The meaning of the word "irrigation". What is irrigation?

Russian speech abounds with terms that come fromforeign languages. One of them is the word "irrigation". What is irrigatio? From the Latin language this term is translated as "irrigation". In different spheres of life it is used with different meanings.

Agricultural irrigation. What is the irrigation system

Even plants of forests and meadows are not always enoughNatural irrigation, what can we say about crops. They are planted far from rivers and lakes, in large areas, the only source of moisture on which precipitation is most often. If the year is dry, and the rains can not saturate the soil with the necessary water, the plants are doomed. To save them from destruction, the irrigation system is called for. Most often this structure is from a pipeline and a pump to which water is supplied. Its source can be a natural body of water (river, lake, canal) or a reservoir for collecting precipitation.

Irrigation. What is irrigation?

When growing rice is also usedadditional irrigation. What is an event will, I think, not need to explain. The need for it is conditioned by the increased demand for this culture to a sufficient level of moisture.

The irrigation system can consist of channels. Some of them bring water to the sown territory, and some drain it, allocating its surplus. Where the soil requires additional moisture, and there is no fixed system, watering is carried out with the help of sprinklers.

Medical irrigation

There is also the medical meaning of the word"irrigation". What is irrigation for doctors? This is a medical manipulation, which involves flushing a certain area with a stream of a liquid. This includes treating wounds with an antiseptic solution. One way to remove the sulfur plug, washing the ear canal is also irrigation.

Irrigation in medicine. Device for washing the ear canal.

To carry out procedures that bear such a name, special tools are used. Most often these are syringes, syringes and electronic devices that supply liquid under pressure.

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