating.

characteristics motoblock nba mb 1

It should also always be filled with qualityoil, because the machine itself plows under very difficult conditions. Many rubbing parts very quickly simply will be erased and will become unusable if there is a lack of oil or its marriage.

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