All about how to take care of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Today's conversation will be devoted to how to take care of cucumbers in a greenhouse. In doing so, we will talk about the rules of care for both seedlings and for an adult plant in sheltered soil.

Care of seedlings

how to properly care for cucumbers

Before I tell you how to take care ofgreenhouse for cucumbers, we will talk about seedlings. After all, healthy and strong seedlings - this is the guarantee of a good harvest, so at this stage it is especially important to observe the recommended regime of watering and temperature, and also timely feed the plants.

Measures for caring for cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse:

  • regularly loosen the soil, do not damage the fragile plant, especially the root (this is done so that the water does not stagnate);

  • ventilate the greenhouse every day after seven o'clock in the morning, beware of a sharp change in temperature, use thermometers both indoors and out;

  • water the sprouts moderately (enough once every five days) and only with warm water;

  • feed the plant with mineral and organic fertilizers (the seedlings should be fertilized one or two times after landing on a permanent place).

Care for an adult plant

how to care for a cucumber in a greenhouse

A plant is considered an adult whenfirst flowers. At this stage, it is also very important to know how to properly care for cucumbers. In general, all care activities consist, mainly, of watering and feeding, and also include loosening, pinching and weeding.

So how to care for greenhouse cucumbers? Here you need to know some tricks that we will share:

  1. On an adult plant, which has already begun to givefruits, you need to remove the yellowed leaves and shoots that have already fruited. We will not need them any more. But do not touch the juicy-green leaves - they give nutrients to new fruits.

  2. Warm water should be watered not only seedlings, but also an adult plant. In a greenhouse it is enough to do this two or three times a week.

    how to care for greenhouse cucumbers

  3. Watering combine with top-dressing with liquid complex fertilizers. Do this at least once a week, because in the greenhouse your cucumbers still do not get all the necessary elements in full.

  4. If the plant is weakened, spray the leaves from below with urea. It is the bottom part, since there is the greatest penetration of nutrients.

  5. In the first month after planting, loosen the soil, then simply pierce the ground with pitchforks and sprinkle around the fresh earth.

  6. Talking about how to care for the greenhouse forcucumbers, you need to know one trick: cucumbers will not be bitter if you save them from stress (a sharp temperature drop, unbalanced food, dry soil).

  7. If you do not want to collect spiced fruits or in the form of pears, then feed vegetables with potassium and nitrogen fertilizers - and then get beautiful cucumbers.

  8. Do not overgrow the fruit, yellow and large lead to a decrease in yield. Therefore, collect cucumbers at least every other day, and you can every day.

Now you know how to take care of cucumbers in a greenhouse. We hope that our advice has been useful, and following them, you will definitely get a rich harvest of this juicy and useful plant.

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