City of Lipetsk, "Uyuterra": history of development

The company "PlanetStroy" Ltd. was founded in 2004, and it began to promote the brand "Uyuterra". The mission of the company is to become the largest on the Russian market among those selling goods for home and interior.

The birth of a new brand

Lipetsk Uyterra
The first store under the trademark "SG Center"In the summer of 2004, he gave the country the city of Lipetsk. "Uyuterra" - a brand that appeared later. Thanks to a large assortment, reasonable prices, location in a convenient location and a high level of service, the store quickly became famous. In total for three years under the brand "SG Center" the company opened 18 stores in 9 regions of the Russian Federation. In August 2007, the company's image was renewed, stores began to grow actively, a new beautiful format of stores found the city of Lipetsk. "Uyuterra" dazzled everywhere.

Development and development

"Uyuterra" has long been the leader of the Russianmarket for the sale of goods for home and interior. In 2009, the network "Miracle House" in Novosibirsk was closed. Thanks to this "Uyuterra" doubled the number of its stores and became even more recognizable. Currently, under the management of the company "PlanetaStroy" LLC there are more than 110 stores in 34 regions of the Russian Federation. Serves the company 12 million customers a year. The average area of ​​each store is about 1000 square meters. The number of employees of the company is more than 3600 people.

store in Lipetsk

Right choice

"Uyuterra" - a specialized network of shops,offering customers a huge range of products designed to create warmth, comfort, modernize the style of an ordinary city apartment or villa, to equip the interior. Specially selected and trained store consultants will always help to make the right choice. The main value, professed by the company, is to change the way of life for the best and turn a standard apartment into an exclusive housing saturated with bright colors of comfort and comfort. Shops "Uyuterra" are interesting to everyone who is not indifferent to creative solutions, cares about his house, creates and constantly maintains in him an atmosphere of harmony and love. Famous and popular throughout Russia, the brand offers all the necessary things for a home and an unforgettable stay - from the coffee cup to the barbecue grill. Here you can also buy a wonderful gift or a souvenir for family and friends. The main advantage of the chain of stores "Uyuterra" - acceptable prices for the entire range of products. This makes it possible to make a purchase you like, without overpaying for it.

Shop (Lipetsk city) "Uyuterra"

юютерра Lipetsk working hours

In the range of any outlet under thisThe name includes more than 25 thousand items of goods for the house, decor, interior and family rest. The store "Uyterra" in Lipetsk can meet the needs of a wide group of consumers. There are several departments dedicated to the kitchen. Here you can find everything from quality tea and coffee sets, festive services, cutlery to a variety of pots and pans and various kitchen utensils: trays, stands, containers, boards, breadboxes, etc. Textiles are also widely represented, in particular tablecloths , towels and potholders, which are remarkably emphasized the interior of the dining room.

The departments of household chemistry offer variouswashing powders, personal care products, air fresheners, as well as things to take care of clothes and shoes and goods to maintain order in the house. In the department "Everything for the bathroom" there are all necessary items for the respective premises, curtain rails and curtains, towels, goods for the bath and sauna. We can say that everything necessary for the home was concentrated in one place in Lipetsk. "Uyuterra" also contains a department for children of different ages, where you can find products for the school, toys for the youngest, baby dishes, linens and cosmetics for newborns. Department "Interior" is full of exclusive gifts, original souvenirs and decorations for the house, photo frames, flower vases. In addition, the store "Uyuterra" presents seasonal products. These are things for a picnic and outdoor activities, garden and country furniture, as well as garden tools.

Shop "Uyuterra" (Lipetsk): shares

уютерра липецк shares

The company released for its customers clubcards. With their help you can buy the goods you like on more favorable terms. Their presence not only allows you to save on purchases, but also gives you the right to become a member of "Uyterra CLUB", which conducts all kinds of actions and contests. In order to become the owner of this card, you must purchase in the store goods worth from 3000 rubles in one check and give it to the store administrator. After filling out the form, he will issue a card. Also in the stores "Uyuterra" you can make purchases on gift certificates. They will be a great gift for relatives, colleagues and friends. The cards can be face value from 300 to 5000 rubles. They are made in different designs, depending on the denomination.

The address of the store "Uyuterra": Lipetsk (opening hours: 09.00-21.00), street Titova, 10.

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