Characterizing the motoblock "Neva" reviews are contradictory

Mototehnika Neva is a brand that is 25 years oldretains the leading position in the Russian market. It represents a good quality and efficiency, which has proved in many thousands of users in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

The greatest acclaim was the motoblock"Neva", reviews of which, most often laudatory, can be found on many sites on the Internet. This representative of garden equipment is designed for intensive exploitation on private plots, in small farms. In addition, it is often used in the communal economy to perform a variety of works.

Motoblock "Neva" and its modifications in powerbelong to the middle class. The range of works performed with his help is impressively great. This is plowing, hilling, slicing furrows, cultivation, digging out root crops, harrowing.

Numerous reviews about motoblocks emphasizethe need to pay attention to attachments when buying. Motoblocks are different, but all of them are in fact the base for the installation of attachments, allowing for many more actions.

Application of specially designed hingedmechanisms and tools makes it possible to use a motor-block in order to mow grass, move loads, grind feeds, pump water. In the municipal service, cleaning jobs and snow-removal work can be mechanized using the Neva motor-block. That's why this motoblock user reviews are often positioned as a multifunctional tool for agricultural work.

Advantageous difference of individual models of motor blocksNeva from the same technology can be considered their equipment engines from manufacturers, known throughout the world - such as Briggs & Stratton and Subaru. These engines have a great motor, environmental safety, reliability, which guarantees efficiency and long-term service.

Despite its numerous positivequality, about the technique of the Neva motorbike, feedback from users on the Internet forums is quite contradictory. The most frequently criticized are motor blocks, which are equipped with semiprofessional engines of the manufacturer's own design. Japanese engines have no complaints. Many users complain about the unsatisfactory operation of the reducer and report that it is buzzing at high speeds, often out of order.

Characterizing the motoblock "Neva" reviewsemphasize the inexpediency of its use for the treatment of land, arguing that the plow machine does not pull, and for processing soft ground with mills sufficiently lightweight models. At the same time, users argue that plowing with a motor-block is a heavy physical exercise even for a strong person: the machine is slow and often collapses on its side.

Often in the reviews refers to the prohibitiveof the cost of attachments, but optimists find comfort in the fact that buying everything at once is not necessary, you can do it alternately, as you accumulate funds.

For the sake of justice, it must be said that negativereviews are significantly less than positive. Some farmers, using the motor-block "Neva" for a long time, call it "neubivaemym." Is not it, capacious characteristic?

Before deciding on the purchase of a motoblock,It is worth to study the feedback of the owners of such equipment. To do this, it is enough to look at the Internet, type "Neva motorbike", reviews "- and many sites will provide detailed and hopefully reliable information. Whose opinions are to be believed by each of the potential buyers, but their study will help to choose a productive and reliable machine.

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